It’s never easy to battle anxiety, and it’s even harder to find gifts for people with anxiety. However, making them know that you care for those battling with anxiety and are there for them by giving them a present is such a small act that’ll go such a long way.

Now that we know what you’re thinking: what do we give people with anxiety? This is kind of a sensitive topic to talk about, but nonetheless should still be discussed. If you’re wanting to buy a special someone who’s battling their anxieties a gift, you should keep in mind that these gifts should be able to help them de-stress, relax and feel good about themselves in general.

If the thought of finding the perfect gift for people with anxiety is nerve-wracking to you, worry not because we’ve done all the necessary digging to make your gift-giving experience easier! Keep on reading to find out which of these gifts would be perfect for the anxious person in your life.

gifts for people with anxiety

30 Thoughtful Gifts for People with Anxiety

1. House Plants


It might not seem like the perfect gift but house plants can really help prevent stress. Naturally, plants give off extra oxygen and having a bit of greens in one’s own living space can make people feel lighter and calmer. 

There’re also variations of sizes and plant types, so do buy a house plant according to your recipient’s living situation.

2. Flowers


Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet of flowers? It doesn’t matter what kind flowers you’ll be giving, as long as they’re in season, it’ll be a pretty bloom! 

They can be roses or tulips or sunflowers; it really doesn’t matter. What matters is the thought that someone remembered you enough to buy you flowers is reason enough for an anxious person’s mind to be filled with happiness and joy.

3. Vase


A vase is the perfect accompaniment for a bouquet of flowers. If that anxious person in your life is into home decorations and plants in general, you might want to give them a vase as a present. They’ll surely love you for it, and this might ease their anxiety a bit!

4. Curtain


It’s to nobody’s surprise that, more often than not, anxious people struggle with sleep. A great way to encourage healthier sleeping habits is by giving them a curtain that can really shield away the sunlight. Not only can a curtain be chic, they also help people sleep better during day naps!

5. Oil Diffuser


Another home decoration that can really serve a higher purpose is an oil diffuser. 

Having one at home can simply calm your mind and they can just take you into a different place. Plus, they come in a variety of sizes and colors so you’ll have a blast choosing the perfect gift for people with anxiety!

6. Essential Oils


Choosing the perfect essential oil for your oil diffuser is one of the trickiest decisions ever! Think about your gift recipient and their preferences. Do they want their homes to smell like a lavender field or a forest or the beach? 

Choosing the right essential oil can be nerve wracking, but don’t worry. Nowadays, they come in batches and you can just give them a bunch of essential oils as a present!

7. Book


Sometimes anxious people really can’t help but constantly be surrounded by depressing thoughts. 

Why not give them an uplifting book then? There are so many to choose from ranging from inspirational novels, self-help books, spiritual books, to travel novels and so much more! 

If you want their mindset to be uplifted even in the slightest, then read books like #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom, and so much more!

8. Journal


Another thing about anxious people that everyone ought to know is that they have so many unwritten thoughts that can be intrusive to their daily life. 

One way to help them out is by giving them a journal. Having a journal can help them figure out their innermost desires, pen down their troubling thoughts and just help them by writing.

It really doesn’t feel like much, but to someone battling anxiety, journals can be their newest best friend!

9. Candle


Candles are a great gift when it comes to a home decoration that can also serve a soothing purpose. Usually, candles have a great scent to them and the flicker of a burning candle is also somewhat relaxing.

You can buy a candle anywhere and there’s a candle for every occasion. You can surely not go wrong with gifting scented candles to people with anxiety.

10. Weighted Blanket


If you’re looking for a gift that’s more intricate and well-thought out, why don’t you give that anxious person in your life a weighted blanket? 

Weighted blankets are all the rage now because they really can help you sleep better. They make you feel like you’re being snuggled. 

Plus, the extra heat and warmth of a weighted blanket is just so needed when an anxious person is sleep-deprived.

11. Bed Sheets


Since we’re trying to encourage a great sleeping pattern for all the anxious people that we love, might we suggest giving them a fresh pair of bed sheets? It really doesn’t have to be over the top nor super decorated. 

However, finding the perfect bed sheets can be quite the task. Be mindful of their bed sizes and if the color of the bed sheets will match the colors of their rooms. Bear these in mind when you’re trying to pick out a set of bed sheets for that anxious person in your life!

12. Pillows


Another thing to help anxious people sleep better is by giving them a pair of memory foam pillows. These types of pillows really enhance your sleep and one quality pillow can really make anxious people sleep all throughout the night, which is something that rarely happens when you have anxiety.

13. Home Spray


If you’re really trying to capture a scent, then why not give this special someone a home spray? 

Sometimes a memory is best captured through a scent, and home sprays come in different scent variants. It’ll make a universally appreciated gift for people with anxiety.

14. Epsom Salt


More often than not, anxious people tend to need to take warm baths more often. One way to encourage a healthier bath habit is by giving them epsom salts to reduce the level of their stress. 

It really might not seem like much, but epsom salts are super helpful when it comes to stress relief. Plus, now you can get epsom salts in different scents and colors for a more playful bath time!

15. Bath Gel


Another item that really helps to encourage a more soothing bathtime is by giving an anxious person a bath gel. 

It doesn’t have to be necessarily scented; what matters is that their skin gets the nourishment that it needs. The scent is just a plus!

