Whether you’re newly wed or you’ve been a part of your in-law’s family for quite some time now, when it comes to getting a Christmas gift or a birthday gift for your father-in-law, it can still be quite hard to find the perfect gift for him. We’re not sure about you, but in-laws are always a bit daunting even as we continuously find ways to please them. 

This task of finding the perfect present for your father-in-law is also trickier. What do we give the man who raised the love of our life on his special day?

Naturally, this is not an easy task, but it also doesn’t mean that it’s not doable. Thankfully, gift lists like these exist in order to help you out in your search for the perfect present for your father-in-law!

Instead of stressing out and making a fuss, why not check out this list of gift ideas for all fathers-in-law and see if we’ve thought of the perfect present for your loving father-in-law?

gifts for father-in-law

30 Imaginative Gifts for Your Father-in-Law You’ll Never Think Of

1. Tool Box


Is there anything in this world that screams ‘dad’ as much as a tool box does? Well this is one of the best presents that you can give your father-in-law, especially if he’s a handyman and likes to keep busy in the garage most of the day. 

In case your father-in-law needs a toolbox or if he already has one but needs a replacement, then you really need to up your level when it comes to finding him the perfect upgrade!

2. Lawn Mower


If your father-in-law lives on a landed property and struggles with maintaining his lawn, another present that your father-in-law might really appreciate is a lawn mower. Now this is on the pricier side of things, but if you’re not afraid to splurge in pleasing your in-laws, then this particular present will do the trick!

Oh, if you’re on a tight budget but still wants to give your father-in-law the perfect lawn mower, then you might want to check out Craigslist or any other second-hand market places available to you around your area.

3. Gardening Gloves


Does your father-in-law love gardening and does he love getting his hands dirty? The great thing is that those that do will not really mind getting down and dirty!

Although, it would actually be nice if you could give him a handy pair of gardening gloves so they don’t cut himself with thorns…get it? Handy? No? Okay.

4. Inflatable Fishing Float Seat


Now this is a gift that’ll not fit into every father’s profile since not all fathers are into fishing. 

However, if your father-in-law is well into this great past time, then this is the perfect present!

Can you already imagine the look on his face once he realises that you got him a cool inflatable fishing float seat? Priceless!

5. Grill


Quite frankly, everybody loves grilling! If your father-in-law is a fan of grilling whilst watching their favourite sports team, grilling to feed their families, or just grilling for the sake of grilling, then a grill is the ultimate present!

There are so many types of grills to choose from, and they also vary in sizes. So make sure to consider the space and the size of the space where your father-in-law might potentially grill up a storm.

6. Cast Iron Skillet


Another kitchen product that your father-in-law might really enjoy is a cast iron skillet. No matter what type of food they’ll be making, a cast iron skillet really makes a meal a bit more special. 

If your father-in-law loves and knows his way around the kitchen, then this is probably one of the best father-in-law presents that you can give him!

7. Knife Set


Speaking of kitchenwares, another handy present is a beautiful set of knives. If your father-in-law is a trained cook or just a hobbyist, then they’ll surely appreciate a knife set.

8. Coffee Table Book


If your father-in-law is into interior design or into making their spaces feel a bit more homey, then why not give him a coffee table book? 

This can be a book about a topic that they’re particularly interested in. You should be well aware of your father-in-law’s likes and dislikes before buying him one. After all, you wouldn’t want him to simply toss this book in the corner, would you?

9. Coffee Maker


Another great present for your father-in-law is a coffee maker. This is one of the most essential gifts that you can give him since almost everyone loves coffee! 

Plus, your mother-in-law might also get to enjoy this present, and they might even love you all the more for it. It’s basically a win-win situation!

10. Mug


Ah, the ubiquitous mug. Quite frankly, mugs are on most gift guides since they’re so versatile, they’re easy to acquire and they’re just so customisable! 

If you’re on a bit of a tighter budget (no shame in that), then a mug might be your best bet as a gift for your father-in-law. These Corkcicle mugs are triple-insulated, and with its non-slip, silicone bottom and spill-resistant lid, he can happily take his coffee or tea anywhere!

