Hippies are awesome people with life philosophies that challenge the norm. And if you know one or two, you’ll know that they are free-spirited, find joy in nature and are minimalistic. And because of that, it can be hard to find a gift for hippies that must have philosophical meaning to them. They’re not easily impressed by fancy or expensive hippie gifts.

We asked our hippie friends what gifts they’d love so you don’t have to. We listed the best and unique hippie gifts your boho friend will definitely love.

Hippies are typically creative, love to live minimally, are appreciative of the small things in life, and most of all they love to spread love. So a typical boho gift should represent this bohemian life and you’ll be sure to see a happy hippie!

16 Best Gifts For Hippies

1. Trip To Nature

trip to nature, gift for hippies

Hippies like to explore and experience nature because it brings them closer to their inner selves. And what a great gift for someone who may be living in a city and in need of an excuse to go out in nature and enjoy the outdoors. 

What better gift than gifting someone a wholesome experience? Surprise travel lovers for a memorable experience. It would be a great gift idea for a hippie couple or a family.

2. Ticket To A Concert

ticket to concert, gift for hippies

Hippies and music are naturally synchronized. Listening to ballads, operas and pop adjoin them at peace and they love being at peace. After the pandemic chaos, the world has. Go and embrace it.

Take your bestie or your Valentine and book tickets for an upcoming rock band concert in your town to feel the freedom that you lost in hard times and to raise your energy levels.

It’s the time to sing your heart out and lift yourself. Take an experience that you should have the pleasure of. It’s the time to boom and rumble.

3. Instax Mini 11 Instant Film Camera 

fujifilm Instax mini, gift for hippies

Hippies are artists on their own; they’re always up to something innovative, they try new ideas and establish them in their life while doing, they want to preserve each and every moment of life.

Hippies like to keep records in journals, diaries, of what they are grateful for, what they learn and their emotional experiences. 

What better way to capture these unique and emotional experiences and turn them into a static memory than with an Insta mini?

This camera will be capturing lots of cozy moments with your friends, moments of celebrations and glories at a glance. It can be the best gift for a hippie friend who wants to memorialize the times he/she has been living.

4. Online Dance Classes

Dance classes, gift for hippies

Hippies are yoga lovers but.. Dance is what makes them feel alive. This amazing gift idea is surely going to be a rewarding experience.

You can pay for a gift of online dance classes that he/ she can take alone or maybe you can get along with. An experience that you can do together would create everlasting memories.

You never realize the time passes so quickly, with lots of chuckles and fun. And indeed, It’s a wonderful way to boost your blood flow. 

5. Hanging Hammock Chair

Hanging Hammock, gift for hippies

We shared some gift experiences, yet we cannot deny the importance of valuable presents, things that are essential for daily use. These presents are tokens of affection.

One of such few things is my favourite one. For a hippie, what could be better and more relaxing than spending a lazy day swaying in a hammock and to watch stars for hours at night? 

Till now, you’ve only tried the standard variety of hammocks but modern hammock chairs are designed to allow you to curl up in it like a child in mommy’s lap.

Hippies seek childlike inner peace they are prompt to associate their feelings with things they do or did. It would be an excellent gift idea for a hippie. They are gonna love it. Give it a try!

6. Selenite Charging Plate

Selenite charging plate, gift for hippies

If you’re searching for a gift for a hippie, this is going to make them crazy. You can gift it to a boho friend who’s an artist, a lover of herbs and flowers, a spell weaver or a collector of crystals and unique objects.

I hope it all unites within this very unique crystal grid charging plate. It’s a gift to embellish your hippie’s friend’s home, making it a great gift for hippies!

7. Hippie Jewelry

jewelry for hippies, gift for hippies

If you’re tired of conventional hippie jewelry pieces, then you’re bound to be intrigued by these statement classic designs, where each piece is a product of artwork and elegance.

All the items are hand-sculptured from polymer clay and they’ve imprints of natural plants. Polymer clay is very good for imitating wood, metals and natural stones.

Multi-coloured beads, brooches, chockers, earings, arm cuffs, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants that’re perfect for fall clothes, as well as sweaters and cardigans. It’ll be an attractive accent to any hippie look.

Utterly awe-inspiring is this piece. I keep it in my studio workshop for visual stimulation in my jewellery design. Everyone who sees it is bound to be enchanted!

8. Succulent Gift Box

Succulent Gift Box gift for hippies

Hippies love to have a splash of greenery around them. They’re driven towards nature inevitably. Succulent gift baskets will be a great refreshing experience for them.

These little cute planters do wonders; they produce positive energy vibes into the environment and clean the air around you. These magical plant baskets are available in different designs and sizes.

