Looking to surprise your friend, family or child who’s a medical student with a gift? You’re in the right place!

Having a health practitioner as a family member or a friend is a great privilege. We can attest that their journey to becoming one is not an easy feat. 

After the countless exams, sleepless nights, financial stress and a bunch of other stressful requirements they entail from becoming a certified health practitioner, showing how you care through a simple gift will surely bring them joy and inspire them to continue their journey in the medical field.

We conducted a survey and asked for recommendations from friends of med students about what items can bring convenience to their lives. 

If you’re looking for a useful gift that medical students will appreciate, here are some carefully curated gifts perfect for medical students specifically. 

Below you can find 11 useful and specific gifts for medical students that can bring convenience and joy to their lives.

11 Thoughtful Gifts For Medical Students To Survive School

1. Indoor House Plants

indoor house plant, succulent, gifts for son-in-law

They say that having greenery in your room helps brighten the mood, relax the eyes and relief one from stress, especially from studying all the medical books. 

Moreover, plants also detoxify and purify the air which is vital to help any med student be in the best health possible to concentrate on their studies. 

Here are some commonly used, pretty and beneficial indoor plants to gift med students:

Ferns are classic houseplants that feature fine-textured fronds that add an elegant look to indoor spaces. Versatile and attractive, ferns work well however you’d like to decorate, making it a terrific home accessory.

Peace lily is a popular houseplant that features dark green leaves and large white blooms, making it a pretty houseplant to accessorize your house with. With its resilient nature, it’s a low maintenance plant that purifies indoor air.

Pothos is a wonderful indoor houseplant that features long stems and green to yellow, and white leaves on winding stems that can climb trellises or posts. You can also let it trail from hanging baskets. While more often used in container gardens, pothos also look great indoors.

Snake plant (also called Sansevieria or Mother-in-law’s Tongue) is a hardy and rugged indoor houseplant. Its vertical foliage adds the illusion of height to small rooms and sports a trendy look.

2. Chamomile Tea

chamomile tea gifts for med students

There is nothing more rewarding than having good quality sleep after a tiring day at the medical school. 

Chamomile tea is known for its beneficial effects that aids you to get a good night of rest every medical student would be dreaming of. 

A box of Chamomile tea can have up to 50 bags; that’s 50 nights of wonderful sleep to charge them up for another bustling day. It’s an inexpensive gift that I’m sure would be greatly appreciated by every medical student even if they are not a tea fan.

I recommend the “Traditional Medicinals” brand which I personally use on a daily basis. There are lots of other brands that too you can try, go for organic ones with USDA seals for the best benefits.

3. Wireless Headphones

noise-cancelling, Adidas headphones, gift for son-in-law

Headphones or earphones these days are indispensable, and surely each of us owns one. This would be an exceptional gift for med students if they like to listen to music while studying to tune out noisy distractions. 

What if you can add a little bit of comfort in their lives by removing the annoying wires? That’s why wireless headphones make for awesome gift ideas for med students. 

Forget AirPods. Try these Adidas noise-cancelling headphones.

4. Fitness Band


Typically a medical campus is enormous, so walking is part of every med student’s life. 

What if they can measure their steps and turn boring walks into fun exercises? Fitness bands have a lot of cool features like heart-rate monitoring, distance tracking, and activity monitoring. 

Are they active and use exercise to destress? That’s all the more better! They’ll surely appreciate this gift a whole lot more if they’re always pumping and on the go. 

Even if they aren’t hardcore fitness enthusiasts, its sleek watch face and smart technology makes it a great companion and a good-looking accessory for every wrist.

5. Coffee Machine

nespresso instant coffee maker, Gifts For Your Sister-In-Law

If Chamomile is for a good night’s sleep, coffee’s for a good morning booster. 

If you know a med student who thrives on caffeine, give the gift of a coffee maker for the best DIY coffee. I’m sure that they’ll be thankful and remember you with every sip.

You can even bundle the coffee maker with any of these rounds of coffee shots:

6. Coffee Tumbler


Add a nice coffee tumbler for every coffee addict so he/she can carry coffee conveniently in between classes. You can help them save money and spare them from expensive Starbucks coffees.

Thermos is a brand that’s not only synonymous with their insulating properties, they are also leak-proof.

 7. Comfy Sneakers


In case your med student friend or family loves to walk or has to be on his/her feet a lot from making medical rounds, another great option would be to give them a pair of nice comfy shoes. 

Ideally, it should be white so they can wear it both as a uniform and for casual wear.

Keeping in mind that they might need to stand long hours while doing their rounds, this handpicked smart-yet-casual sneakers is perfect for every med student. It has a comfortable footbed that cushions feet all day long.

8. Portable Electric Massager


Though it may not be as great as an actual spa, an electric massager could be a useful alternative to help them feel relaxed and rewarded anytime and anywhere without spending money.

It can be as portable as this massager that can massage your back, shoulders, neck and even calf so they can carry it to work to use it in between work duties, whether in the office or in the car!

9. Bento Box


Though it may not be as great as an actual spa, an electric massager could be a useful alternative to help them feel relaxed and rewarded anytime and anywhere without spending money.

It can be as portable as this massager that can massage your back, shoulders, neck and even calf so they can carry it to work to use it in between work duties, whether in the office or in the car!

10. Umbrella


Med students are always on the go. Rain or shine, day or night. A good quality, handy umbrella that they can carry anytime and anywhere would be practical and handy to shield them from the rain or from the heat of the sun.

Blunt umbrellas are built to withstand even the harshest conditions, and it will still not bend or break. If you’re looking for a hardy umbrella, this is it.

11. Ultra Repair Cream Moisturizer


Med students often have to study for long hours, thus neglecting to take care of their own health and wellness. Thus, elf-care gifts are some of the best gifts for med students.

Also, while the personal protective uniforms and face masks they wear are necessary for keeping them safe, it can also wreak havoc on their skins. Sometimes when the uniform is too small, it can cause abrasions that might put unnecessary stresses on their skin. 

Here’s where First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream comes in handy. An extremely soothing cream that can help med students relax from such skin irritations, it’s one of the most popular creams used by medical workers and med students.

Gifts do not need to be expensive and fancy to be appreciated. Sometimes, the best present is one that is simple yet useful in a person’s everyday life. 

What are you waiting for? Shower your friend or any family member studying medicine some love with these gifts as simple as chamomile tea or indoor plants to improve their lives and lift their spirits in their stressed and hectic school life. 🙂