We all love an engineer known for his extreme passion and love for different machines in the market. Typically defined, Engineers are practitioners of Engineering who invent, design, analyze, build and test machines, complex systems, structures, gadgets, and materials to fulfill functional objectives or simply say ‘the one who does it all’ kind of people. 

Impressive, aren’t they? Since they put everything in making our lives easier, it’s time we shower some love towards those engineers we have in our lives! 

We’re sure that every engineer out there will be absolutely chuffed by looking at this engineer gift list that they’re about to witness. 

22 Practical & Funky Gifts For Engineers

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1. Business Card Holder

business card holder

For every engineer businessman, you don’t leave home without some business cards.

Let your favorite engineer have the liberty to quickly hand out one of his/her business cards to the people they meet. Saves a lot of time and helps the engineers to crack a deal right there. 

Carrying a card holder is way more convenient and professional than grabbing your business cards from a wallet. Also, carrying a cardholder also means that you actually mean actual business!

2. Power Bank

Power-Bank-Ultra-Compact-Battery-Pack-power-charger, gifts for engineers

For the ones who add a lot of energy in our lives, it’s time we give them a bit of energy and help them to stay connected to their loved ones every moment. 

Gifting a power bank to an engineer will put them constantly connected and yes, helps them to stay charged up, always! 

An engineer always uses his gadgets the most, which means he is draining his battery faster than anyone one else, so why not gift him this power bank and give him a sense of constant connectivity?

3. Multifunction Pen


For the ones who repair, rebuild and rework on almost everything in our lives, our engineers deserve a multi-purpose pen that serves many purposes. This pen comes with 7 very handy functions: a bottle opener, a phone stand, a ruler, a ballpoint pen, a stylus, a mini flat-head and Phillips screwdriver. They can fulfil many functions in the households, offices or even in bars!

This all-in-one pen can help the engineers function much more easily at work. Gift your engineer this right away and keep them busy working!

4. Brain Puzzlers


For our number-savvy, problem-solving engineers who’re always up for a challenge, a 365-day brain puzzler is a must to spark the excitement in an engineer’s life. 

Each day, a new puzzle will keep the engineer excited and sorted for the coming year.

Engineers always love solving the mystery problems, which is beyond anyone’s capacity to understand. Make sure you’re ready to take the excitement once they are done solving them!

5. Noise Cancellation Earphones

Sony WF 1000XM3 Industry Leading Noise Canceling Truly Wireless Earbuds HeadsetHeadphones gifts for engineering

A noise cancellation earphone adds up a lot of peace to our minds by eliminating all the chaos that’s around us. 

Working for long hours requires concentration and with a playlist to focus, engineers can find themselves completely immersed in the project they are working on as these earphones cancel all the noise in the background and let him be in his world of creation. 

 6. A 3D Printer Pen


Designing made easy for all the engineering lads and ladies out there!

A lot of engineering work revolves around creating or making designs involving machines or modelling elements. 

With a 3D Printer Pen in hand, it allows him to go crazy making those designs that he/she always had in their minds. Designing at the tip of your hands and your pens too! 

Try this out; any engineer will definitely love this gift!

7. Math Wall Clock

Decodyne Math Wall Clock Unique Wall Clock gifts for engineering e1598255200898

‘An engineer is someone who has a great equation with numbers.’ (Pun intended!)

Engineers are certainly those fellas who have a knack and love for numbers. Irrespective of any engineering field they’re mastering in, they sure must’ve seen and journeyed with numbers, math and equations associated with it. 

Gift this wall clock to an engineer to put it up in his home or workplace and let them have fun solving the equations to decipher the time. 

8. Customized Engineering Mug

Funny Engineer Coffee Mug gifts for engineering

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but when an engineer is in full swing and building creative solutions for us, we all fall in love with them a little more with every creative product or solution they solve. Surely an engineer will always love his cup of coffee or tea.

An engineer is here to stay, and a warm cuppa coffee or tea helps him slay! Yes, this could surely be the life saviour for your engineer friend and kickstart his/her day with the ‘Awesome Engineering’ energy every day.

9. Multitool

Gerber Truss Multitool Stainless and Grey with Multi Position Sheath gifts for engineering

Gift a multitool to a gifted Multitool. Yes, an engineer is no less than a multitool! They can create, design, open, close, repair, recreate, and do many more things, just like these multitools.

An engineer – much like a multitool – is a synonym for solutions, and they can be a cracker of a pair!

10. Desk Lamp

Reading Light, 7 LED Book Light, gifts for knitters, lamp

Do you know an engineer who’s always intrigued by many things and constantly experiments with everything he/she gets their hands on?

Well, gifting a desk lamp will help your engineer bud to continue working or experimenting all day and all night long. 

This surely helps them ‘burn the midnight oil’ without the oil involved in it. Grab one for your pal and see that face of theirs lighten up!

11. Weatherproof Notebooks 

weatherproof waterproof notebook gifts for engineering

Help your engineering pals to note it themselves down by gifting a notebook that’s similar to their characteristics – durable and persistent.

Yes, a weatherproof notebook that is tough, can stand any weather or wear and tear and fits perfectly in any sort of pocket. 

Like a tough engineer who fits into any sphere of workspaces, there can be no more wonderful gift than this engineer gift! 

12. “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction” Book


The “Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction: Build Implements of Spitball Warfare” can be considered a rock star of a book only if it’s in the hands of an engineer! 

