Christmas is coming soon, and if you’re looking for some unique gift ideas for your family, then you’ve come to the right place.

I’m sharing some of my favourite unique Christmas gifts for parents from students that’ll impress your dad and mum. I hope these will inspire you to find something special for those who have been there for you since day one, and they deserve it!

Christmas Gifts For Parents From Students
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12 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents From Students You Never Thought About

1. The Ultimate Parent’s Day Card 

christmas card for parents, christmas gift for mom and dad

As the name suggests, this is the ultimate Christmas gift for parents from students. While it may seem like a simple card, it’s worth noting that content speaks a ton about how you love and appreciate your parents.

This card has everything a parent could want in their life. It includes 2 beautiful messages. I recommend pasting a picture on it to make it even more special.

There’s also room for them to write out what they love about being a mum or dad, or if you like you can write something personal for them. A great way to show how much you care.

2. Personalised Christmas Mugs

personalised mugs, christmas gift for parents

These mugs can be used as a coffee mug, but more importantly, they make a perfect present when engraved with any name.

They’d look amazing sitting next to a hot cup of tea at home after school every afternoon. You can choose between different designs, too, so there isn’t anything stopping you from getting this for everyone in your house.

3. Personalised Photo Book

personalised photo book, christmas gift for family

If you know someone who loves taking photos but doesn’t think about printing them off, why not give them this fun little book instead?

You can print as many photos as you like and fill each page up with all your best memories as a family together. Print the whole thing onto high-quality paper, so your parents open it up, they’ll be able to see every single heartwarming picture.

4. Personalised Journal

personalised journal, christmast gift for parents.

If you know your parents to be pensive people with nowhere to project their thoughts and feelings, this Christmas gift might be it for them.

Everyone needs time alone sometimes, and this journal gives them just that. Choose between three different covers, pick which ones you prefer and add a few lines of text into the blank space. Then sit back and wait until they start filling it up with their thoughts and feelings.

5. Personalised Wooden Pencil Box

personalised-wooden-pencil-box, christmast gift for parents (1) (1)

This wooden pencil box idea is great as it looks elegant and everyone will know who’s it from, whether at work or at home, making it a thoughtful gift from students to parents.

Save your mom or dad those panicking moments where they can’t find their pencils. Pick a personal name or the surname of the family so that both can use it. You can personalise it with a message of up to 26 characters to make it extra special.

6. Personalised Keyring

personalised keyring, christmast gift for parents

What better way to carry around keys than by wearing them? Make a key ring that looks good enough to hang on the wall and features your lovely engraving.

Your parents won’t even need to take it off because it will stay securely attached to whatever they use most often and be constantly reminded of your love to them.

7. Personalised Phone Cover

personalised phone cover, christmast gift for parents.

Why buy another softphone cover when you can get one made especially for your parents? 

Choose between either a simple black background or a white background with a heart shape cutout. Either way, you can customise it however you wish. Put their name on it, include a quote or leave it plain. This will definitely put your parents in a different level of tech opulence.

8. Personalised Tote Bag

personalised tote bag, christmast gift for parents

Who says bags aren’t helpful anymore? Please give them a bag that does double duty. Not only is it practical, it’s also stylish. 

You can choose between four different styles, including a classic crossbody style, a messenger style, a backpack style and a shoulder strap style. Each comes with its own set of pockets, so they’re always ready to go wherever they may be going.

9. Personalised Pendant Necklace

personalised pendand necklace, christmast gift for mother

This pendant necklace is ideal for a parent who likes jewellery. 

Choose between silver or gold plated finishes and then have some words engraved underneath. Include something special such as ‘I Love You’ or ‘You are my sunshine’ if you feel inclined.

Not only will this gift uplift your mum’s emotions, but her love for you will also heighten. 

10. Personalised Wallet

Personalised wallet, christmast gift for parents

Contrary to common belief, a personalised wallet is a great Christmas gift. In fact, it’s considered to be one of the best Christmas gifts for parents from students.

Wallets come in handy no matter whether your parents spend money or save it.

Get creative and create a wallet that matches their personality. Choose between leather, canvas or denim and then decide upon a colour scheme. Once everything has been chosen, personalise it using any font you want. It could say ‘Keep Calm’ or ‘Live Life To The Fullest’. Whatever you do, make sure it fits inside their pocket!

While wallets are associated with money and wealth, giving a personalised wallet to your parent will speak a lot about how you would want your parent to live a financially secure life!

11. Personalised Canvas Art

personalised canvas art, christmast gift for parents.

This isn’t exactly a Christmas present, but we thought it to be one of the best Christmas gifts that students can give to their parents, especially if they’re artistic.

If someone loves art but doesn’t know how to draw themselves, why not give them a piece of artwork instead? We’ve got lots of ideas for you to browse through. From abstracts to landscapes, these canvases are bound to impress.

The best thing about this gift is that captures the essence of the entire family through art. With the canvas, your parents can paint a picture of something they love or better yet, a picture of the entire family.

12. Personalised Photo Mug

Custom photo mug, christmast gift for parents

Although a photo mug may seem like an everyday gift, it’s ideally the perfect Christmas gift from a student to a parent.

A photo mug is perfect for those parents who love taking photos but don’t necessarily like drinking out of cups. They’ll appreciate having a cup that shows off all their favourite snaps. There are plenty of designs available online so pick whichever ones suit your parents best.

Why Should You Gift Your Parents During Christmas?

Christmas time is an exciting yet stressful period for everyone involved. Whether you’re planning to host a party at home or attend one elsewhere, there are many things to consider before making plans. 

