At some point we’ve probably all been obsessed with horses, ponies, or unicorns even. We all loved horseback riding, everything unicorns, and even My Little Pony. You know, that little cartoon with colorful ponies?

This obsession may have started at a very young age whilst watching Toy Story and being inspired by the cowboy character, Woody. Maybe your obsession ended quite early, or it might’ve carried on for quite some time. The point is, we’ve all been through that phase when we were a little too keen on horses. Some of us might not have even grown out of it yet and have gone on to pursue horse riding.

Obviously, everyone loves horses, yet only a few are able to keep that same obsession throughout these years. Some might’ve even grown to be equestrians, which is pretty freakin’ cool.

No matter what age, we all know that one person, right? So what do we give that horse lover in our lives? 

We know, thinking of the perfect gift for a horse lover can be pretty stressful, so we’ve done all the digging for you. Take a break and just keep on reading!

13 Gifts For Horse Lovers

1. Horse Charm

horse charm bracelet gifts for horse lovers

Charms are such a great gift, not only for little girls but also for women who still collect charms for their charm bracelets. You’d be surprised at how many grown women still wear a charm bracelet. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

A horse charm can be such a special gift if your person owns a charm bracelet. Not only can this gift be an additional charm but they can also carry with them a horse charm reminding them of one of their ultimate obsessions: horses.

Typically charm bracelets are made out of chains and you’d get to collect different charms that mean something to you. But nowadays, a popular option is a Pandora bracelet. It’s a tad bit more expensive but beautiful. Although if you’d want to stick to the more traditional type, then by all means, go for it.

2. Plush Toy

horse unicorn plush toy, gifts for horse lovers

Now this one is more on the cuter side of things.

Why not give this special person a horse plush? Honestly, everyone loves a plush, not just children. Someone who doesn’t like a cute plush is seriously a grumpy person. No offence.

Plushies are cute, memorable and totally inexpensive. Some are even customisable! You can even put a voice recording inside one, and this makes gifting one super personal. When you do that, then it’s not just a cute horse plush, but also a very special one! They will surely love it, that’s for sure!

3. Boots

polo men horse riding boots

Boots are such a useful thing to give to a person who loves horses. Well, obviously because you’d have to wear boots to ride.

It can be leather, rubber and even faux leather (if you’re going vegan); it really doesn’t matter. What does matter is that these boots are going to be useful for any horse rider.

Sometimes it gets really muddy when you’re riding a horse and so you’d need to wear the proper attire; boots thus classify as proper attire for riding. 

It really pays to give useful things to people we love because we really wouldn’t want our gifts to be left on the shelf.

You know what they say, these boots were not made for walking…but riding, rather.

4. Wallpaper

horse wallpaper

Now this is a great gift for that little kid or that teenager in your life who is totally smitten with horses.

As a kid or as a teenager, don’t you love decorating your room with all the things that you love? Be it little trinkets of souvenirs from places you’ve been to, books that you’ve read throughout the years or even wallpapers!

Wallpapers are such a classic gift, and I’m sure that this little horse lover is going to be super ecstatic when she/he receives a horse-themed wallpaper.

Also, if you’re a parent who’s thinking of giving your horse lover child a wallpaper, it’s totally super convenient. You can just tear it down once your kid grows tired of horses to replace it with his next big thing.

It’s a win-win situation, really.

5. Coloring Book

horse coloring book gifts for horse lovers

These days, children are not the only ones who love a good coloring book. Adults also are diving into this scene since there are a lot of adult coloring books on the market these days.

Everybody loves a good coloring book session. Not only does it unleash your creative side, it’s also a very therapeutic activity to do. You may do it alone for an extra calming effect or choose to do it with people that you love for extra bonding time!

6. Spur

Western Cowboy Boot Spurs - Great Gift, gifts for horse lovers

Spurs are a great gift for that wanna be cowboy in your life. Not only is it an important cowboy accessory, it’s also quite useful if you love free range riding. Free range riding is only suitable for riders who are experienced and riders who are confident with their horse. This is also perfect for riders who love exploring the valley at their own pace.

Although, if you just want it for the sake of cowboy fashion, then spurs totally do the part!

