Buying outdoor and hiking equipment isn’t difficult. You can find shops everywhere that are dedicated to hiking and outdoor activities especially if you live in the city. 

However, choosing a gift for hikers is different. It’s not as easy as you may think. There’s so much to prepare when going on a hike, and different equipment are required for different terrain and weather.  So much so that buying hiking gear can be overwhelming, or on the flip side, addictive.

However, don’t worry because you’ll never run out of things to get for hikers as there’s always a constant need for replenishing and replacing after wearing items down.

We’ve come up with a list of personal, creative (not gimmicky) and practical hiking gifts that will not only put a smile on a hiker’s face but will truly help them in their hiking journey.

22 Gifts For Hikers They’ll Thank You For

1. Waterproof Rechargeable Lighter


Fire is one of the most important elements you need in hiking. Thus, matches are surely present and indispensable. 

However, matches can easily get wet especially in the mountains where weather is unpredictable and the river waters could get above waist deep.  

Unless hikers know firebending, this dual arc lighter can be a great gift and a life saver. It’s also windproof and will light anything just as the normal lighter would. And the most awesome thing is – it’s chargeable. With a portable charger you could never go wrong with this awesome and life saving lighter.

2. Water Purification Tablets


Water is life and running out of clean potable water is every hiker’s nightmare. Meet these water purification tablets

It’s a must especially if you run out of water during a long hike.

With these small water tablets slip into their pockets, it’ll turn rivers and streams into an easy source to the drinkable waters. It’s a great addition to the stormproof lighter when all else fails.  Any hiker will surely thank you for this great back up plan.

3. Filtered Bottle


LifeStraw produces one of the most amazing survival equipment yet it has not earned the recognition from most of the hikers that it deserves. 

LifeStraw’s Water Filter Bottles is so amazing that even the dirtiest puddle can turn into safe water because of its cutting edge water filtration technology.

It’s light and can just be easily slipped into the pockets. Simply an amazing survival kit and gift for hikers.

4. Headlamp


Sometimes, when hiking you cannot exactly tell the length of the time it takes. There’s a chance where you may get caught at sundown,  thus a headlamp is a must. 

The problem with most of the headlamps though is that they usually don’t last; the battery lives are too short, resulting in a need for frequent replacements. 

If it fails, hiking in the dark can be very unpleasant, dangerous and not to mention terrifying. 

Gift the hiker of your life a headlamp from a renowned brand like Black Diamond that guarantees a lifetime durability. It’ll ensure they can go on long hiking expeditions without the need to worry about the darkness.

5. Sunscreen


Hiking in the daylight can dry, dehydrate and can damage your skin. Worst is it can cause sunburn too which is very painful. Protect the hiker your life from the scorching heat of the sun with proper sunscreen protection. Sunscreen might not be a part of hikers’ essentials, but it’ll surely make their hiking more pleasant without the pain of burnt skin.

6. Poison Oak and Poison Ivy Remover


Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy nature, though sometimes nature can be a little bitch. When hiking in the forest, it’s not uncommon to get red and itchy rash from poison oak and poison ivy, courtesy of Mother Nature.

Thankfully, there’s a remedy to that. Enter Tecnu Outdoor Skin Cleanser. Say goodbye to itching with just a swipe. Spare the itchy fate with this inexpensive yet incredibly life-saving gift for the hiker in your life.

7. Emergency Whistle & Flashlight


Speaking of usefulness, this flashlight which also doubles as an emergency whistle gets you a loud whistle, a road flare, a glow stick and a 200-hour-long battery life LED light.  

A whistle as well as road flares are vital emergency items for anyone venturing into the woods because you never know when you’ll need it if you encounter an accident. While I hope that they will never come to a point that they will be needing to use these items, gifting these would be every hiker’s life-saver.

8. Polarized Sunglasses


There are various types of sunglasses, but O’NEILL’s polarized sunglasses emerge as one of the most ideal hiking sunglasses because of their comfort, functionality and durability. 

Speaking of comfort, it’s so lightweight and you don’t feel like you’re really wearing it. It never falls once you wear it on a long run on the trail. The glasses are very clear yet offer solid protection against the sun, making it perfect for a long sunny day of hiking. 

What better gift can you get for a hiker than sunglasses?

9. Trekking Poles


Some hikers don’t like carrying poles, but there are others who find it helpful especially in steep and muddy trails, or if they require support for their legs and back. 

If the hiker of your life belongs to the latter, I cannot recommend Black Diamond’s trekking poles more. With the reputation for being an all-round reliable and durable outdoors brand, Black Diamond’s poles offer strong support in difficult trails. It’s also lightweight, durable and portable with its Z foldable function.

10. Camping Hammock


Stopovers are one of the greatest pleasures when you’re hiking, especially after a long and tiring trail. It gives you the chance to relax while enjoying nature after hours of hiking. 

A good quality hammock will let every hiker relax more comfortably on every stopover. It’s easy to set up, it’s lightweight, it’s made from a soft fabric and it has mosquito nets! 

An inexpensive gift for hikers yet offers tons of comfort.

11. Swiss Army Knife


When hiking, it’s important to pack as little as you can, but still hold on to essentials. A Swiss army knife is one of them. This Victorinox Swiss army pocket knife has a set knife for cooking, saw for cutting tree branches, cutter, scissors, bottle openers for beers (just in case you “accidentally” carry beers with you), screw-drivers, tooth-picks, tweezers and blades in one go. It has almost half of all the essentials you need in your pocket.

This is seriously one of the best gifts you could ever have as a hiker. The hiker of your life will surely be eternally grateful for such a handy gift item!