11. Water Bottle


Another essential item that every father might love is a water bottle.

If your father-in-law is quite outdoorsy as well, then a water bottle can be one of the most practical gifts that you can give!

Better yet, get an insulated one so your liquids can stay hot or cold all day depending on the climate you’re in.

We love Hydroflask and can really vouch for their long insulation periods.

Plus, there are so many types and designs to choose from, you’ll never get bored of it.

12. Shirt


Shirts are another quintessential gift to any other special person in your life. Just like mugs, they’re versatile and iconic.

Plus, you can get a shirt in any design that you want! Not only that, shirts represent an individual’s own unique style and personality.

Your father-in-law might love you all the more if you get him a shirt that he’ll really look good in!

13. Sweater


If you live somewhere that gets cold during most parts of the year, then a sweater might be such a great gift idea for your father-in-law! 

Not only are sweaters customisable, they’re also so easy to shop for! Plus, you can maybe give your father-in-law a special customised sweater saying that he’s the best ‘dad’ ever…sounds good?

14. Socks


Since we’re talking about essential everyday items that can be the best presents to give your father-in-law, then we might as well throw in a pair of socks whilst we’re at it! 

Just like any other article of clothing, socks are such a stylish and cosy addition to your wardrobe. Great socks are a staple, and so your father-in-law might adore you more if you give him the perfect socks.

15. Outdoor Boots


If your father-in-law is an outdoorsy person, or if you simply live in a place that features the earth’s beauty in your backyard, then might we suggest giving him a pair of outdoor boots? 

Everyone loves a good pair of boots (and always needs them). You also have to consider the daily work that your father-in-law is doing, so he can make the best use of  these outdoor boots as much as he can!

16. Rain Boots


If you live in a place that gets a considerable amount of rain, then you might want to give your father-in-law a pair of rain boots. 

These are something that aren’t commonly given as presents but yet are quite an essential item. So we’re also sure that once you give your father-in-law a pair of trusty rain boots, then they’ll surely know that you’re a keeper.

17. Sunglasses


Speaking of outdoorsy, if your father-in-law is outside a lot, then a great present to give is a pair of classic sunglasses.

There’s a pair for every occasion and activity, so it’s best to keep in mind that particular sport or activity that your father-in-law is quite fond of. 

Aside from the fact that sunglasses are such iconic items, they’re also a must-have in every person’s wardrobe staple.

18. Cap


Speaking of outdoor activities, if you’re ever headed for one, then a cap is surely an essential item for every father-in-law! 

Every dad loves a great summer excursion, and every dad always wears a classic cap. This makes the whole ‘dad’ look complete, so be sure to give your father-in-law the perfect accompaniment to both their outfits and their own personality. We’re sure that they’ll think you’re so thoughtful once you give him a cap that represents him perfectly!

19. Sports Jersey

gifts for father in law rain sports jersey

If your father-in-law is an avid sports fan, then a great present is none other than a jersey of his favourite sports team!

These are such special presents to give since it really shows how much you thought of him and how much you know him personally to actually give him a present that acts as a memento.

If you want to go all out, then maybe you can get these jerseys signed by your father-in-law’s favourite player. Of course, this takes quite a bit more effort, but it also translates to even more sincerity too!

20. Polaroid Camera


If your father-in-law is well into photography, then gifting a cute polaroid camera may do the trick of pleasing him! 

Not only will he be able to dive into another type of photography, he’ll also be able to capture tangible moments between him and other special members of their families into physical photo copies. 

Can you imagine how cute it would be to have your family’s photographs on display?

21. Framed Photo


Speaking of having your very own photographs on display, you might want to consider giving your father-in-law a special framed photograph. 

This can be a photograph taken on your wedding day, on your child’s birthday or a photograph of your father-in-law and yourself. That would be the sweetest thing! A photo always speaks a thousand words.

Plus, framed photographs are such a quintessential item in sprucing up one’s home…so you’re basically also doing your mother-in-law a favour when you buy him something special that he can display.