We’re quite sure that your cowboy is going to be over the moon with excitement when he/she opens up that box and sees a pair of spurs inside. Can you already imagine his/her face? Exciting, isn’t it?

7. AirPods Case

horse airpods gel case cover gifts for horse lovers

Ah, the age of technology.

Nowadays, it’s much trickier to give gifts to the techy horse lovers in our lives. Should we give them books? Nope. Should we give them socks? Eh… Should we give them an actual horse? Probably not…well, unless you can afford it, of course. 

A great gift for techy people are cases for their AirPods. We’re sure that they’ll be super thrilled to be carrying their overpriced earphones in a cute horse-themed case.

8. iPhone Case

iphone case gifts for horse lovers

Another gift that you can give that techy horse lover in your life is a horse-themed case for their iPhones…or any phone for that matter. We really don’t discriminate here. Ha!

Almost everybody is on their phones right now so this is one of the most useful and easy gifts that you can give someone. Even the less techy people are obviously on their phones too. Since almost everybody possesses a phone, this is an easy and great gift idea.

Nowadays, there are a whole lot of designs out there to choose from, including horse themes! We’re sure that you’ll find one that’s quite perfect for this special occasion and for this equally special horse lover.

9. Mug

unicorn horse ceramic mug gifts for horse lovers

Ah, the classic mug. To be quite fair, mugs are – most definitely – the most ubiquitous gifts out there. Why? Well, because you can find a mug design for every occasion…and for every personality type. That makes it the perfect gift for anyone!

We’re quite sure that mugs are on a lot of gift lists because of their uniqueness and versatility. Imagine drinking a hot cup of cocoa or coffee or even tea and seeing that precious little horse design on your mug. 

You can also give this as a gift to that horse lover in your life that loves hoarding mugs.

10. Horse Brush

Equestrian Cowboy Brush gifts for horse lovers

This is the perfect gift for that horse lover in your life who actually loves riding horses. 

Horse brushes are a really useful item for people who love to ride horses. After riding their favorite horses, they can have an intimate time grooming their horses before putting them back to the farm.

Also, horses love a good brush, so it’s a great gift for anyone who rides horses regularly and has his/her own dedicated horse!

11. Saddle

horse saddle set gifts for horse lovers

Saddles are more on the expensive side of gifts, but a very valuable one. Of course, you can only buy a saddle for someone who already owns a horse. 

People can also decorate their houses with a saddle, if they’d like. Although it’s a more useful gift when you do own a horse.

This could be a perfect gift for a special person who loves riding and who loves his/her one horse in particular. Saddles are important to a rider, and so you should make sure that it’s going to be a perfect fit when you give one as a gift.

12. Toy Pony

ride plush toy pony gifts for horse lovers

Now this is a great gift to give to that horse-loving child in your life.

If they’re too scared to ride an actual horse or a pony, a toy pony can be a great practicing tool. When they’re done with it, or when they outgrow it, they can now move to riding actual living horses.

Plus, depending on the quality of the toy pony and depending on how you take care of it, toy ponies can last you a long time without having the need to buy or replace them.

13. Snow Globe

horse snow globe gifts for horse lovers

Snow globes are the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life who is also quite whimsical. 

There are varying designs, and you can even choose if you want to put a horse, a pony, or even a unicorn in it. It really doesn’t matter. Snow globes are magical, whimsical and inexpensive.

We’re sure that there’s that one person in your life who collects snow globes, so this could be the perfect gift for them.

Finding the perfect gift isn’t an easy task, and it can be quite stressful especially when you’ve really got no idea what they want. 

That is why gift lists like this one makes it a bit easier to look for ideas for a gift and plan your next shopping trip. These are a bunch of gift ideas for the horse lover in your life that you can follow when thinking of what to give to him/her. 

They can be just normal gifts, and the thing that’s going to make it extraordinary is the thought behind each item. May it be a birthday, anniversary, or just a normal day that you’d want to spice up, surprising someone with a gift is always going to be such an exciting affair.

Be sure to choose the perfect gift from this list and make that horse lover in your life the happiest horse lover there is!

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