If you’re looking for a simpler Swiss knife, this is a cheaper and practical gift alternative.

12. All-In-One Power Bank


Long hikes usually take more than a day and a couple of overnight camping in between. This long journey means that lights, powers and batteries are needed on such hikes.

Individually, these aren’t easy to carry on a long and steep journey because they’re heavy. Luckily FosPower has an all-in-one item that has all of the essential batteries needed in one nifty piece. 

It has an emergency radio, reading lamp, USB power bank, SOS Alarm System and LED flashlight. It’s water-resistant, ultra-durable (can fall many times without breaking) and it’s solar! The hiker in your life will surely be ecstatic receiving such a useful gift.

13. Mosquito Repellent Bracelet


Everyone will do anything to get rid of mosquitos. They are ubiquitous on hiking trails in tropical climates where they will swarm you in biblical proportions. They aren’t only annoying, it can sometimes even carry deadly diseases. 

Good thing there’re repellent bracelets to protect you against them. Keep the hiker of your life away from being a buffet for bloodthirsty mosquitoes with these stylish bracelets that release essential oils. Best thing is, they amazingly work!

14. Pocket Blanket


This pocket blanket is a soft and durable blanket designed for the outdoors. It’s just a simple blanket but that comes with many uses over different terrains – hiking, parks, beaches or even for festivals.

Cover it around your body  for warmth, throw it on the ground between stopovers to have something comfortable to sit on, or fold it nicely multiple times to be used as a pillow. There’s just so many ways to use it!

15. Emergency Sleeping Bag


When the going gets cold, there’s nothing like an emergency sleeping bag to keep you warm. 

It’s like having a tent without bringing a much heavier actual tent. It’s also a great alternative to a hammock to have something comfortable to sleep in. Furthermore, it’s thermal but unlike a hammock, you cannot hang it and you need to set it up on the ground. 

They come in different colors and styles. It’s lightweight, durable, windproof and waterproof.

16. Portable Bluetooth Speakers


There’re plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors. Some people want to enjoy their own hiking space as calmly and as silently as possible, while others enjoy more engagement with their fellow hikers. 

Who says you can’t have fun and dance on the trail? If they enjoy music, love to dance and  belong to the latter, then a portable bluetooth speaker is a great gift for these hikers to equip them on their long trails. 

It’s lightweight, waterproof, durable and has excellent sound quality, which makes it a perfect speaker for hikers.

17. Urination Device


This is for the female hikers in your life. One of the struggles for women when it comes to outdoor adventures and hiking is the challenge of having to go to the bathroom when there are no bathroom facilities available.

Thankfully, there’s a urination device made specially to combat this female problem.

With the device, you can stand and pee, wherever you’re – while hiking, in the middle of a road trip, in a desert, or at sea. It’s a magical feeling. Imagine being able to pee without having to peel off all your clothes, with no need for water, toilet paper, or having to worry about finding a private space to squat in the middle of your hiking journey. 

It’s also super portable and lightweight!

18. Liquid Soap


Who says that self-care and cleanliness is not possible on the trail?

Extra sanitation is great to have on the trail but can be bulky at times, but with liquid soaps, there’s no need for you to compromise being dirty because they can easily fit in your backpacks or even in pockets because of how compact it is.

It’s nature-friendly and has an amazing green tea scent.  If you want any hiker to feel fresh, clean and fragrant on the trail, this is a great gift for them.

19. Outdoor Pocket Trowel


Bringing towels is not usually a high priority because it can be heavy and cumbersome. It also takes up a lot of space in your bag. However, with this pocket trowel, you’ll never go hiking without one again.

Not only is this pocket trowel space efficient, it’ll also make every hiker’s “bathroom” easier (and more sanitary), along with aiding with setting up tent and sawing firewood to make a fire.

20. Packable Shower Towel


Bringing towels is not usually a high priority because it can be heavy and cumbersome. It also takes up a lot of space in your bag. However, with this compact-sized towel, it’s a whole new story.

Not only is it great for multi-day hikes to keep dry and warm, it’s also an excellent travel item because of how small and compact it is!

Matador has really designed the material so well that it’s so thin and light yet so water-absorbent. Really, you cannot ask for any travel towel better than this.

21. Adventure Sandals


Last but not the least, the ever useful ‘hiking sandals’.

Not to underestimate the value of a good pair of hiking shoes, but when you’re hiking for days, you need to take your shoes off and allow your feet to breathe.

Good thing there’s REI’s Adventure Sandals. They can switch between their hiking to relax their feet or use it for river crossings and cycling. It’s waterproof, lightweight (easy to carry) and extremely durable.

Make every hiker’s feet more rested and comfortable amid their rough and long hiking journey with these trusted pair of sandals by REI.

22. Backpack

osprey archeon 30 men, gifts for hikers

What’s a hiker without his/ her backpack? Apart from it being an essential road trip item, we love that backpacks are so versatile that you can use it for travel, for day trips and obviously camping!

Then there are also hiking backpacks for artists if you enjoy sketching out all your fascinating experiences while on the move!

Osprey has established itself in the adventure world for having sturdy, supported and comfortable backpacks. You can never go wrong with any of Osprey’s bags.

Aside from material things, experience is the best gift you can give any hiker. There’s no other best experience that you can give to hikers other than hiking together. 

If you enjoyed reading this gift guide for hikers and are still searching further for the perfect gift for the hikers in your life, maybe it’s time for you to consider joining them hiking too? 

It’s an exciting activity and a good stress reliever, so why not give it a try? I’m sure they’ll be more than happy and you can both enjoy the gifts and the experiences together!