A book detailing 35 miniature weapons that can be built out of everyday items, this surely can brighten up all days for your engineering bud.

It’s a perfect gift for all the engineers who wish to build. This gift helps them do what they do best – to build.

13. “The Big Bang Theory” Series

The Big Bang Theory The Complete Series gifts for engineering

Surely all engineers follow and love The Big Bang Theory. Whether it’s a George Lemaire’s formulation or a techno-based commercial series, an engineer will surely follow or at the least enjoy them. 

Gift your technocrat or your engineering bud a complete series of this show and they’ll be sure to be hooked on it (if they haven’t already)!

A quick tip: You wouldn’t wish to keep the door locked while you’re asleep (Penny for your thoughts – only those who’ve watched it will get the reference!).

Also, remember the name Sheldon Cooper to stay in the know with your pals’ excited conversations after watching the show.

14. Laser Distance Measurer

Digital Laser Measure Laser Distance Meter gifts for engineering

This cool and suave measuring device fits into any engineer’s workspace and also adds to the style quotient. This gift will come in handy for engineers who have to measure as a recurring part of their jobs.

This is a perfect solution since it eliminates the need for another person to assist in taking the measurements with the help of a tape and saves a lot of time.

Gift him/her this and start “measuring” their excitement!

15. Multi-Tool Hammer 

Multitool Hammer Pliers Multi Tool Portable Stainless Steel Durable Survival Tool gifts for engineering

An engineer sure knows how to make or break things up.

Have you ever seen an engineer not break things open or repair it all by themselves? Well yes, every engineer believes in working on his product all by himself until the product is up and running again. 

The irony is that they are more than often more frustrated than they are successful. So, what better gift to give them than a multi-tool hammer especially if they like to work outdoors?

Show them that you love the engineer in them as much as they do.

16. Circuit Board Coasters

circuit board coasters gifts for engineering

Condensation is such a bummer!

Yes – this decorated piece is a metal circuit gleamed with polish and can bring back the memories of the good old days of engineering in college. 

These Circuit Board Coasters help your engineer pal enjoy a drink without worrying about making a wet mess from their cold drinks. With a Circuit Board Coaster on your table, you can take away the condensation of your favorite beverage. 

Whether it is a beer can or a hot mug of coffee, a circuit board coaster is totally in line with an engineer’s interest!  

17. Graphic Calculator

Texas Instruments TI 84 Plus Graphics Calculator gifts for engineering

Well, every engineer generally possesses a calculator with them. To gift an engineer a Graphics Calculator is offering them a useful and practical tool for them. They are so useful and important for every engineering job. 

There are so many things an engineer can do with these graphic calculators! Send your engineer friends this practical gift and they’ll certainly thank you for it.

18. Drones 

DJI Mavic Mini Combo Drone FlyCam Quadcopter gifts for engineering

How about we have a higher perspective than others?

Does the word ‘drone’ itself bring in a lot of excitement amongst your engineer friends? I know some of them who look at it as a toy would love to take it for a ride every sunrise or sunset in their backyard or at the nearest beach. 

If so, they will never be knackered if asked if they’re up for a drone ride! Gift them drones and check out the excitement through the birds’ eye view in their eyes.

19. Digital Smart Notebook

Moleskine Pen Ellipse Smart Writing Set Pen Ruled Smart Notebook gifts for engineering e1598255008162

Yes, drawing is a great way of expressing your thoughts, views or designs. Help your favorite engineer capture these drawings digitally. Turn everything you write or draw from a notebook into a digital note.

Gift this device to them and wait till they show their love by drawing a portrait of you as a gift to you. 

P.S. It still gives you an option to ‘erase’ (in case your portrait doesn’t come up to the mark!) 😉

20. “Engineering Disasters” DVD Set

Modern Marvels Engineering Disasters History Channel gifts for engineering e1598255043129

“It’s an experiment and not a disaster when an engineer does it.”

This is one of the greatest DVD set from the History Channel for the engineers who have always dreamt of building or inventing new things. 

This set consists of 5 DVDs that have 18 episodes of engineering disasters of all time.

Every Engineer will be entertained to watch this series and shall surely acknowledge the effort you’ve put by picking this gift for them. 

21. Posters of Tesla’s inventions

tesla poster art gifts for engineering

Yes, engineers and Tesla go way back. Without the ingenuity of engineers, Tesla would never be invented. 

If your engineer buddy is a fan of Tesla, this wallpaper will inspire every engineer every time they look at this wall poster!

22. Customized T-shirts

I Am an Engineer Gift for Engineer Mens T Shirt gifts for engineering

“Heart maybe to the left, but an engineer’s is always right.”

Adding a funny quote or anything that speaks about your engineer bud can be one of the best gifts you can give an engineer to express your appreciation for them. 

All you’ve got to do is to think of the right line to be printed on the tops that will represent them!

Off all the efforts that engineers put in to provide solutions for the world, there’s always a gift for us to express our acknowledgement and appreciation for engineers.

Be it your engineer dad or engineer girlfriend, you cannot go wrong with these gifts. Try the above-mentioned gift ideas for your favorite engineer pals and let the magic unwind. Just wait and watch them jump in excitement from unwrapping these engineering gifts.

We hope you enjoy shopping for these gifts for engineers; hopefully your engineer buds will be as excited as you’d expect them to be when they receive them!

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