Hippies are huge lovers of nature and they make sure to build a clean, green environment around themselves. Watching these greens will help them collect their thoughts and bind with nature.

9. Chakra Healing Singing Tibetan Bowls Set

Chakra healing set, gift for hippies

A set of these 7 gorgeous hand-beaten chakra singing bowls will be a perfect match for a boho friend. It creates mesmerizing tones for holistic healing, enhances yoga, meditation prayer and chakra healing.

Their sound is calm-inducing; these bowls sing very easily and produce rich, harmonic tones.

The best gift for a hippie; not only does it promote spiritual, mental, and physical health, chakras also align your body and emotions.

I highly recommend this classic to rediscover any hippie’s peace of mind.

10. Natural Travertine Wall Mirror

Natural travertine mirror, gift for hippies

A natural travertine stone wall mirror will be a classic addition to any hippie’s wall decor. Everyone who sees it gets enchanted by its presence. The UV printing technique is used to apply beautiful boho patterns on natural stone.

It perfectly blends with a hippie’s room decor. This piece is solely stunning, and a cool idea to gift a hippie friend!

11. Indoor Seed Pod Kit

seed pot, gift for hippies

Hippies never compromise on being organic. So, there’s a great gift idea for an organic hippie; you can bring the flavours of fresh greens into their home!

They can enjoy fresh and flavorful herbs in all of their recipes with this high-yield kit of culinary classics. They can harvest fresh herbs and vegetables all year round, no matter what the season is. Isn’t it amazing? 

Planting with Seed Pods is fun and simple! It’d be an ideal gift for an organic lover like a hippie. There are lots of varieties of kits, offering a wide range of herbs and veggies, adding the best flavours to your meals. 

12. Wood Marine Resin Night Lamp

Wood Marine Resin Light Night Lamp, gift for hippies

A piece of spellbinding beauty! You’re definitely buying this classic for a hippie lover. The perfect addition to a nature lover’s home.

The seafloor in the lamp looks mysterious, intriguing… Do you dare to explore? Imagine watching it shining in the pitch dark, it would be breathtaking to peep into this little static world of deep waters.

Hippie adventurers, what are you waiting for?

A pure hand-polished product will make your hippie and everyone around them marvel.

13. Convertible Bean Bag Chair

convertible bean bag chair, gift for hippies

It’s a chair to bag in a snap, a giant foam chair converts to a full-size bed for guests, slummer parties, or you can just relax, with lot more bonuses, this item is highly rated on the list.

A perfect ideal gift for a compassionate hippie friend or a hippie family. You must get it.

14. Handcrafted Egyptian Decorative Mosaic Wood Box

egypcian mosaic wood box, gift for hippies

They are bohemian-style mosaic wooden boxes. A special gift for a caring boho girl who lives her life in an organized and orderly way, who likes to collect many little things she cares about: Her healing crystals, jewellery, mala beads, even scent bottles can be kept in here.

These Mosaic boxes are styles, classic and timeless, crafted from Walnut Wooden inlaid with varieties of natural wood by proficient Syrian artisans.

Adorn her home with the pieces you know, and it’ll will last a lifetime!

15. Backpack For Hippies

hippie backpack, gift for hippies

When hippies are out, they have a relaxed mind and are more at peace with their minds and the nature around them. They are open-minded and embrace new ideas. They keep themselves “ready” to explore. They are always ready to live out their passion and try new things. 

Backpacks go hand-in-hand with hippies. These backpacks complement their adventuring soul. These are eco-friendly, available in all sizes, match with anything because of lots of vibrant and neutral colours in them.

So, grab this one of a kind gift for your hippie pal!

16. Animals Wood Wall Art

animal wood wall art, gift for hippies

Hippies care about humans, nature, and animals.

These artistic animal portrait frames will add unique aesthetic elegance to their surroundings. These classic and trendy four pieces of wooden wall art will work best for them. 

The decorative item is created entirely from natural wood with hand workmanship. An ideal decoration art piece for hippies’ homes with their unique colour, texture, and smell, if your hippie friend is a compassionate animal lover, this gift will be a treat to his/her eyes.

We hope this list of hippie gift ideas helps give you some inspiration for your next Christmas or Hanukkah shopping trip. You can always ask a friend if they have any other good suggestions, too! If the recipient is not a hippie but has similar values, these gifts will be perfect as well.

From those who love nature to those who want more simplicity in their life; from those who are minimalistic to those who love sustainability – there’s something on this list that everyone loves.

And remember, it doesn’t matter what type of hippie someone is because all types deserve thoughtful holiday presents just like anyone else would! Happy holidays and happy shopping!