Let’s face it, if you’re in your mid-twenties, chances are that most of your friends are either getting engaged or moving into their permanent homes.

You might even ask yourselves, where did time go? One day you’re all just kids, and now everyone is moving on with their lives, one step at a time. How did this happen? This might seem weird and mildly intimidating, but this is all normal and it’s a part of all of our growing process.

If one of your beloved friends are moving or have just moved to a new apartment or house, then you might want to give them something that’s actually going to be beneficial to them and to their new homes. 

We get that giving housewarming presents for women or couples are easier because everybody knows what women want in their homes. Plus, it really doesn’t take much to make a woman happy because they’ll gladly be grateful for anything that you might give them. However, this is not the case when it comes to men.

Well then, what exactly do we give men as housewarming presents?

This task is quite complicated and sometimes can be intimidating, to say the least. However, we’ve gathered everything that you need to know in order to figure out what’s the best housewarming present for the men (and newly homeowners) in our lives.

What are you waiting for? Keep on reading to find out!

housewarming gifts for man

50 Wacky Housewarming Gifts For Men That You Can Ever Think Of

1. Coffee Table Book


First, let’s start off with the basics: a coffee table book. Every house has to have a coffee table book. Frankly, it really doesn’t matter what topic it’s about because nobody’s actually going to read it; it’s more of a decorative item. However, it’d be really nice if you could give a coffee table book that’s actually in line with the homeowner’s personality.

2. Home Spray


Another basic yet essential housewarming present is a home spray.

Sometimes it can get really humid in spaces, especially during the summer. So one way to combat a house’s stuffiness is by spraying a beautifully scented home spray. 

Naturally if you’ll be giving this to a man, then you might want to give them a scent that’s not too femine, such as sandalwood or sage. 

Of course, there’s not really a problem with scents being too feminine either way, because a good scent is a good scent nonetheless.

3. Humidifier


Another way to purge your homes of its stuffy smell is by using a humidifier. Nowadays, humidifiers are all the rage because not only can it make your home smell really nice, it actually has a lot of health benefits too, thus making this one of the most perfect housewarming presents for men!

4. Essential Oils


Naturally, if you’ll be giving a humidifier as a present, then you might want to accompany it with a set of essential oils. Again, choosing the right scent is subjective to every person’s taste, so might we suggest giving them a set as a housewarming gift for him to choose from?

5. Candle


Another way to beautifully yet subtly scent your homes is by using a candle. There are people who just use a candle as a decorative item and there are people who actually burn the candle. 

It really doesn’t matter which type of person the friend you’ll be giving it to is. What matters is choosing the perfect scent, the perfect jar and the perfect color for your housewarming present for him!

6. Frame


If you’re not really close to the homeowner and if you actually just got dragged to a housewarming party by a mutual friend, then a present that’s pretty safe to give is a frame.

If you’re not really close to the homeowner and if you actually just got dragged to a housewarming party by a mutual friend, then a present that’s pretty safe to give is a frame.

We’re quite sure that almost everyone has a photo that they’re been meaning to frame, so thanks to you and your frame, they might just be able to find a use for your frame!

7. Rug


If you’re trying to step up your gifting and friendship game, then why not give your friend a rug as a housewarming gift?

It’s a simple yet elegant way of showing your love for them. Plus, rugs come in different sizes, colors and designs!

One thing to keep in mind though is your friends’ taste in furniture, because a rug’s design can literally make or break a home’s aesthetics.

8. House Plant


Do you think that your friends’ place just needs a tad bit more color? Why not give them a house plant?

House plants are one of the most perfect gifts for housewarming because they’re easy to find, they add so much character to a space, and they also help with good oxygen circulation.

It’s basically a win-win!

9. Succulent

mini succulent plant, gifts for professor

If you feel like a house plant is too much work for this bachelor in your life, then why not give them something that doesn’t need that much work?

Succulents are perfect because they’ll still give that extra bit of color without having the need to put in the extra amount of effort. Plus, they’re literally the cutest!

10. Lamp


A lamp is a step up when it comes to housewarming presents because they can get pretty sentimental since this is the thing that you’ll use often at home.

If you’re thinking about giving a lamp as a housewarming present, then you must really figure out what your friends’ taste in furniture is. We really wouldn’t want this item to go to waste, so just be sure…or better yet, ask them to help you pick one out!

11. Craft Beer


If your friend is a fan of signature brews, then you might want to buy them a bunch of craft beers for a housewarming gift.

There’s a craft beer for every occasion and a craft beer for every palate. This is a great gift because this can also be a decorative item in a bachelor’s space.

12. Branded Liquor


Another thing that can be a decorative item is a bottle of branded liquor. It doesn’t matter what kind of liquor your friend wants; whiskey, bourbon, mezcal, scotch or practically anything under the sun. 

