There are not a lot of knitters in this world, so if you know a knitter close to your heart, you’re lucky. It could be your grandma, your favourite aunt, or even your sister-in-law. Knitters are special and typically creative people who find joy in gifting their work of art. 

You probably once received a personalized winter scarf and gloves for winter, a beanie for your birthday, or a new sweater for Christmas made by their crafty knitting hands. Even then, knitters deserve a gift too! 

So, if you are thinking about what to give to knitters on their special day to show your appreciation and thanks, we’ve prepared 21 wonderful and creative gift ideas that all knitters will surely enjoy. These gifts will surely encourage every knitter to go on with their passion for knitting.

21 Gifts For Knitters Of Every Kind

1. Highly Moisturizing Hand Lotion

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Lotion, gifts for knitters

It takes a lot of time, patience and handwork to create something. Hand lotion is a total must for knitters, especially in the wintertime. Constant knitting, especially in the winter, can dry up their hands and can make it itchy.  

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Hand Lotion line offers a variety of scents like Lavender, Lemon Verbena and Peppermint, which are perfect for those of us who need a higher amount of protection and moisture, as they are created specially for people who work with their hands a lot. 

Another nice option is J.R. Watkins Natural Moisturizing Hand Cream, which is made with shea butter, cocoa butter and avocado oil. Their hand cream nourishes and hydrates to improve the look and feel of dry, cracked or ageing skin.

A knitter’s hands must be taken care of, because without them, they can’t create!

2. ‘I Swoon Over Big Balls’ Knitting Mug

Knitting Coffee Mug, Knitting Mug, Funny Knitting Mug, gifts for knitters

Put a smile on their face with this cute and funny knitting mug gift for your knitter friend. It can hold 15 ounces of coffee to boost up their day and is made of ceramic. 

With a quirky ‘I Swoon Over Big Balls’ graphic on the centre, this mug is sure to let everyone know how much they love knitting.

3. ‘Don’t Mess with KnittaSaurus’ Shirt

gift for knitter, gift for knitting, knitasaurus, shirt

A super cute shirt that all knitters will surely love, this ‘Don’t Mess with KnittaSaurus’ Shirt is a 5 ounce, pre­shrunk 100% cotton that feels comfortable on any knitter’s body! 

You can easily find all sorts of sizes available for both men and women, making it the perfect apparel to gift someone who’s a fan of knitting.

4. Knitflix and Chill Unisex Sweatshirt

Knitflix and Chill Unisex Sweatshirt gifts for knitters

There’s nothing more chill than wearing a sweatshirt to knit by the fireplace in wintertime. Another great gift for knitters is this Knitflix and Chill Sweatshirt.  This sweatshirt will keep them cozy while catching up on their latest knitting projects.

A cosy and warm sweatshirt bound to keep you warm in the colder months, this pre-shrunk, classic fit sweater that’s made with air-jet spun yarn for a soft feel and reduced pilling is the perfect comfort clothes.

5. Wooden Yarn Bowl

wooden yarn bowl gifts for knitters

Keep their balls manageable and tangle-free. A handmade Wooden Yarn Bowl is a must for knitters who often struggle with tangled yarns.

Even though they are mainly designed to keep your ball of yarn from creating knots and tangling, it’s also a very helpful gift for knitters who don’t want their yarn to be used by a baby for relief in teething or their pet cat to play and ruin their almost-finished knitting project, thinking it’s a toy! 

This wooden bowl looks gorgeous enough to be used as home decor too. 

With every purchase of a yarn bowl, you’ll be offering full time work to women in India and Nepal, providing a safe working condition and fair wages to them. 

6. E-Gift Card

gift card darn good gifts for knitters

If you are unsure what nice knitting kit your friend might want to receive, make both of your loves easier with the gift of choice with a Darn Good Yarn gift card.

You can send a card worth anywhere from $10 to $200 depending on your budget. That way, your knitter loved one will have the joy of choosing their own perfect kitting gift and appreciating it fully when it arrives! 

7. ’60 Quick Knits for Beginners’ Book

60 Quick Knits for Beginners Easy Projects for New Knitters book gifts for knitters

Whether your friend is a beginner or an expert in knitting, they surely will appreciate a knitting guide book to learn something new in the world of knitting. 

60 Quick Knits for Beginners offers a wide array of creative techniques and attractive patterns. This beloved 60 Quick Knits series is the perfect book for anyone learning to knit. 

Illustrated with easily understood step-by-step instructions and featuring insightful sidebars throughout, it demystifies complex knitting skills and instills indispensable knitting wisdom. 

A universally perfect gift for all types of knitters!

8. Yarn Winder

Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny gifts for knitters

Another useful gift that can make every knitter’s life easier is a yarn winder. A yarn winder is an indispensable tool and a good investment for knitters. 

Considering its quality, durability, design, and price, we highly recommend the Yarn Winder by Craft Destiny, which is a true value for money. 

9. Magnetic Knitter’s Necklace Kit

Knitter's Pride Magnetic Knitter's Necklace Kit, gifts for knitters

Don’t let them lose their stitch! Better still, let them wear it. The Magnetic Knitter’s Necklace will help every knitter get organized while knitting. 

This is a decorative necklace pendant that has a magnet implanted specifically to hold metal hooks, needles and stitch markers at the ready and within easy reach of their work – pretty cool from the sounds of it!

10. Portable LED Lamp

Reading Light 7 LED Book Light gifts for knitters e1598005861273

A lamp may not be at the top of your mind when it comes to looking for a gift for knitters, but it will surely come in handy for them. 

Do you know any knitters who like to work through the night just knitting away? Then she would greatly appreciate a gift like this. A lamp can help her finish her knitting projects more easily.

