Are you finding Christmas gifts for your 14-year-old boy this festive season?

We know it’s difficult to choose perfect gifts for 14-year-old boys. Boys of this age go through many developmental changes. They’re not either young hunks or little kids. They’re turning into the adolescent phase.

Boys of this age tend to try new things, new experiences, and new challenges in their lives. They need excitement, adventures, and energy every day in their growing up journey.

 When you buy gifts for a 14-year-old boy, you’ve got to know his hobbies and interests.

That’s why we’ve picked some amazing Christmas gifts for your 14-year-old boy. Whether your boy is a gamer or avid reader, he’ll cherish those gifts for years to come, for sure!

Christmas Gifts For 14-Year-Old Boys
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21 Fun Christmas Gifts To Delight Your 14-Year-Old Boy This Season

1. Bluetooth Speaker Night Light with Alarm Clock

nigth ligth speaker, christmast gift for 14 year old

A 14-year-old boy has a right to enjoy music with fun!  Give him this amazing night light to make his bedroom colorful and bright.

This Bluetooth speaker comes with stereo sound and 4 types of music playing modes. 14-year- old boys can hear their favorite songs by either micro SD card or wireless Bluetooth.

The MP3 speaker has a smart night light that runs on the touch-control function. You can just tap on the top metal part of the speaker to change the colors of light. 

2. Bomber Jacket Coat

bomber jacket coat, christmast gift for 14 year old

Give your 14-year-old boy a stylish look this Christmas with this stunning bomber jacket. This lightweight jacket consists of multiple vibrant colors.

Made with premium polyester, the bomber coat has a gripping zipper closure. The coat has two pockets- inside and functional.

This fashionable bomber coat is suitable for any occasion. Your 14-year-old boy can flaunt this super cool jacket in school, camping, outdoor games, hiking, and picnics.

3.  iPhone 7 Plus Leather Wallet Case

iphone 7,8plus leather case, christmast gift 14 year old

As your 14-year-old boy is going to high school, make him financially independent by giving this useful gift.  The built-in wallet case has multiple cardholders to carry card and cash.

Your teenage boy can open this leather case easily with the accessible magnetic closure. The removable case wallet comes with high-quality vegan leather.

4. ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns

armogear laser tag guns, christmast gift for 14 year old

Allow your Prince Charming to make your home or backyard a battlefield together with his friends with these laser tag guns. You can also play with them with this multi-player laser tag set.

This laser game set has authentic target vests, shooting sound, and built-in voice commands. Due to Night Vision flashlights, Your boy can play with his family or friends even in a dark room.

The guns are ergonomically designed and come with a 150 ft. shooting range.

5. The Manual to Manhood

manual to manhood, christmast gift for 14 year old

Your grown-up boy is entering the real world. He’s slowly turning into a young man. So, to survive in the outside world, he can take help from this book.

We know that a 14-year-old boy doesn’t like to hear lectures. But you can entertainingly teach them important life skills with this book. 

Written by Jonathan Catherman, this book gives interesting tips about 100 important life skills. This No. 1 bestseller guide will help your 14-year-old son to enjoy his adolescent years in the right manner.

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Huntsman Pocket Knife

victorynox swiss army pocket knife, christmast gift for 14 year old

It’s a perfect Christmas gift for your teenage boy who likes outdoor activities. Made with high standard steel, this pocket knife consists of multi-tasking tools like a folded knife, scissor, woodcutter, screwdriver, can opener and many more.

Whether your boy goes camping, hiking, or on other adventurous trips, this pocket knife is a must-have item for his self-defence.

7. Noise-Canceling Headphones

noise cancelling headphones, christmast gift for 14 year old

This is another amazing Christmas gift for a 14-year-old boy who loves music.

The noise-cancelling headphones will allow you to listen to a crystal clear sound with an excellent bass effect.

Whether your boy attends online lectures or listens to hip hop, the wireless headphones provide Hi-Res audio.

Enabled with Bluetooth 5, the headphone charges in 5 minutes and offers 4 hours of playtime.

8. Dartboard Set

dartboard set, christmast gift for 14 year old

Another amazing Christmas gift for a 14-year-old boy to help reduce his screen time is this Dartboard Set.  Playing darts with friends will give the best exercise to his body and mind.

If your boy wants to vent out his anger on someone, he can also target him/ her over the bullseye. (We’re kidding.)

9. DJI Beginner Drone

DJI begginer drone VR, christmast gift for 14 year old

To keep your 14-year-old boy away from his mobile phone and the internet, flying a drone would make an excellent distraction. This beginner drone is a good idea to explore the outside world by himself.

He can take the best photos and videos with its 720p HD camera. With a one-touch landing and takeoff feature, this drone makes an easy-to-fly gadget especially if your teenage boy is learning to fly the drone for the first time.

10. LED Basketball with Rim Lighting Kit

led basketball rim with led ligth, christmast gift for 14 year old

Your basketball lover boy will hop with joy as he sees this awesome gift. This stunning basketball shines with LED lights. Also, you’ll get a small rope of LED lights attached to the rim.