There’s a liquor for every type of person and if they’re really into these things, then they’ll surely love you for it!

13. Wine


If that homeowner in your life is not really into the hard stuff, then why not give them a bottle of your favorite wine?

This is something that can be really special and sentimental, because giving your favourite brand of wine as a present is kind of like giving a piece of your soul.

Plus, wine bottles make for great decorative items and are very presentable housewarming gifts too!

14. Wine Glasses


Now, wine glasses are the perfect accompaniment for a wine bottle.

If this homeowner in your life is still trying to fill up his cabinets with glasses and dinnerwares, then you might be able to help them out by giving them wine glasses as housewarming presents!

15. Whiskey Glasses


Another great kitchen item to give is whiskey glasses.

Now, it might seem like whiskey glasses are the perfect gifts for big boys…because it is. Nothing screams sophistication like a pair of beautiful whiskey glasses, so make sure to get your friend the perfect pair as a housewarming gift!

This is also a quintessential bachelor pad item, heh.

16. Whiskey Stones


Not many people know about the existence of whiskey stones, because not many people use them anymore. 

Some men don’t like putting ice in their drinks because it gets watered down. This is why they try to put stones in their drinks to cool it instead. 

Not many people know about the existence of whiskey stones, because not many people use them anymore. 

Some men don’t like putting ice in their drinks because it gets watered down. This is why they try to put stones in their drinks to cool it instead. 

We know that it might sound weird at first, but it actually works. If your friend is a whiskey drinker, he’s going to love you when you give whiskey stones as a housewarming present for him!

17. Mug

Knitting Coffee Mug, Knitting Mug, Funny Knitting Mug, gifts for knitters

Ah, the quintessential housewarming present: mugs! There’s a mug for every occasion, and there surely is a mug for housewarmings too.

This might seem too basic to be given as a housewarming present for men, but mugs are actually so much more personal than people think. 

Ah, the quintessential housewarming present: mugs! There’s a mug for every occasion, and there surely is a mug for housewarmings too. This might seem like too basic to be given as a housewarming present for men, but mugs are actually so much more personal than people think. 

If you feel like your friend will appreciate a simple mug that describes him well, then by all means, go for it.

18. Water Bottle


Let’s face it, some people do forget to drink water. It’s no secret at all.

One way to ensure that they get the necessary water allowance that their body needs is by giving them a water bottle.

This is a perfect housewarming gift and a really useful present because they can also use it outside of their homes!

19. Coasters


If you’re thinking about housewarming presents to give, then coasters might not come to your mind at first thought because not everyone uses them.

However, there are some men who are sophisticated enough to like quality coasters.

Plus, they keep your tables from being scratched and damaged, so what’s not to love?

We’re surprised that not many people use coasters, so if your friend has a really nice table, then coasters are their friend!

20. Fruit Bowl


Another really vital element in a home is a fruit bowl. This is the special bowl where you display your fruits in, so every home has to have one.

If you feel like you have decent taste in ceramic, then might we suggest going for a fruit bowl as a present? Plus, you’ll be able to see your present all the time because it’s always going to be on display. It’s a win-win!

21. Coffee Maker


If this homeowner in your life is kind of obsessed with coffee, then a coffee maker is the perfect housewarming present for men!

Not only are coffee makers essential, but they also make great decorative items.

You can go for one that just does its job or you can go for a really fancy one, it’s entirely up to you.

22. Air Fryer


Nowadays, air fryers are all the rage. Everybody just has to have one!

If your male friend is kitchen savvy and if you feel like they’re going to appreciate having an air fryer, then this might be a great housewarming present for these men.

Plus, we’re quite sure that once you buy them an air fryer, they’ll be using this for almost every single meal!

23. Food Processor


Another great gift for this kitchen savvy homeowner in your life is a food processor.

Well, food processors aren’t really necessary because you can always use a blender.

However, if they like baking and making purees, then food processors will be their newest best friend and an excellent housewarming present!

24. Blender


As we’ve previously mentioned, blenders make great substitutes when it comes to food processors.

The things that you can do with a blender are limitless! Just think about all the delicious smoothies that you’ll be able to enjoy once you get a blender.

They’ll surely love you once you give them a blender as a housewarming present, that’s for sure!

25. Knife Set


Another great gift for this kitchen savvy homeowner in your lives is a knife set.

Just in case that they’re actual chefs in the making and take cooking seriously, they’ll surely love you once you give them a really nice knife set as a housewarming present for these men.

26. Charcuterie Board


If your male friend loves hosting social gatherings, then a really great gift to give is a charcuterie board. This is something that kind of resembles a cutting board but it’s solely used for serving charcuterie. 

If they’re more into the fancier side of things, then they’ll surely appreciate this housewarming gift immensely.