One thing that shouldn’t be overlooked though is giving presents to loved ones during the festive season. After all, what would Christmas mean without family and friends? Here are our top reasons why you should gift your parents during Christmas.

 1. Show Them How Much You Care

It might seem obvious but showing your appreciation towards your parents by gifting them something will show how much you care about them. Keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be something flashy. A simple Christmas gift from you to your parent will make a world of difference.  

Even if you think they already know, chances are they probably haven’t seen anything quite like it before. So please take advantage of this opportunity to let them know how important they are to you.

2. Make Their Day Extra Special

If you can afford it, buying your parents a nice little treat on Christmas day is the way forward. 

However, if finances are tight, you can still buy them something small, making their day extra special. Think about getting them a card, flowers or even chocolates. These simple gestures will help remind them of the good times spent together over the years.

3. Help Keep Relationships Strong

Gifting your parents during Christmas helps keep relationships strong. Not only does it allow you to express gratitude towards them, it also gives you another chance to catch up with each other. Plus, when you see them again after the holidays, you won’t need to worry about awkward conversations because you both had fun reminiscing about old memories.

4. Give Back

Giving back is always appreciated. It’s often more meaningful than receiving something yourself. And there’s always ways to give back even as a student, such as by getting a Christmas gift for your parents!

When you also choose to donate some of your hard-earned cash to charity, you’re helping others less fortunate than yourself. And while you may feel guilty doing so, remember that every penny counts.

5. Celebrate Togetherness

When you celebrate Christmas as a family, it creates a sense of unity within the relationship. By observing the holiday together, you’re reminding one other of the importance of being close throughout life. This, in turn, strengthens bonds between family.

6. Create Memories

When you spend quality time with your parents, you create precious moments that last forever. It doesn’t matter whether you go camping, watch movies or play board games; spending time with your parents is priceless. The memories created through these activities will stay with you long into adulthood.

7. Be Thankful For What You Have

While we’ve mentioned above that money isn’t everything, sometimes it is! If you have enough funds to spare, then make sure you give your parents something expensive. A new car seat cover, a fancy dinner out or perhaps a trip abroad could do wonders for your relationship. But don’t forget to thank them too – not only will it make them happy, it’ll also encourage them to continue treating you well.

8. Avoid Conflict

While conflict is inevitable, avoiding it altogether is possible. Instead of arguing and fighting, try talking things through instead. Try discussing what happened at school, work or home. 

One of the best ways to avoid conflicts with your parents as a student is to gift them a Christmas present. Or maybe you’d prefer to talk about current events? Whatever works best for you, be open-minded and willing to listen.

9. Show Appreciation

There’s no better way to say “thank you” than giving your parents a Christmas gift as a student. Whether they like jewellery, clothes, books or anything else, show how much you appreciate them by giving them something thoughtful.

10. Don’t Forget Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to take care of yourself this year. Make sure you get plenty of rest, eat healthy food and exercise regularly. Also, enjoy yourself without worrying about anyone else. After all, who needs stress anyway?!

Christmas Gift Ideas: How To Wrap Them Up With Style & Class

Now that you’ve got your head wrapped around the best Christmas gifts for parents from students, how do you wrap the gift in style? 

If you’re looking for ideas on wrapping presents for family members, friends, co-workers, teachers, bosses, neighbours, etc., here are 10 tips to help you wrap those presents beautifully. These simple steps can transform any presentation into a beautiful keepsake.

1. Start right

Use good paper. Choose an excellent thick cardstock, which has a smooth finish. Smooth edges look great when wrapped around boxes and packages.

2. Add colour

Colour adds interest and personality to any package. Look for bright colours such as reds, greens, blues, yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, browns, whites, greys, blacks, golds, silvers, silver tones, bronze, copper, brass and metallic shades.

3. Keep it clean

Clean up spills immediately before wrapping. Spills can ruin the appearance of the entire package.

4. Get creative

Think outside the box. Go beyond traditional ribbon and bows. Create unique designs using fabric tape, twine, ribbons, raffia, lace, feathers, flowers, leaves, pine cones, shells, beads, buttons, sequins, glitter, confetti, stickers, stamps, paint, chalkboard labels, tags, magnets, charms, key chains, jewellery findings, trims and other decorative items.

5. Layer it up

Layering different types of materials creates depth in design. This technique makes each layer stand out more clearly.

For example, use one type of material, followed by another. Then add some trimming with yet a different kind of material. The result is a layered effect that looks elegant and sophisticated.

6. Be careful where you place the bow

Place the bow over the top edge of the package rather than inside the box itself. It gives the impression that the lump was meant to go on top of the package.

7. Tie it tight

Tying knots tightly will make the bow last longer. Loosely tied bows tend to fall apart quickly.

8. Matching is essential

If you have two identical packages, match their sizes and shapes. You want everything to fit together nicely so that nothing gets lost in translation.

9. Give it time

Wrapping takes patience. Take breaks now and then. Relax and unwrap only small portions of the package at a time.

10. Enjoy!

Once you’ve finished wrapping, give yourself permission to relax and savour the moment. Have fun opening your gifts and enjoying what you got.

The Christmas season is an exciting time filled with joyous celebrations. However, if we do not prepare ourselves well enough, our holiday festivities may turn sour. 

We must be prepared mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially, socially, and educationally. To achieve these goals, we need to plan and set aside adequate time to accomplish them.

We hope that this list of Christmas gifts for parents from students will help you to create beautiful memories during the holidays. Happy Holidays!

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