These lights are bright and come in 8 colors. The kit is waterproof and pre-installed with batteries.

Your 14-year-old boy can play night basketball with such cool LED lights. Surely a Christmas gift to remember.

11. ThinkFun Gravity Maze Marble Run and STEM Toy

gravity maze, christmast gift for 14 year old

Tease your 14-year-old boy’s brain with this fun puzzle game. This interesting marble game stimulates his logical thinking and critical reasoning.

With 60 easy to difficult challenges, your boy will stay away from the screen for hours. This educational game will fuel his creativity and make the perfect Christmas gift.

12. Gaming Mouse with Colorful Lights

red dragon gaming mouse, christmast gift for 14 year old

If your teenage boy is into online games, it’s a perfect gift for your 14-year-old. With a high-precision sensor and 7 user-programmable buttons, your boy will have an unforgettable gaming experience on his PC/ laptop. 

In addition to these features, he’ll play online games with extra fun due to its multicolor RGB backlight.

13. VR Gaming Headphones

VR headphones, christmast gift for 14 year old

Another amazing Christmas gift for a 14-year-old boy is VR gaming headphones. He’ll enjoy games, movies, and other VR stuff with noise-isolating protein earpads.

The lightweight headphones are compatible with Android and iPhone. The headphones have authentic gaming sound effects. You’ll surely make his day with this modern tech gadget!

14. The How-To Cookbook for Teens

cookboob for teens, christmast gift for 14 year old

Another must-have life skill for teens is cooking. Your 14-year-old boy should learn at least basic cooking skills, and there’s no better time to start than now.  That’s why you should give this useful book to your boy as a Christmas gift.

In this book, he can learn 100 easy-to-cook recipes. Also, he can learn several cooking hacks such as measuring ingredients, holding knives properly, cooking terminology, etc. 

After all, he could impress his girlfriend by making sweet desserts, couldn’t he?

15. Skateboard 

skateboard, christmast gift for 14 year old

Want to encourage your teenage boy to be physically fit? You can do so easily by investing your money in the high-standard skateboard. 

Not only is skateboarding cool, it also fine tunes his motor and balance skills.

This skateboard comes with vibrant colors and designs. Your boy will enjoy his weekend skating as he flies over this super cool skateboard.

16. Burrito Blanket

burrito blanket, christmast gift for 14 year old

To unleash your boy’s funny side, give him this quirky Burrito blanket as a gift. This double-sided blanket makes him cozy and warm, while making him look like he’s being wrapped in a burrito. 

The lightweight blanket can be used as a sofa blanket, bed blanket and camping blanket. He can carry this blanket while traveling or trekking. 

This food blanket will turn your boy into a real burrito!

17. Official Arduino Starter Kit

arduino starter kit, christmast gift for 14 year old

Does your Prince Charming want a career in electrical engineering or programming? Then this is a better Christmas gift for a 14-year-old boy. 

With this kit, he can learn the basics of coding and electronics engagingly. The kit consists of 100 components. He can make 15 science projects by using these components. 

The starter kit comes with a project guidebook so you don’t have to feel lost engaging in it!

18. Throw Throw Burrito

throw throw burrito, christmast gift for 14 year old

It’s an interesting dodgeball card game that your 14-year-old can play with friends and family.

Just collect matching cards faster to earn points and throw burritos at your opponents. So, your opponents wouldn’t be able to collect matching cards and will lose points.

He can play this funny game at parties and trips too. But make sure to empty the place and remove breakable stuff while playing this game before it gets real messy!

19. Kanoodle 3-D Brain Teaser Puzzle Game

kanoodle puzzle game, christmast gift for 14 year old

To keep your teenage Prince Charming from getting bored, this game is a better choice.

It’s a 1-player game where your boy has to solve 200 puzzles with 12 puzzle pieces. These 2-D and 3-D puzzle pieces help to improve his problem-solving skills. 

You can also play with him to encourage his critical thinking skill.

20. Survival Gear Kit 

survival gear kit, christmast gift for 14 year old

This brilliant survival kit will become the best companion for your teenage boy this Christmas season if he loves being out and about. He can carry it easily in hiking, camping, and trips.

In this 13-in-1 survival kit, you may see various lifesaving tools such as an emergency blanket, compass, water bottle clip, tactical pen, and many more useful instruments.

To make him self-dependent and encourage his outdoorsy spirit, it’s the right Christmas gift.

21. American Crew Forming Cream

foaming cream, christmast gift for 14 year old

As your teenage boy is turning into adulthood, he’ll be more careful about his appearance. He wants to look handsome among his peers by doing stylish hairstyles. 

Therefore, you can give him the best foaming cream to do unique hairstyles. This easy-to-do styling cream will hold his hair movable with its Lanolin Wax. This styling cream is suitable for all hair types. 

We hope you’ll consider these amazing Christmas gifts for a 14-year-old boy.  Buying the right Christmas gift for your 14-year-old son is not as difficult as you think. You should focus on his likes and dislikes and your budget. 

But money isn’t more important than your Prince Charming’s happiness, isn’t it?

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