Do you have a very talented artist mate whose achievements you’d like to celebrate? Are you looking to get him/ her an artistic gift that just about sums up their life’s work?

Artistry comes in different ways and forms. You can be a singer, a dancer, a painter, a writer, a photographer, a knitter or a quilter. These are all types of art, and the creators are all artists.

Nowadays, it’s almost reassuring that artists are spreading like wildfire. Platforms like Instagram or YouTube have made us discover more and more artists that we love and look up to. 

I’m sure we don’t need to look far to find at least one artist in your life. They could be actors from your high school drama club, exes who turned out to be amazing photographers, or siblings chasing after their dreams and passions.

There’re a lot of artists that surround us in our everyday lives. People might not notice this, but it’s true. We also get it, there’s a whole lot of art types out there and buying a gift for an artist is quite the task. 

Not to worry, as we’ve got you covered with this extensive list of gift ideas for that special artist in your lives.

Inspire Creativity With These 30 Gifts for Artists

1. Film Camera


Nowadays, there are photographers who love experimenting with their craft. One way to do it is by taking photos using film cameras.

There’s a difference between digital and film cameras, and we’re quite sure that the photographer in your life will love this thoughtful gift!

2. Film Rolls


This is the perfect companion for a film camera. Obviously, unlike digital cameras, photographers will need film to be able to use a film camera.

There’re a variety of film types and brands, and we’ve chosen the best one for you to present as a gift!

3. Film Developing Kit


If you’re feeling extra thoughtful, why not give the talented photographer in your life a film developing kit?

Not only will they enjoy experimenting with film, but they’ll get to experience how film developing is actually done wit this hands on kit.

4. Polaroid Camera


Unlike film or digital, polaroids have that instant effect.

This is something that’s a great gift if the photographer in your life loves living in the moment and capturing the present with polaroids.

What more would you want than a tangible souvenir from a particular point in life?

5. Polaroid Film


Again, with polaroid cameras comes the choice of deciding which polaroid film to give.

There’s a variety of types but we’ve chosen the best one for you. All you need is buy them, show up with this gift, and they’ll love you forever!

6. Watercolor


If the artist in your life is looking to discover their artistic talent in painting, why not give them a watercolor set?

Watercolors are versatile, easy to blend and lighter compared to other paints.

This is something that’s easier to work with if they’re still trying to find their passion in painting.

7. Oil Paint


If you’re looking to gift someone who’s a much more serious painter, then an oil paint set will be a perfect gift for these artists!

Compared to watercolors, oil paints are thicker, they have volume, and a lot of painters prefer this medium.

For those who love to paint, they’ll definitely love this gift!

8. Paint Palette


Palettes are very pretty to look at, especially if they’re ceramic and not made of plastic.

Plus, it’s essential for every painter to have one in order to be able to mix their paints, thus making it an essential gift for artists.

9. Paint Brushes


Now unless artists like painting with their hands or fingers, paint brushes are a necessary tool of the trade.

If you’ve noticed worn out brushes that’re overused by in the painter in your life, why not give a set of beautiful paint brushes that’ll help them create something even more beautiful?

10. Canvas


Another necessary tool is a canvas. Where else would you paint an art work?

Canvases are versatile, they are a tool of the trade, and they come in different sizes, making it the perfect gift for artists!

11. Easel


Easels aren’t really a necessity but it’d be a whole lot easier to paint with one, especially if you’re gifting it to a serious artist.

There’s various types of easels that you can buy and they also depend on your budget, but there’s an easel for everybody.

Needless to say, their lives will be much easier with an easel!

12. Frame


Frames are essential when it comes to visual artists, or artists that create images and artwork. They can put photographs that they’ve taken into frames to hang it up. They can also put in artwork that they’ve drawn or painted on frames to proudly display it. 

Nowadays, there are also digital frames where you can put in moving images…which is pretty cool. 

There’s a frame for every occasion, and they also come in different shapes and sizes, so have a fun time picking out the right photo frame to gift your artist!

13. Bookbinder


If the artist in your life is looking into creating their own portfolios, then why not give them a bookbinder as a gift?

Bookbinders are really useful when it comes to keeping previous works of art that an artist has done.

Bookbinders also help artists keep their works in one place without having to misplace or look for them every single time they want to reference their previous work.

14. Adult Coloring Book


Sometimes artists can be so stressed out because of work, so what’s more therapeutic than doing some coloring activity to unwind?

You never know – this could be one kind of stress-relieving therapy.

There’s a wide array of adult coloring books out on the market that you’ll be spoilt for choice!

15. Turntable


If the artist in your life is a musician, then why not give them a turntable?

Turntables have such an antique and nostalgic vibe to it, that any musician will love it. You can never go wrong with gifting one!

There’s also something special about popping a vinyl record on a turntable. You can’t beat a classic, really.

16. Vinyl Records


Obviously, vinyl records are the perfect accompaniment for a turntable, especially if you know an artist that loves classic music. There’s a lot of music out there, and so choosing the perfect vinyl record is pivotal. 

However, if you do know exactly what your artist’s taste in music is, then you can get them the perfect vinyl record as a gift.

