Looking for a gift guide for plant lovers? Nowadays, ‘plant moms’ and ‘plant dads’ have been going viral around social media for the sole purpose that plants are in! 

This 2020, due to the fact that we’re all forced to stay in our very own homes, plants have been trending a lot. Are you guilty of being a plant lover too?

Due to this, there are now a lot of online shops selling different kinds of plants. May it be succulents, leafy plants, cactus, floral plants, or just regular garden plants, these are all very available at the moment.

Plants are very ideal because they produce extra oxygen in your houses, and not to mention, they’re very pretty to look at. 

Even if you don’t think that you have a green thumb, you can always get a plant that you can’t kill. These are plants that need barely any water, so they won’t die on you. They’re perfect!

So with this new plant trend, a lot of people have been obsessing over them. When it comes to gifting season, what kinds of gifts are there for plant lovers in our lives then? 

Well, look no further, because we’ve taken the time to gather 20 gift ideas for the plant lovers in your lives. All you have to do is scroll down and keep reading!

20 Gifts for Plant Lovers With A Green Thumb

1. Succulents

mini succulent plant, gifts for professor

When one thinks of plants, succulents always pop into mind. These are tiny yet beautiful plants and they’re very low maintenance. Watering succulents are rarely done, yet they thrive to be beautiful home decors.

2. Bonsai


Just like succulents, bonsai’s never really grow bigger than a few feet. Bonsai’s are little plants that originated from Japan. They’re very beautiful and they’re considered an art form especially in Japan and China.

Although, unlike succulents, bonsai’s have to be watered (at least) once a day.

Depending on the growth of the plant and the dryness of the soil, sometimes bigger bonsai tend to need watering 2-3 times a day, so they can be pretty high maintenance.

3. Herb Seeds


Everyone loves herbs. We don’t think we’ve ever met anybody who doesn’t like herbs.

May they be peppermint, thyme, basil, rosemary or bayleaf, herbs are very useful, especially when it comes to cooking.

Why not give an herb seed collection to that special plant lover in your lives?

4. Flower Seeds


Just like herbs, most people love flowers. Well, except if this particular person has pollen allergy then this might not be the best suitable gift.

However, if the plant lover in your life is obsessed with flowers, why not give them a collection of flower seeds that they can plant? This is a much better gift than giving freshly cut flowers because seeds tend to flourish and once these bloom, it’ll be a sight of beauty in the garden.

Plus, they don’t really wilt unlike freshly cut flowers, so that’s always good!

5. Plant Starter Kit


If the plant lover in your life is wanting to further discover their planting talents, a planting starter kit would be an optimal gift. This is a perfect accompaniment to the seeds that we’ve previously mentioned.

There are even hydroponic starter kits you can start planting with.

6. Ceramic Pots


Sometimes planting can be more thrilling and exciting when you’re planting seeds or plants in beautiful ceramic pots.

There’s a bunch of designs that you can buy all around, although ceramic pots as beautiful on its own.

Plus, you can display these potted plants inside your home and not just in the garden.

7. Macramé


Macramé are thread-like hangers that are usually braided. You can put pots on macramés and hang them around your house.

They’re very beautiful, useful, and cheap, making it ideal gifts for plant lovers.

Plus, you can even make your own macramé if you’re feeling a bit crafty.

If not, macramés are usually all over the internet and it’s very easy to spot and buy them.

Plus, they make a really great decoration around your house. They even add a touch of boho-chic look, if you will.

8. Watering Can


Sometimes we all just want to water our plants using old school watering cans instead of hosing them down, especially if the can looks as elegant as this.

There’s a certain charm about watering plants using a watering can, so this is a really great gift for retro plant lovers.

Plus, you can even pick from a variety of designs online!

9. Gardening Gloves


More often than not, gardening or planting can be quite rough, especially when you’re handling cactus, roses, or any thorny plants.

We thus suggest giving a pair of gardening gloves as a gift for all plant lovers. Not only will you prevent them from hurting their hands, but these are also very useful tools when it comes to garden work.

We’re quite sure that they’ll be using this every single time they’ll do garden stuff when you buy them a pair!

10. Bucket Hat


Planting all day in your gardens can be great…but let’s face it, there can be too much Vitamin D.

One way to prevent getting too much sun is by gifting a bucket hat to plant lovers.

Honestly, it can be any kind of hat but bucket hats just have this kind of garden-y vibe to it, so we think that it’s the perfect gardening hat. Plus, you can get them in any color or design!

11. Sunscreen


Sometimes it doesn’t feel sunny at all, but we still need to take extra precaution so our skins don’t burn. For this, sunscreen is always the most practical gift for plant lovers.

What better way to show your love, appreciation and care for them than by giving them a way to protect their skins from harmful light?

Sunscreens are a really perfect gift. Did we mention that they’re cheap? Yes, they’re very affordable and they’re really useful!

12. Floral Shirts


If the plant dad in your life is into shirts, then why not give them a floral patterned shirt?

Mixing up their plant hobbies with fashion is a great way to give a gift to plant lovers and is a great way to show them how much you notice their interests and hobbies.

13. Floral Skirts


Now, if the plant mom in your life is into floral and fashion…then why not give them a floral skirt?

Skirts are always a good idea, and floral designs never go out of style.

Choose one that’s very inclined to their own personal taste, and you can never go wrong.

14. Floral Tees


Everybody loves a good t-shirt. Now, floral tees? That’s even better!

You can give this floral tee to any friend who loves plants because you can choose from various designs, various fabrics, and various colors! Tees are naturally cheap, and it’s a very personal thing to give as a gift.

15. Floral Watch Straps


If that plant lover in your life is more into the tech stuff, then why not give them a floral strap for their smart watches

Since almost everyone has a smart watch these days and the straps for these smart watches can be very customizable, why not give them something like that instead?

16. Adult Coloring Book


Sometimes you just need to unwind and release any kind of tension or stress. A great way to do this is by coloring. 

As childish as it might sound, coloring books are actually a big hit with adults.

There are a lot of designs that you can choose from, and it’s a very therapeutic activity to do! What more can one ask for?

17. Journal

loom journal, gifts for professor

Another therapeutic activity to do is writing in journals. Nowadays, there are a lot of different journal designs you can choose from.

Instead of writing down everyday thoughts, plant lovers can relish in writing about the everyday growth of their plants, or maybe even doodle on them!

18. Flower Vase


If the plant lover in your lives is obsessed with flowers, then why not give them a beautiful flower vase?

They can put in the flowers that they’ve freshly cut from their gardens, or they can put in flowers that they’ve bought from the farmer’s market. It really doesn’t matter.

You can choose whichever flower vase design suits that plant lover in your lives, and then you’ve got yourselves a perfect gift!

19. Coffee Table Book


If the plant lover in your lives is not really into the act of ‘planting’ but more into hoarding and collecting plants, why not give them a plant-related coffee table book?

This is a great way to incorporate planting in the design of your space, not to mention coffee table books are usually a very interesting read!

20. Floral Beach Towel


Usually, the plants that we’ve previously planted bloom around spring and summer. More often than not, it’s a great idea to relax and chill around your garden, especially if you have an enclosed space where you can enjoy your private time in.

Then, we suggest giving plant lovers this floral mandala mat where they can chill and enjoy their precious blooms on.

No matter what year we all end up in, one thing remains for sure: plants will never go out of style. It’s a trend that we’ll gladly take and welcome every single time it comes back. 

No matter what gift you may end up giving that plant lover in your life, make sure that it’s the perfect gift and it’s really inclined to the type of person that they really are.

Plants never go out of style…nor do plant lovers!