Plus, they’ll surely serve you their best cold cuts and cheeses when you visit, so it’s really for you, right? 😉

27. Vacuum


If you feel like you want to go all in with your housewarming present, a vacuum will make a really great housewarming present for men?

Bear in mind that vacuums are pretty fancy and they can sometimes be a tad bit over the top.

However, every house needs one and your friend/ family will surely be forever grateful to you once you give him one.

28. Hand Soap


On the lighter side of gift giving, hand soaps are actually a great housewarming present for men.

Naturally, everybody washes their hands and everybody uses hand soap in doing so.

If you’re thinking about giving your friend a hand soap, get them one in the scent that they’d like.

It does seem like a very basic gift, that’s why it’s vital to choose the right scent to show your thoughtfulness!

29. Bed Sheets


If you’ve got a bit of a closer relationship with this homeowner in your life and are familiar with their taste in linen/ bed, then why not give them a set of bed sheets for their rooms as a housewarming gift?

This is a gift that’ll really encourage them to sleep better, not to mention add color to their room.

Just make sure that the sheets you’ll be giving them will match the size of the bed and aesthetic of their rooms.

30. Towels


Another universally accepted housewarming gift for men are towels. Naturally, everybody needs towels for their homes and almost everybody can give them out as a gift.

If you feel like you know this friend’s style, then why not give them a really nice set of towels?

31. Weighted Blanket


If this homeowner in your life is a bachelor, then you might consider giving them a weighted blanket as a housewarming gift.

Not only are they pretty warm, they can help you sleep better, and make you feel like someone’s actually snuggling you. They’re pretty much perfect for extra chilly nights!

32. Turntable


Turntables are the perfect gift for that special friend in your life who’s really into music. Plus, there’s so many brands, designs and sizes to choose from and you really can never go wrong with it.

If your friend is actually collecting vinyls, then this is the perfect gift. They’ll surely love you forever once you give them a turntable as a housewarming gift.

33. Vinyl


Speaking of vinyls, these are undoubtedly the best accompaniment to a turntable. Honestly, what good is a turntable if you don’t have vinyls to listen to?

Although bear in mind that you’re going to need to know your friends’ music taste before you can go and give them a vinyl record.

We don’t want them to just use your housewarming present as a decorative item and not actually listen to it…so choose wisely!

34. Acoustic Guitar


Another great present that’s actually often overlooked is an acoustic guitar. Honestly, it really doesn’t matter whether your male friend knows how to play this instrument or not.

Oftentimes, we all have guests to our homes who know how to play and then when they see a guitar hanging around your space, they’ll initiate a jam session. 

Plus, guitars are great decorative items, don’t you think so?

35. Coat Hanger


If you’re looking to give this homeowner a housewarming gift that’s a bit more useful to their spaces, give them a coat hanger.

This is the perfect present because there’re so many coat hanger designs to choose from! Plus, most men wear coats and jackets and so we all need a place to hang them, don’t we?

This is a housewarming gift that’s actually going to be beneficial to your friend’s new space.

36. Shoe Rack


Another really beneficial item for a home is a shoe rack. Don’t you just hate it when people take their shoes inside and leave them haphazardly, guys especially? 

Well, once you give this homeowner a shoe rack, then all their messy shoe problems will cease to exist!

37. Google Home


If this homeowner in your life loves the latest gadgets, consider giving them a Google Home device.

Honestly, this item is a nice indulgence right now because they can really assist owners in getting stuff done, such as when it comes to playing music, turning on the lights, calling people, watching television and so much more!

Google Home is so handy and they come in a variety of different sizes, all depending on how much space your friend has in their homes.

38. Clock


Who still uses an actual clock these days? Don’t people just use their watch or their smartphones?

Well, clocks are actually a very essential item in a home. Not only are they useful, if chosen well, they also tend to add a very sleek and sophisticated touch to one’s space. Obviously, this is depending on the clock design that you’ll be picking.

People might think the clocks are just a fad, but they’re not. Clocks are cool and they’re here to stay! You’ll never go wrong buying your new homeowner a clock for a housewarming present, because they will always need it.

39. Mirror


Another great housewarming present for men is a mirror. Naturally, everybody needs a mirror in their homes one way or another because how else would you groom yourself every single day? 

Nowadays, you can get a mirror customized or you can just buy one that’s already done according to general specifications.

It really doesn’t matter as long as you buy something that really matches your friends’ space and aesthetic.

40. Fridge Magnets


Now this gift is more on the quirkier side of gift giving.

If your friend and you go way back, then a really nice gift to give them are fridge magnets. You can have these magnets customized according to the necessary memories that you’d want to remember.

Plus, fridge magnets are great decorative items in a home because they can really tell a lot about the homeowner’s personality.

