Finding a gift for your son-in-law may seem challenging at the first glance, yet here we come with a dose of functional gift ideas for a son-in-law.

Many of us are wondering what is a proper thing to buy for a son-in-law’s gift.

Every opportunity to give a loved one a unique gift should be seized as they will be remembered for a long time. The best gifts are those that stand out due to their originality but also are practical and fun.

Let’s just say NO to boring and missed presents. Let’s make it fun not only for him to receive the gift but also for you to offer it. 

Here you will find some gift suggestions, which will give your son-in-law a lot of joy in receiving. 

24 Gifts To Delight Your Son-In-Law

1. Fast Car Driving Experience

fast car driving experience, ferrari lap drive, gift for son-in-law

Our first idea for a son-in-law’s gift is something that will surely please every guy with a passion for extreme sports and a driving license. If he is someone who shivers whenever he hears the thundering engine of a sports beast passing by, he’ll surely be thrilled by this gift.

This gift is simply brilliant and has everything you would expect from a gift. It’s both surprising, exciting and crazy. We’re talking about riding a car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini. Giving him the experience of racing a sports car allows him to fulfil his automotive dreams.

2. A Vacation

holiday vacation enjoy

Since we are away from home. Another great gift that a son-in-law will be pleased with, regardless of the occasion, is to buy a weekend trip for him to some quiet town or hotel. 

It would suit everyone to get somewhere near a lake or forest just to be able to calm down and relax. Other than that, you can think about staying by some pool with a spa or even by a water park. 

3. Luxury Pen

montblanc luxury pen, gifts for son-in-law

If your son-in-law is someone who is of a managerial position or higher, he would likely appreciate a fine-looking, luxury pen like Montblanc. 

To add to the touch, you can even engrave his initial on the pen, which would make it a really personalized gift.

4. Garden Grill

garden grill bbq grill gifts for son in law

If you know your son-in-law to enjoy hosting outdoor BBQs and house parties, you can count on this gift to brighten his day.

Not only will this benefit him, your whole family and friends can also enjoy some freshly grilled steak and BBQ!

5. Indoor Plant

indoor house plant, succulent, gifts for son-in-law

This is the kind of gift that will always brighten a space in your house or outdoor area, no matter how it looks.

It would be an excellent item for a housewarming gift for your son-in-law.

6. Cologne

nautica blue by nautica 3 4 oz eau de toilette spray for men gifts for son in law

A good fragrance will make every person happy, your son-in-law included.

Regardless of the occasion, you can never go wrong pampering him with a good cologne.

7. Wallet 

Montblanc Sartorial Wallet, gifts for son-in-law

A wallet is an essential part of everyone’s daily essentials. Even if your son-in-law already has one, if you notice his wallet is already in tatters, you know he’s due for a new one. A wallet can be a statement piece, so you can never go wrong with a brand like Montblanc! 

This is a gift which will be used and always carried by him.

8. Watch

calvin-klein-posh-chronograph-quartz-silver-dial-mens-watch, gift for son-in-law

A watch is an element of almost every man’s dress code. Even if your son-in-law isn’t used to wearing one, there’s always room for upgrading his daily outfit with something really handful and stylish all at once.

Again, a statement piece that’s an essential for every man.

9. Chess Set

chess set, gifts for son-in-law

If your son-in-law is a chess lover, the handcrafted walnut wooden chess set is the perfect gift for him. 

Designed with the best walnut material, this chess board set is guaranteed to last a long time. It comes with a carved wooden structure topped with a smooth finish which will surely take your son-in-law by surprise. 

It has been hand-crafted with a special wood layering process and detailed carefully with numbers and letters. The olive wood rustic chessboard is an ideal gift for a fun night out with family and friends.

10. Balance Board

Core Balance Board for Exercise Training-Board Exercise for Fitness with Roller- Board Balancing for Surf,Ski, Snowboard and Skateboarding, gifts for son-in-law

The balance board makes an excellent gift for skiing, snowboarding and skateboarding enthusiasts. Whether it is for improving your balance, muscle coordination or stretching, the skiing board is the best gift.