16. Body Scrub


If you want to level up your bath regiment gifting game, then add a body scrub to your gifting list for people with anxiety

There are different brands that offer different body scrubs, so you’ll never run out of ideas to gift!

Choosing the perfect body scrub is as important as picking the right epsom salt because they just go hand in hand. If you give an anxious person a body scrub, then they surely are in for a sweet treat!

17. Loofah


Of course, what’s a great bath time without a fun loofah?

There are so many loofahs to choose from: organic or non-organic? Obviously, you’d want to give an anxious person an organic one. 

There’re so many great brands to choose from now because loofahs are a basic bath necessity. Plus, having a loofah just completes a great bath time experience. That anxious person in your life will surely be energized and relaxed after their bath time. Imagine if you can completely change their bath experience!

18. Lotion


Due to different levels of anxiety, some people tend to forget to hydrate and nourish their skins. This is where lotions come in handy.

In order to keep a healthier skin and a more youthful glow, you might want to give that anxious person in your life a lotion.

19. Face Masks


Now, let’s move on to skincare. If you’re not sure what kind of make-up or cream to buy that special person in your life, why not stick to the basics? Naturally, there are so many face masks to choose from, and they come in different brands too!

One thing’s for sure though, an anxious person will certainly love a face mask to indulge in. If you also have quite a bit of time on your hands, why don’t you do a face masking session together with them? Not only would they appreciate the face mask as a gift, you’ll also be giving them the best gift that money can never buy: time with them!

20. Nail Polish


This item might seem a bit unnecessary, but painting can be a relaxing and indulgent experience, especially if this anxious person in your life is a woman. They wouldn’t necessarily have the time to visit a nail salon, so buying them a variety of pretty nail polishes will do the trick just as well.

21. Teddy Bear


If the anxious person in your life is living alone, why not give them a teddy bear? Okay, it doesn’t have to be a bear per se. It can be any type of animal plushie: dog, cat, turtle, shark; it really doesn’t matter.

Sometimes anxiety kicks in when they feel lonely, and most anxious people just need someone to hold onto.

Giving them a teddy bear is a great gesture of reassurance that you’ll always be there for them in their time of need. Plus, how cute are teddy bears? Let’s be real, it’s probably the best gift one can ever give people with anxiety!

22. Eye Mask


Another item that will encourage a better sleep habit is an eye mask. If this anxious person in your life happens to be an insomniac too, then an eye mask may help them to sleep better by tuning out the light.

23. Sunglasses


It’s no secret that anxious people can be quite the introverts as well. Do you know that someone that wants to be incognito whenever they’ll go out? One way to help them reduce anxiety may be to get them a nice pair of sunglasses.

24. Shirt


If this anxious person in your life happens to be quite the extrovert instead, why not give them a nice shirt to wear to encourage them to go out and mingle confidently? It really doesn’t have to be over the top because it’s the thought that counts, eh?

Just make sure that the shirt you’ll be giving them will completely be wearable and won’t be stuck in their closets for all of eternity!

25. Socks


Socks are a universally perfect gift. There’s a pair of socks for every occasion, and most anxious people tend to wear socks at home. The warmth of having a pair of fuzzy socks is just great at keeping anxious people feel calm and relaxed.

If you want to give an anxious person a pair of nice socks, choose the warm and fuzzy kind over dress socks.

26. Sweatpants


Another great lounge wear to give anxious people is a pair of sweatpants. Almost everyone who lives in cooler weather wears sweatpants and everyone loves them. 

Obviously, sweatpants are versatile and you can wear them at home or on a quick grocery run; it doesn’t matter. Plus, they’re breathable and very fashion forward at the moment!

27. Hoodie


Ah, hoodies are a great gift in general. There’s a great hoodie for every occasion, and they’re just great lounge wears. Nowadays, most brands offer a variety of hoodie designs and so there’s just so many to choose from.

Hoodies are also great for people with anxiety because they keep people warm and they’re just very snug. Sometimes all it takes is warmth for anxious people to feel a bit calmer, like a hug or a cuddle. Of course if you’re alone then a hoodie will do the trick just as well!

28. Mug


Naturally, this list has to have a mug. If that anxious person in your life like tea or coffee or any hot beverage in general, mugs can be the best presents for them. 

There’s a mug for every single type of person, and who doesn’t love a great customized mug?

29. Yoga Mat


One way to fully combat anxiety is by meditation, yoga or just plain stretching. You don’t have to be a pro yogi in order to have a yoga mat. Giving an anxious person a yoga mat can be quite a nice gesture because you’re making them feel like you’re there for them and that you truly want them to get better.

30. Yoga Blocks


Another great gift that helps in meditation, yoga and stretching are yoga blocks. These are great gifts because they can help take their yoga to higher heights. Choose wisely, and give this anxious person in your life a pair of yoga blocks!

We can’t imagine what kind of difficult struggles are going on in an anxious person’s mind, but we can always show them how much we love them by giving them gifts every once in a while, to remind them that they’re still remembered and cared for. 

These are some of the things that’ll make a great present for someone who’s battling anxieties, and you’ll be able to find at least one (if not 30!) from this gift list that’ll be perfect for that anxious person in your life.

Anxiety is no joke and it’s not easy to go through it, so make your loved ones feel special today. It’s not everyday that we get to receive gifts, so make sure that you make that anxious person in your life feel special every once in a while. 

Presents will make a huge difference to anxious people; trust us on that one!