41. Home Slippers


Everybody needs a pair of proper home slippers. We don’t want your friend’s apartment nor their feet to get dirty due to all the barefoot walking around.

A great way to prevent these from happening is by giving them a pair of home slippers.

It really doesn’t have to be too fancy, it just needs to be useful. Plus, you’ll be giving these slippers to a man so opt for a more masculine style!

42. Pajamas


Another great present to give are a pair of pajamas. We get it, pajamas are way too intimate, but if you and this homeowner go way back, then this could be the perfect housewarming present.

Everybody wants to sleep in comfort, and one way to assure that is by giving them a great pair of pajamas.

Again, it doesn’t have to be too stylish nor too fancy, it just needs to do its job properly. So go and give this friend a pair of pajamas!

43. Socks


Everybody wears socks; it’s just a common fact of life. Not only that, socks can actually make such great presents, regardless of the occasion!

There’s a pair of socks for every occasion and there’s certainly a pair of socks for your friend’s housewarming party. 

Now, you might want to ditch the dress socks and just give them a pair of really cozy and fuzzy home socks to lounge in colder weather. They’ll probably want to wear these socks every single day around their homes, so it’s perfect!

44. House Robe


Another great yet intimate present is a house robe. More men own and wear a house robe than you think, and if your friend doesn’t yet, then this is your time to shine! 

What’s fun about picking a house rob out for him is trying to imagine him actually wearing one!

45. Fan


If your friend lives somewhere that gets really humid or have warm temperatures in summer, then you might want to give them something that they’ll actually be needing, like a fan. 

Now it really doesn’t have to be massive, because there are different types of fan – portable fans, standing fans, swivel fans, ceiling fans, etc.

This will all depend on the spare space that your friend has and your budget. So choose your housewarming gift wisely, and just make sure that you choose a fan that actually does its job, not just for aesthetic purposes…

46. Portable Speaker


Another great household item is a portable speaker. A portable speaker is entirely economical and they can even take it with them everywhere that they go, so it’s a foolproof housewarming present for men. 

Honestly, you can even buy your friend a really massive sound system, if you’re generous. If this homeowner is someone who just can’t get enough of music, then this is the perfect gift for them.

47. Couch


If you’re looking to buy something for your friend’s housewarming that makes a statement, then why not get them a couch?

Obviously, couches are pretty fancy and they come with very hefty price tags.

If you really feel like your friend deserves this present, then it shouldn’t stop you!

Who doesn’t love a good, comfy couch? We’re quite sure that they’ll love this present and they’ll probably thank you for as long as they’re using that couch (which is possibly everyday)!

48. Shower Curtain


Another simple yet useful housewarming present is a shower curtain. If you know your friend’s new home has a bathtub, then he’ll need a shower curtain because you wouldn’t want all your bath water splashing all over your bathroom. For this reason, shower curtains are key!

There are a lot of different designs that you can choose from, so just make sure to choose a design that’s more on the neutral yet masculine side so you know you’ll never go wrong. After all, you’ll be giving this to a man.

49. Outdoor Table


Again, if you’re looking at giving a gift that’s more over the top, then why not give this homeowner in your life a table?

No, not a dining table. Just a small table that can fit in their patio or terrace. Kind of like an outdoor table.

Just bear in mind that sometimes the weather changes, and if your friend lives in a place where it always rains, then make sure to buy them an appropriate table…waterproof, maybe?

50. Backpack


A backpack might seem like an odd choice for a housewarming present, but if your mate has moved to a new place, then chances are he’d want to discover more of it. Of course they’ll need the appropriate backpacks for their escapades, so why not think ahead and just give them a backpack as a present? 

There are so many different designs to choose from and they vary depending on the type of adventure hiker your friend is.

You might even share a laugh from the receiver of the gift, but it really is the thought that counts, so every gift matters!

Moving out to a different place and to a new home can be such a daunting task, but so is finding the perfect housewarming present. What do we give someone who’s about to start a new chapter in their lives? 

Naturally, they’ll want the same yet different things because after all, they’re still our same friends but they’ve grown too. Men are quite hard to please because they have different tastes, different lifestyles and different needs. However, we can rely on the fact that we have years and years of memories with them to prove that we do actually know what to give them.

Gladly, we’ve gathered every piece of information to make your shopping spree a whole lot easier. Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful thanks to housewarming lists like these.

Bear in mind that moving from one home to another can be quite frustrating too, and as exciting as it may seem, it’s not an easy task. Moving is such a monumental step and sometimes people in the middle of their move can forget to take care of some of their other needs. That’s where awesome friends like you come in handy.

Make that special guy in your life feel so much less stressed about moving into a new home by giving them something from this housewarming gift list. 

Buy your friend something from this housewarming gift list, and they’ll surely love and thank you forever and ever!