This has a remarkable effect on the strength and plasticity of bones and muscles. Balancing improves muscle activity and nervous coordination making the body flexible and more resilient. The balance plate has immense benefits for ankle stretching, making this a useful present your son-in-law will surely admire.

If you’re on a budget, this is a good alternative.

11. Phone Casing

Magnetic Phone Case Magnet Protective Cover gifts for son in law

You can get a phone casing with a double-sided metal that forms a protective cover for mobile phones. The magnetic case makes its installation and removal easy and protects the phone from harm.

The transparent glass on the back gives it an elegant look. Its slim design prevents the additional bulk on the mobile, making this phone case an easy and stylish gift for your son-in-law.

12. Bluetooth Speaker

Tribit XSound Go Bluetooth Speaker, gifts for son-in-law

The Tribit Xsound Go is economical, the lightweight portable bluetooth speaker is something that can be carried anywhere. This makes this a best buy for a son-in-law who likes music and videos. 

It has an excellent battery life and better sound quality. What’s more, it comes with an exclusive waterproof feature, making it extremely versatile. 

There is a lot of variety you can choose for a bluetooth speaker. From compact versions to pocket-sized models and WiFi speakers, there is a broad set of bluetooth speaker choices to pick that’s best suited for your son-in-law.

13. AirVape X

Air-vape-x, gift for son-in-law

AirVape X is one of the best leading vaping devices worldwide. Made from the first class materials, it comes with a rapid heating technology. 

Its shell is smell-proof and water-resistant, making it a valuable and quality gift. The sleek design adds to its versatility and can be carried in your pocket.

AirVape is widely known as a great vaping device on the web. What’s more, it offers a lifetime warranty so your son-in-law would not need to worry anymore. 

This vaping device is affordable, enchanting as well as efficient. If your son-in-law is a vaping enthusiast, the AirVape X is something that will make him the happiest person with this gift.

14. PlayStation 2 Console

PlayStation 2 Console Slim PS2 gifts for son in law

The new design of PlayStation 2 is something that will match the needs of every game player. The internal design architecture of the console is totally an innovative addition. The new design comes with a reduced volume by 75%. The slender structure and the lightweight device allows the new console to be carried anywhere with ease.

If your son-in-law is a die-hard fan of PlayStation, there can’t be a better gift than this!

15. Power Drill

Cordless Drill Electric Screwdriver Mini Wireless Power, gifts for son-in-law

The cordless power drill comes with a premium quality copper wire motor and is compatible with a variety of accessories. It features a large range of torque adjustments. It performs simple operations and is easy to use. One of its remarkable features is the LED light that allows it to be used in the dark too.

The multi-purpose drill can be used for tile, metal and wood drilling as well as to tighten the screws, making it a wise choice for a mechanical-minded son-in-law.

16. Headphones

Adidas headphones gift for son in law

Adidas’ headphones have soft ear pads and an ergonomic design. Formulated with soft headbands, the lightweight headphones are best for long-time wearing. These have a talk time of about 40 hours of continuous playback as opposed to 10 hours of most other headphones. 

What’s more, the inner headband and ear cushion are removable and washable for a hygienic experience every time. Furthermore, it comes with a super fast USB charging port.

With its stable connection, the sport on-ear headphones allow you to move without disruption throughout your workout routine. Its simple controls and sweat-proof design makes it the perfect gift for your sporty son-in-law.

17. Car Phone Holder

Sucker Car Phone Holder Mobile Phone Holder Stand in Car No Magnetic GPS Mount Support, gifts for son-in-law

The 360-degree hands-free car holder makes for a safer car drive. Its suction design makes it an outstanding addition to the car, so your phone is stable on any road. 

Its versatile design allows the phone holder to be used both in the car and while at home when having lunch when your hands are occupied with something else. 

If your son-in-law is a professional who has to constantly stay in touch with his team or he is a hardcore cellphone user, gifting car phone holder is the best match. 

18. Portable Hammock

hammock Gifts For The Woman Who Wants Nothing

If your son-in-law is one that loves the outdoors, hammocks will make a good gift for him. What’s more, it’s versatile.