With 4.7 stars on Amazon and over 500 reviews, what can go wrong with this highly recommend portable rechargeable lamp with 7 LEDs, 3 brightness settings and 60 hours of lighting time?

11. Beads Monthly Subscription


If you’re not familiar with Darn Good Yarn, it’s a knitting company that supplies gorgeous and trendy yarn and beads and teaches all sorts of craft.

You can get high quality beads with this monthly subscription which includes instructions and accessories to make your beading a breeze.

Imagine your friend getting a monthly fresh supply of fancy beads; it’s definitely any crafter’s heaven!

12. Boye 2-Piece Yarn On The Go Bag

Boye 2 Piece Yarn On The Go Bag gifts for knitters

There are so many different options for knitting bags out there. We really like the Boye Yarn On The Go Bag considering its awesome reviews from other fellow knitters, cool design and price point.

It’s a gift that will definitely be appreciated especially if your knitter friend is always knitting on the go wherever they are but still need to have room for all their necessities in the same bag!

13. Interchangeable Needles Set

Interchangeable Needles Set gifts for knitters

If you want to get a really special knitting gift, consider interchangeable needles. With so many needle sizes, they are so versatile that it’s a godsend for every knitter.

Some frugal knitters may be reluctant to buy a set for themselves, which makes getting one for them as a gift such a precious one.

This Knitter’s Pride Zing Deluxe Interchangeable Needles Set is a good option; you’ll be sure to make any knitter over the moon.

14. Afghan Loom Knitting Board

afghan crochet pattern

Afghan crochet patterns are one of the most fabulous patterns when making a blanket, yet it is one of the most challenging. 

To the rescue is the Afghan Loom Knitting Board. Make her Afghan pattern dream possible and  more easily with this clever loom. 

It has an easy step-by-step instructions and can knit up to 5 feet wide in one piece. It is large enough to knit an entire afghan blanket in one piece so anyone with this tool can knit like a master.

If you’re looking for a gift that will help make intricate patterns more easily, this is a perfect gift.

15. Knitting Needle Case

ProCase Knitting Needles Case, gift for knitters

Knitting needles is a precious item for knitters but it can easily get lost. 

In that case, gifting a needle case is the solution. It’s truly a great idea so you can help them organise and store their precious knitting tools.

It’s necessary for every knitter and gifting it to a knitter could never go wrong. 

16. Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible

Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible Exquisite Patterns by Hitomi Shida gifts for knitters

This book is a must have if they love something Japanese or are a fan of Japanese culture. Enclosed in this softcover, oversized book, you’ll find quite a few new and unusual stitches, as well as a multitude of stitch patterns that are far more complex than most Western knitters are accustomed to seeing.

Some patterns even include crochet mixed into the knitting. Stitch patterns and even single stitch “groups” can be complicated. Some, such as the “double decrease right over purl,” are confusing enough. Instead of explaining the symbol inline, Shida-sensei provides step-by-step, illustrated instructions in the volume. 

According to one of the reviews,

“No enthusiastic knitter can possibly browse through them without wanting to immediately try them all.”

17. Knitting Stitch Counter

Clover Knitting Stitch Counter Mini Kacha Kacha gifts for knitters

Still not convinced with the previous gifts? Consider buying a stitch counter then! If you’re a knitter, you’d know that it’s easy to lose track of rows and stitches when you work, especially if you multitask. 

If you know someone who’s prone to Netflixing while knitting, a stitch counter will make their work a lot easier. This tool is a perfect way to keep track of knitted rows and stitches.

If the knitter you’re planning to get a gift for doesn’t already own one, then this Clover Knitting Stitch Counter will definitely change their lives.

If they’re busy with multiple projects, they will even need a few counters for every project.

18. Chunky Wool Yarn

Chunky Wool Yarn gifts for knitters

Imagine a knitting set that requires both hand and arm to knit. It could be fun and challenging! 

With a wonderfully soft and bouncy texture, this plush, oversized and ridiculously cozy knit set will also be a must-have item when the weather turns cold. 

 It is easy to create a lot of statement things with this yarn without the use of needles – blankets, scarves, rugs.. you name it! 

19. Sleep Balm

this works sleep balm lookfantastic

If knitting doesn’t alleviate the stresses from the day enough, complement it with this Sleep Balm. This special balm is made to help relax and soothe.

It’s a fragrant balm made with the fusion of lavender, Monoi (a perfume oil) and coconut oils that have relaxing aromatic benefits. This will surely freshen anybody up and help put you in a good mood.

20. Knitted Coasters

Crochet Drink Coaster Set Funny Cat Gifts gifts for knitters

If your knitter friend loves coffee and happens to be a cat lover, say no more. These Cat Butt Crochet Coasters are not only a cute decoration but a useful item too! 

According to one of the customers said in her review that: 

“These coasters are well-made and also a hilarious gift for the cat lovers in your life. I have cat lovers in my family and they got a real kick out of these when they received them as part of the family gift exchange. So fun!”

It is indeed a unique, fun and useful product for knitters.

21. F*ck Off I’m Knitting Pillow

knitting pillow gifts for knitters

Knitters can be serious at times especially if they are in the deep knitting mode. Sometimes they need space and away from the people to get focus. 

Enter the Fuck Off I’m Knitting Pillow; it can be fun, it can be rude, but the message and gesture is there – to keep people from distracting you while knitting.

If possible, it might be nice to go to a local yarn or knitting store to pick out a knitting gift yourself.  That way, you can see the items in the store and pick out something suitable and personal.

If not, this list of knitting gift ideas we’ve shared is a good start for you to choose a gift for your knitting friend. 🙂