Let’s face it, giving gifts to daughters-in-law is quite tricky. Most of the time you’d think that the best gift you could ever give them is your son. Chances are, if they’re already your daughter-in-law, then they already got your son. Ha! 

Quite frankly, having someone as a daughter-in-law is a delight and a blessing, and giving them a gift to show them how much you love them is truly magical and appreciated.

It doesn’t matter what the occasion is. May it be their birthday, women’s day, their anniversaries, Christmas, or just a simple day, there’s always a perfect gift for your beautiful daughter-in-law to give.

If you’re thinking or stressing out about what to give this inspiring woman in your life, look no further, because we’ve got you covered. Just keep scrolling to get some quirky gift ideas for your daughter-in-law!

25 Absolutely Sweet Gifts For Daughter-in-Law

1. Bath Bomb


Everybody loves a good bath time.

Bath bombs are a very inexpensive gift that one can give their daughter-in-law and this is something that they’ll love.

If they’ve been caring for their children (or their husbands) and need an extra magic touch for their bath time, then bath bombs are the key!

2. Perfume


A good perfume is a staple in every woman’s closet.

Giving your daughter-in-law a good perfume is a very maternal gesture. There’s a perfume for everyone, depending on their taste, mood, or budget. It really doesn’t matter if the perfume is cheap or expensive, because the act of giving it is purely thoughtful.

3. Make-Up Pouch

make up pouch gifts for daughters in law

If your daughter-in-law loves make-up and making themselves prettier than they already are, then a make-up pouch is a perfect gift.

They can put in all the necessary make-up and bits and pieces of toiletries that they need. They can use it at home or whenever they’re on the go. This is also a perfect gift for that daughter-in-law who’s always on the road!

4. Mani-Pedi Set


In this day and age, nobody really has time to go to the nail dresser. If your daughter-in-law is a mom, then fitting a nail appointment in her schedule is purely insane. So giving them a mani-pedi set is heaven sent.

They could just simply sit on their porch or anywhere and do their nails in the comfort of their own homes!

5. Sephora Gift Card


Again, if this daughter-in-law is quite into beauty, but don’t know what to give them exactly. Then a gift card from Sephora (or any store of one’s choosing) can save you the stress!

You could just buy a gift card in the store and present this to your daughter-in-law. They’ll, most definitely, love this and will probably swoon over the thought that you’re splurging on their beauty habits.

6. Journal

loom journal, gifts for professor

Most girls love writing in their journals.

If your daughter-in-law is one of these girls, then why not give them a journal where they can write down their every day thoughts and ideas? Who knows? Maybe you’ll even end up being written about on one of these pages.

7. Dress

dress-gift for daughter-in-law

A simple yet thoughtful gift one can give is a dress.

Almost everybody loves wearing dresses, and there are a variety of designs, colors, and brands to choose from depending on their style choice and on your budget. Plus, there’s a dress for every occasion, so one can never go wrong with giving dresses as a gift.

8. Cashmere Poncho

cashmere poncho- gift for daughter-in-law

If your daughter-in-law lives somewhere cold, then scarves or this cashmere poncho are a perfect gift.

They are one of those fashion accessories that can add a dazzle to an outfit, and is a universal gift that will be loved regardless of the design!

9. Sneakers


Sneakers are the perfect gift to give if your daughter-in-law is a practical person. Bonus if she loves the outdoors or even just chilling by the park.

Sneakers are classic and essential, and they’ll surely wear this every single day!

10. Watch


Watches are a very unique yet classy gift to give.

Every woman needs a good watch, not only to tell the time, but as a statement accessory. Make sure to choose a watch that fits your daughter-in-law’s lifestyle and taste in accessories.

Boom watches are fully customizable and you can pick and choose different parts to fit different watch faces.

11. Bracelet


If you’re giving a gift to your daughter-in-law for a special occasion, a bracelet ought to do the job. (Don’t they always?)

Bracelets are inexpensive, elegant and fabulous. Plus, you can choose a unique design that’s very fitting for this elegant woman you get to call your daughter-in-law.

12. Reading Glasses


For someone who loves to read or write or work in front of their computers, reading glasses can be a game changer.

There are a wide variety of designs, and if they have an eye prescription, reading glasses could be the perfect gift!

13. Photo Frame


A perfect gift for a daughter-in-law who loves photography is a photo frame.