Are you on the beach? Tie your hammock in between two trees. Are you on a hike and got tired? Tie your hammock and rest for a bit. Are you simply on your front porch wanting to enjoy the views of your beautiful family? Why not put up your hammock in a comfortable place and share a moment with your loved ones?

This might not be an obvious gift, but it’s very ideal for a son-in-law who loves embracing the outdoors. Also, hammocks are pretty inexpensive.

19. Anti-Theft Travel Luggage

Anti-Theft Wheeled Luggage, gifts for son-in-law

The VentureSafe Anti-theft wheeled luggage is a good choice for a son-in-law who is a travel aficionado and travels often.

Made with a tough puncture resistant zip and a deluxe locking system, VentureSafe luggage is a must have for every traveller who wants to travel safe. This anti-theft luggage allows you to lock your stuff in a high quality wheelie that can be easily run over carpets, gutters, sidewalks and rocky paths.

With this gift, you can give your son-in-law a safer trip with an ultimate peace of mind.

20. Electric Shaver

Remington R4 Style Series Rotary Shaver gifts for son in law

The Remington Lithium Power Shaver comes with a PowerFlex 360 Technology. This enables its head to adjust at any angle on your face, helping to decrease friction. 

Its precise shaving heads bring about a smooth cut for an excellent convenient shaving result every time. The lithium power it comes with has an excellent life and high durability – that means up to 45 minutes of constant shaving. 

This Remington shaver will serve as a very useful gift for every man of the household.

21. Instant Coffee Maker

nespresso instant coffee maker Gifts For Your Sister In Law

Coffee serves as a day starter for people, acting as a tonic. If your son-in-law is someone who takes coffee after every few hours, the instant coffee maker is the perfect gift he would love.

The instant coffee maker brews coffee in minutes, eliminating the day’s stress and refreshing you. By giving him this coffee maker you can help him enjoy the instant appetizing coffee multiple times of the day.

22. Amazon Gift Card

amazon_gift card, gifts for professor

What can be better than to present your son-in-law with a gift voucher that he can use to work his choice out? An Amazon e-gift card offers a wide range of items to buy from as per your own choice and likes. 

Whether it’s his birthday, anniversary or an achievement, a gift card is perfect for all occasions. Your son-in-law would definitely love it and with this gift card; you will see the sparkle of happiness in his eyes.

23. Polarized Instant Camera

Fujifilm INSTAX Mini 8 Instant Camera gifts for son in law

If your son-in-law likes photography, he will surely adore the Fuji INSTAX new slender and lighter polarized camera. This camera comes with AA batteries and you can instantly print out any pictures you take just about anywhere you are. It comes with a flashing LED and captures the perfect photo every time. The polarized camera features improved clarity and greater visibility.

Let your son-in-law immortalize the memories with his loved ones or capture the scenic beauty of nature around him. 

24. Fleece Bathrobe

fleece bathrobe men gift for son in law

The 100% Polyester Ross Michaels Men’s Hooded Robe is a comfy gown to lounge in that gives you warmth on a winter night. The front pockets make it convenient to carry your wallet, phone, pens or just about anything portable. 

Help your son-in-law cherish a warm and relaxing experience from the moment he’s out of the shower. Its washable material makes it durable and functional for years. 

Designed to perfection, this fleece robe is an awesome gift to give comfort to your son-in-law.

When it comes down to picking the right gifts, it doesn’t really matter what the gift is but how well we know the person.

Surely your son-in-law will have a hobby. These may be interests in sport, collecting stamps, playing chess or balloon flights. If you know what interests him, then you can buy him something to do with it. There are lots of ideas. Sometimes it is just enough to make a small investigation beforehand and ideas start multiplying.

If the son-in-law likes reading, he will certainly appreciate a good book. That may be a very universal gift, but it’s a joyful way to express our connection with someone, when we know what he is interested in.

Maybe he is a technology lover? As such, a good, trending gadget will definitely make a good gift for your son-in-law.

Almost every man would be happy with at least one of the gift ideas shared above, and your son-in-law is no exception. With a gift from you, it’ll bring a new dimension of joy around the whole act of your purchase. 🙂