22. Fountain Pen


If your father-in-law’s career is closely affiliated with literature, then they’ll probably appreciate a fountain pen as a present!

There’s just something quite magical when you’re using your very own fountain pen, so be sure to give your father-in-law something that they’ll truly enjoy writing with!

23. Journal


Speaking of literature, if your father-in-law is a deep thinker or if they really enjoy writing or doodling, then they might enjoy a new journal. 

There’s quite a stigma when it comes to men putting their thoughts on paper, but this is such a healthy thing to do. Sometimes you also just need that one push.

So maybe a journal is that one ‘push’ that they need. You might never really know what a writer he is until you give it to him.

24. Turntable


If your father-in-law is well into music, then they might be able to appreciate the true beauty of a turntable.

We get that not many people are musically-inclined and not everybody who loves music will appreciate a turntable. 

You should know what your father-in-law likes when it comes to music, so that this present might be a thoughtful one.

Although, we’re quite sure that a turntable will never go unappreciated since everyone wants one!

25. Vinyl Record


The perfect accompaniment to a turntable is none other than a vinyl record. If you really want to go all out in pleasing your in-law, then you might as well give your father-in-law a special vinyl record. 

This could be an old record by a band that they’re obsessed with or it could also be a new record from a band that you personally recommend.

Either way, it’s a really great gift and you can basically find vinyl records from almost everywhere.

26. Concert Ticket


If you and your spouse are really close to your father-in-law, then you might want to take him out for a little treat. If his favourite bands are playing somewhere near your towns, then why not take him to a concert?

We get that concerts are a bit harder to come by these days, but when everything goes back to normal, then this can be such a great present!

Not only will he be able to see his favourite musical acts perform live, but you’ll also get to make memories together. It basically is a win-win, right?

27. Phone Case


If your father-in-law has recently gotten a new phone, then why not give him a cool phone case? Sometimes, dads just want to feel ‘cool’ and ‘hip’, and we’re quite sure that a phone case (or any other gadget for that matter) will surely make their young hearts flutter.

Plus, phone cases can be customisable so there’s no need to fret over which design to choose from. This can be such a special present to give, so be sure to choose your designs wisely!

28. Liquor


If your father-in-law collects nice bottles of liquor, then it is only apt for you to give him something that they can add to their ever-growing collection. 

It really doesn’t have to be that pricey, since special liquors from places that you go to will equally suffice. Not only will you be able to give your father-in-law such heartfelt presents, you’ll also be able to share with him a taste of a special memory.

Although, if you’ve got no time to travel, then a liquor that you (or your own father) enjoy might also do the trick!

29. Whiskey Glasses


The perfect accompaniment to a nice liquor collection is none other than an equally nice set of whiskey glasses. Can you imagine sharing a drink with your father-in-law whilst sipping out of a glass that you personally handpicked for him?

30. Cigars


Another gift that’s a bit on the more masculine side of things is a cigar. Not a lot of dads appreciate nor like these things, but the ones that do will really love you even more once you give him a special set of cigars as a present.

We get that not many people tolerate these kinds of presents, but a cigar is a perfect example of a special present that can only be appreciated by people with exquisite taste. If your father-in-law is quite into these things, then you definitely know what to give him!

Finding the perfect present for your father-in-law is always quite tricky since you never really know what they want. Well, in the case that you have an idea of their likes and dislikes, that makes choosing a gift for your father-in-law much easier. 

It’s always great to check out gift lists like these in order to get an idea of what different fathers-in-law might like.

It’s also very important to think about the fact that no matter what present you end up giving this special man in your life, that it really is the thought that counts! Sometimes, we all get too caught up in the craziness and chaos that ‘shopping’ brings and so these times can make us feel a bit stressed. It’s important to simply breathe, pause and appreciate the person that you’re celebrating.

It really does take a special kind of father to become the ultimate father-in-law, since you probably won’t be this stressed out if you didn’t care about what they think of, right? So instead of stressing yourselves out, why not take a step back and really think about the things that they like and enjoy. In doing so, you’ll get a better grasp at what they actually might like.

So what are you waiting for? Your next great father-in-law present might actually be on this list!