They could take countless snaps of their husband, children, and other family members, print it out and put it on a frame as a decoration in their houses.

Not only are photo frames a great gift, they’re also very sentimental.

14. Portable Photo Printer


Another perfect gift for a daughter-in-law who loves photography and uses pictures as a keepsake is a portable photo printer.

They could take a snap using their phones and instantly print the photo using this portable photo printer, making it quick and hassle-free!

15. Wireless Headphones


If your daughter-in-law is on the techie side, then a pair of wireless headphones could be a great gift, especially if she enjoys indulging in music during her commutes and while exercising.

They’re a tad bit expensive, but a great gift nonetheless if you enjoy spoiling her!

16. Google Home


Another great gift for a techy daughter-in-law is a Google Home.

They could sync the Google Home on their phones and use this to turn on their appliances, their lights, and turn on music. It’s for someone who really embraces technology and a fast-paced lifestyle; a Google Home will surely make their lives a bit easier.

17. Quilted Blanket


A sentimental gift that one can give their daughters-in-law is a quilted blanket.

You can have these made using different shirts or fabrics, depending on what design you choose. It’s a very sentimental and inexpensive gift that one can give that they’ll surely cherish for the rest of their lives.

18. Lamp

side lamp-gifts-for-daughters-in-law

A lamp is a great gift if your daughter-in-law is newly married and they’re trying to furnish their own first homes.

Appliances, in general, are a great gift because they’ll get to save money and they’ll be able to decorate their homes with it!

This floor lamp with a small round table is perfect for placing beside your bedside or sofa.

19. Dinnerware

china dinnerware set-gift for daughter-in-law

Another great gift for someone who is newly married is dinnerware.

Dinnerwares can be both cheap and expensive, depending on the brand, design, and quality. So make sure to choose something that would last them ages, because a good set of dinnerware can be such a great investment in a home.

20. Champagne Wine Glass Set


Everybody loves wine, and wine glasses are an ideal gift for someone who loves drinking wine. Throw in a bottle of Louis Roederer Champagne Rose 2012, and you have an elegant gift set!

Plus, wine glasses are a kitchen staple, especially if they’re starting to build their new home with your son. Who knows? When you give them a set of wine glasses, maybe they’ll return the favor and give you a grandchild. 😉

21. Smeg Fridge


A fridge from Smeg is every housewife’s dream.

Yes, Smeg is usually on the more expensive side of things, but if you’re looking to indulge in a good kitchen appliance that’s aesthetically pleasing, then this is the perfect gift to give your daughter-in-law!

22. Music Box


If your daughter-in-law loves music, then a music box is a great gift.

Music boxes can be customized depending on what music they like, or depending on what design they like. Not only that, music boxes can be passed on to their children acting as an heirloom piece.

23. Trip for Two


A thoughtful gift to give your daughter-in-law is a trip for two.

It doesn’t matter if it’s out of state or out of the country, and it really doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top. You could even book them an Airbnb even in your own city, just for a little ‘staycation’, and they’ll absolutely love you for it!

24. Seedling Sprouting Kit


Seedlings are an ideal gift for the daughter-in-law who loves cooking and gardening.

There are a wide variety of seedlings to choose from, ranging from flowers, vegetables, and herbs. There’s a seedling for every need!

25. Heirloom


If you’re thinking of giving your daughter-in-law something more personal, then a heirloom piece ought to do the job.

Heirlooms are something that are passed onto generations. Not only are heirlooms beautiful, but they’re also very sentimental. This is something that’s personal and is something that can’t really be bought, but is passed on.

There’s always a beautiful story behind every heirloom piece, and we’re sure that this is something that your daughter-in-law will treasure and pass onto their daughters in the years to come.

Truthfully, daughters-in-law are the gifts that keep on giving. Not only did they decide to marry your sons, but they’ve also agreed to giving you your beautiful grandchildren. Plus, there’s the added bonus of gaining a new daughter in your life. They’re never perfect, but they’re beautiful, loving and hardworking.

Show your appreciation for this beautiful woman in your life that you get to call your daughter-in-law by giving them something that they’ll surely treasure forever!

Oh, and don’t forget the gift of affirmation. Tell them you love them and tell them that you appreciate what they do, from time to time. They’ll surely love you even more in doing so!