P.S. This is something very personal, so make sure to get something that they’ll really love and is on par with their music taste!

17. Guitar


If the musician in your life loves making acoustic music, why not give them a guitar?

Guitars are one of the most popular musical instruments in the world, and musicians who create their own music need at least a piano or a guitar in order to create a tune or a music sheet and fulfil their musical passions.

Now, we wouldn’t mind being serenaded by some lovely guitar tunes, would we?

18. Mixing Table


If the artist in your life is an aspiring DJ, then giving them a mixing table will blow their minds.

Now, we know that mixing tables aren’t the most affordable gift to give, but imagine the ecstasy on their faces when they receive one! We’re quite sure that this is a great investment for their future careers.

19. Microphone


If the musician in your life also loves to sing, why not give them a microphone? Not just any microphone, but a recording microphone.

They can sing in front of it, attach some chords onto their computers and onto their musical instruments, then they can start recording!

Microphones are also great for podcasters, voice talents and video editors and not just necessarily for musicians or singers, thus making it a very versatile gift.

20. Hard Drive


Nowadays, every artist needs at least a hard drive. This is where they store their creations, whether it be photos, music, videos or what-not.

To be quite fair, hard drives are such a great gift because it’s really useful no matter what your artist friend is doing.

Depending on what art form the artist in your life makes, we’re quite sure that a hard drive will certainly come in useful for them.

21. Journal

loom journal, gifts for professor

Now if the artist in your life is a writer, what more would they want other than a classic ruled journal to document their ideas on the whim?

There’s a lot of journals to choose from depending on what they write or what design they like or if they like writing on ruled, non-ruled, or bullet journals.

Either way, let their creativity flow freely with this gift for artists!

22. Stationery Set


We’re quite sure that artists are old souls, and old souls like writing and sending out letters to people they love. 

Why not give them something you know they’re going to use then? Stationery sets that include letter papers are a great gift because they’re personal, they’re beautiful and they’re affordable!

Who knows? Maybe they’ll send out a letter for you once you give them a stationery set as a gift!

23. Pen

fountain pen, gifts for professor

Of course, who can write on stationery sets without pens?

Pens are a great and personal gift. Writers love writing, obviously, and it’s so much better when they can have their very own artisanal pen they call their own.

Pens also come in different types. There are pens for calligraphy, for letter writing, for painting, etc. 

They also come in different price points, so make sure that you know what they want before buying something that they might not really like!

24. Stamp Set


A stamp set will complete a stationery gift.

Nowadays, the trend of stamping wax with your initials is coming back and artists, in particular, will definitely appreciate this gift. This can be personalized with their initials or with a minimalist design of something that they like or admire. Not to mention, it’s a really sentimental and personal gift!

25. Typewriter


If you’re looking for a gift for an artist that loves writing with aspirations to be a published writer, why not give them a typewriter? Now, this gift idea may be on the fancier side of gifting, but it’s surely a gift worth giving for serious writers that will be deeply cherished.

26. Leotards


If the artist in your life is a dancer, why not give them leotards? Leotards are really useful when it comes to dancing because they’re basically just like their second skins, and they can freely move whilst wearing leotards. 

Plus, leotards come in different designs and sizes, so there’s never one too many leotards a dancer can have!

27. Yoga Mat


It’s no surprise that dancers really like to stretch. Dancers stretch before and after dancing, and they can now do so on the comfort of a yoga mat! 

Yes, yoga mats don’t necessarily have to be tied to yoga; they can be used for stretching and general exercise as well.

28. Ballet Shoes


If you want to buy the dancer in your life some new dancing shoes, then why not buy them a canvas one? Canvas dancing shoes are pretty versatile and this is something that you can choose even without the dancer present, unlike pointe shoes that really need to hug the dancer’s feet.

Now, dancing shoes can be a bit pricey depending on the brand, so make sure that you’re buying something that’s really for the type of dance that the dancer in your life is practicing!

29. Tote Bag


Everyone loves a good tote bag. Not only do artists love it, everyone else does too. What’s going to make it special is the type of design that you’ll be putting on the surface of the tote bags. So make sure to choose something that really represents the ideas and the characteristics of those beautiful artists in your lives.

30. Organizer Pouch


Let’s be real. Artists are one of the messiest people out there. Their heads are full of ideas, and their personal spaces can also be quite cluttered. So giving them an organizer or a pouch as a gift can be such a life saver.

They can just throw in the little things that they need in this pouch, and then throw in this pouch in their bigger bags. It’s an easier way to find their art supplies instead of always searching for it in the never ending depths of their art bags.

We all know that gift giving can be quite tricky, but with the right gifts and with the right agenda in mind, you may just be able to find the perfect gift for artists after all.

Also, giving gifts to an artist can be a bit intimidating, but if you know what their likes and dislikes are, then you’re already on the right path.

We hope that this list of gift ideas for that artist in your life is helpful.

At the end of the day, it really doesn’t matter what kind of gift you’ll be giving them. We all just have to make sure that we thank artists enough and that we give them the proper recognition that they deserve because artists make our lives a little bit bearable…all thanks to the art and entertainment that they’re continually creating.

Don’t forget to thank an artist today!