What do you give the person who has taught you the lessons that you now know?

Whether we like it or not, our professors have held a key part in raising us, just like our own parents have. They looked over us in the classroom. They’ve shared momentous moments in our academic lives. They’ve taught us life skills that we think might come handy one day— whether it be intellectual knowledge, or life hacks.

As another school year comes to a close, we ought to show our appreciation to the lovely people who have imparted their wisdom onto our young minds. What better way to celebrate our amazing professors than by giving them a present? 

It wouldn’t only make them feel special and loved, but they’d be more encouraged in teaching young students in the future.

Now, I know that giving professors presents are quite challenging considering that each and every one’s likes and dislikes vary, but really, all you need to do is to get to know your professor better

But fret not, we’ve done the ‘thinking’ for you and we’ve compiled a list of 13 gift ideas for your favorite professors.

13 Gifts for Professors

1. Cap

customizable school cap, gifts for professors

What better way to show your appreciation to your professor and your love for your school’s pride than by giving them a cap with your school’s logo on it? Most of us like showing off our school spirit by wearing different merchandise like shirts, jerseys or bags. 

A subtle way to do it is by wearing a cap. I mean, who doesn’t like a good cap? Everybody loves them. Plus, they protect you from the sun!

If you’re a graduating senior, you can also present your professor with a cap from the university or college that you’ll be attending. It’s a kind gesture to show your appreciation towards someone who has helped you reach your goals and has motivated you to reach your fullest potential.

I guess this is a great way to say thank you to someone who has guided you academically throughout these years, too.

2. Journal

loom journal, gifts for professor

Most people do like keeping journals, and I’m assuming that professors are fans of writing as well. Speaking of writing, this would be the perfect gift for your Literature or Art professor. 

You can give them a ruled, a non-ruled, or a dotted journal, and it‘d be perfect. They could write their thoughts in it or they could scribble down drawings during their free time. 

Plus, journals are very classy and I’m sure that you’ll be the teacher’s pet when you give them one! 

Oh, did I tell you that you can also customise these journals? Yes, you can have their name engraved on it. Who doesn’t love a good engraving?

3. Fountain Pen

fountain pen, gifts for professor

Pens sound like such a cliche boring item, don’t they?

Have you seen how pretty a fountain pen is though? Pen prices may vary from $20 to $600, but I’m sure that you don’t really need to spend a lot of money for a nice and durable fountain pen for your favorite professor. 

This is such a great present and it would perfectly complement a journal. You can even have the pen customised as well! Now who doesn’t love a customised item?

4. Kalimba

kalimba, gifts for professor

Now this item may sound completely random, but a kalimba is actually a pretty small musical instrument and you can carry it with you everywhere you go!

Plus, the thing is, you can easily learn how to play this just by fiddling with its keys. 

Have you heard a kalimba being played before? It’s such a soothing sound and it gives off a really enchanting melody. I think that it’s a perfect stress and anxiety reliever after a long day of classes.

Think therapy, only cheaper and more artistic. Who doesn’t want that?

5. Ugly Sweater

Merry-Christmas-Ya-Filty-Animal-Green-Ugly-Sweater, gifts for professor

Now this is actually a perfect Christmas gift for your favorite professor.

I know that ugly sweaters are…well, ugly. However, it’s also a very personal item and when you give this to someone, it would show the person you’re giving it to is a person whom you cherish.

It’s thus a perfect gift for a humorous professor who inspires you and who brings out the best in you.

6. Socks

sock-gift for professor-watch-me-click-now-watch-me-grade

Ah, socks. Aren’t they the perfect accompaniment for an ugly sweater? They are also a fail-safe gift item if you’re unsure what gift to get for your professor. 

There are a lot of varying designs and it would be perfect to customise the socks that you will be giving as a present.

If you don’t have an idea or if you don’t have the time, I’ve chosen a pair of socks that would be perfect as a present.

7. Custom Name Stamp

name stamp, gifts for professor

This is something that most professors actually want and need, especially if they’re teaching you about Medicine or Liberal Arts. 

Grading papers can seem pretty hectic and signing these one by one can be a task. So it’d make your professors lives easier if they had their own stamps ready to use. Genius, eh? 

I’ve actually given this as a gift to one of my favorite professors before. Plus, it’s pretty cheap and durable.

Just make sure that you have their right names engraved on it. Otherwise, that could be pretty awkward. Yikes!

8. Water Bottle


Everybody drinks water, and that’s a common fact. I’m sure that our professors would appreciate a water bottle as a present considering that buying bottled water every single day can accumulate to quite an amount every single year. 

So why not save money and the planet? Now this could be a great present for your favorite Science professor!

You can even get them an insulated flask bottle which is perfect for storing both hot and cold beverages. It’s pretty much a universally favored gift, if you ask me.

9. Succulent plants

mini succulent plant, gifts for professor

Succulents are a great present. You can give this to your home room professor or to any professor who likes plants. Succulents are not only pretty but they’re also very low maintenance. It takes a skill to kill one, really. 

Jokes aside, they make really great decorations in the classroom. Plus, gardening is such a therapeutic thing to do!

10. Tote bag

teacher tote bag, gifts for professor

A tote bag is another great present, plus it’s also a great way to save the planet. Totes are so versatile and you can get them in any color or design of your choosing. 

You can have them customised or you can buy it pre-made with a design that you like.

They don’t only carry books or other school items, but your professors can also use them in the shops when they’re buying their groceries. 

It’s one point for students, and zero for plastic. Yay!

11. Fossil Leather Pouch

fossil leather tech pouch, gifts for professor

Now a pouch comes in handy when you’re trying to stuff the smaller school supplies that you need for your everyday tasks. You can put in your journal, pens, erasers, flash drives, and what-not. Anything that can basically fit in this pouch, you can pretty much put.

It’s also a great way to store the smaller items in your bigger bag so that they won’t clutter and so that you can find things quite easier.

12. Shirt

teacher shirt, present for professor

Now this is something that’s more common. But a shirt is something that you can give your professor as a souvenir. Again, you can customise this, or you can just buy something that you think will suit your professor’s style and personality perfectly. 

It’s a great way for your professors to remember you since they might think of you every single time that they’ll wear your shirt. I think it’s a great gift.

13. Amazon Gift Card

amazon_gift card, gifts for professor

Now, if you still can’t choose anything from the list above. You can always get your professor a gift card from Amazon or any store that you think they might like. Then, they can get themselves something that they truly want. I mean, after all, they do deserve it. So go ahead and give them a gift card.

When thinking of a present to give your professors, you have to carefully think about them. You have to think about what they like, what makes them laugh, and if they’ll remember you whenever they use or see this specific item. 

I’m sure it’s always quite hard considering that they might already have something like that given to them by a previous student, that’s why you have to make your mark. Give them something that they’ll remember you by, but not just something decorative. There’s nothing wrong with decorative stuff, but in the age of decluttering and Marie Kondo, it’s better to give a present that’ll surely be useful. We wouldn’t want to give something that’ll just sit in storage forever, won’t we?

Also, don’t forget to thank your professors. They’re the ones who’ve taught us countless lessons and given us lifelong ideas that’ll forever change our lives. May they be your professor in Literature, Maths, Sciences, Physical Education, or Music, make sure to give them the proper thanks that they deserve. After all, they did teach you well. If not, you wouldn’t even bother thinking about getting them a present.

A great professor is so hard to come by, but a great present for your great professor? Now that’s even harder to come by. So do choose wisely!