Do you want to give a present to a writer in your life? Are you confused about what can be the best gift for them? 

Being a writer is a noble job. Not only do you have to have eons of patience, you also need that art of storytelling not everyone possesses. Which is why whether it’s their birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or any other regular day, the writer in your life always deserves a treat!

We’ve got you covered with the best gift ideas for writers. Read on to know.

gifts for writers

Top 20 Gift Ideas for Writers

1. Online Course To Advance Writing Skills

Freelance writers den, gift for writer

Know a writer who’s constantly on the hunt to improve their writing? Who’s looking to learn strategies and ways to add to their skill set for taking their quality of writing to the next level?

Gifting an online course membership can be the perfect gift for a writer.

The Freelance Writers Den has a number of boot camps, courses, training materials, networking opportunities, and other membership perks for just $25 a month.

2. Books About Writing

Writer book, gift for writers.

As the saying goes, “Readers are leaders.” 

If you want your favorite writer to stand out from the crowd, then a book about creative writing may be the best gift for them.

A writer and a book is the best combination and a sure bet for them to advance their craft. 

The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron is one option you can consider.

3. A Website

namecheap, gift for writers.

Find out if your writer already has a website to showcase their portfolio. If they don’t, chances are that starting a blog is probably on their to-do list. 

You can take this opportunity to present your writer with a domain name, giving them an opportunity to build their own webpage and grow their pen name.

There are different assortments of plans available to choose from on the internet. One affordable option is Namecheap, where you can choose a domain name that you like, costing about $8.88/year.

4. Kindle Subscription

Kindle suscription, great writers gift

Kindle allows subscribers to access and read material of their choice from more than a million e-books as well as audiobooks for a monthly subscription fee. 

Kindle Unlimited Subscription can be a gift writers wish for but don’t have the time to do it for themselves.

Particularly if your writer is inclined to reading (which writer isn’t?), this gift can be a great option!

5. Kindle

Kindle, best gift for writer

Speaking of a Kindle subscription, instead of reading it through a screen, why not go easy on your writer’s eyes by using a glare-free display like Kindle?

You can take a Kindle anywhere to read, whether indoors or outdoors, day or night, with adjustable brightness. Read it like real paper, except in a lighter, smaller version. 

With a Kindle, you no longer have the worry of hoarding physical books on a cabinet!

6. Subscription To Literary Journals

Journal of the month, best gift for writers

A Journal of the Month is a perfect gift for writers, especially those who are interested in staying updated with the latest information and inspiration. 

This journal regularly sends diverse print literature to subscribers. Its cost varies according to the frequency the journals are received by the writer.

7. Editing Software – Grammarly

Grammarly, best gift for writers

Gifting your writer with an editing software subscription is a truly precious gift.

You’ll be amazed to see how happy your writer would be by having a Grammarly Premium monthly subscription as all writers know how much this tool can improve the quality of their writing.

You can help writers take their writing to the next level through Grammarly Premium. It not only suggests grammar and spelling corrections but also checks for plagiarism. 

It’ll help your writer avoid embarrassing grammar errors and submit a perfect copy to their clients whether it’s for a magazine or an online piece.

8. Desk Organizer

Decorative pencil holder, best gift for a writer

Being organized is a way of increasing productivity. You can help your writer organize their pens and other stationery in an orderly fashion with an organized office storage. 

Staying clean and placed will lift every writer’s mood and motivate them to work!

9. Adjustable Footrest

foot rest, gift for writer

Writing requires consistency and patience – sitting in the same position for hours while working can make writers tired, especially if they’re in a poor posture. 

That’s why all writers need a comfy sitting area that doesn’t put too much load on their body.

You can help your writer have good ergonomic support by giving them an adjustable footrest which they can use while working. Easily slide back under the desk to store it when you’re done with using it.

10. Backrest

lumbar support, gift for writers

You’d definitely wish for your beloved writer to be productive, hitting long working hours while also staying physically strong and strain-free. 

Just like the footrest, a special backrest – the Lumbar Support Pillow – for the writer’s chair is something every writer would vouch for. 

Unlike other lumbar support pillows which generally use gel-like materials, this product utilizes thicker memory foams that retain the shape of the back and are equally as comfortable.

11. Traditional Lamp

lamp, gift for writer

One gift that can make your writer delighted is the Emerald Banker’s Lamp that adds a classical touch to their workspace especially if they’re into classics.

This peaceful lamp will create a comfortable aura and lustre to the environment, so that no matter night or day, writers can keep writing. 

To make your gift more sincere, look for a good quality lamp that has a brass base such as this one, rather than a plastic base.

12. Coffee Mug

writer mug, gift for writer

Most writers are privy to long working hours.

If you know a writer who consistently needs caffeine to stay awake, inspired and productive while writing, a coffee mug can help them enjoy their coffee while writing. 

You can also get a customized mug with a quote of your choice printed on it, for example, “Do not disturb the writer”, “Top writer”, etc. Let your creativity flow!

13. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Sony wireless headphone, best gift for all writers

Some writers listen to classical music to get their stories going while others prefer a quiet and peaceful place to do their job.

If your writers are looking to drown their fiction in music, noise-cancelling headphones would be something they’d love.

As a bonus, your writer can also use the noise-cancelling headphones for audio recording!

14. Comfy Trousers

Comfy trousers, gift for writers

For most writers, nothing beats writing in comfortable wear, particularly when done from home.

If your writer is an at-home freelancer or full-time essayist, a comfy set of slacks can be the best bet. 

Why not make them happy with something comfortable that they can wear at 3am while working restfully in their chair?

15. Comfortable Cotton Tees


Just like comfy pyjamas, t-shirts are a really cool gift to present to your writer.

You can also choose a pack of 5 tees. This is a universally appreciated gift. Rest assured that your writer would definitely love them. 

If your budget allows, you can also add hoodies to your package to make your gift more sincere.

16. Fragrance Candle

coffe fragrance candle best gift for writer 1

Fresh air with a pleasant scent can be an energizer. Freshen up your writer’s room with a fragrance candle that offers amusing scents to enhance the room with a revitalizing aura.

Your writer would definitely approve of the smell. Besides, having a more pleasant workspace makes for a more productive workspace!

17. Adult Coloring Book

Coloring book, best gift for writers

Are you surprised to see an adult coloring book as a gift option for writers? Well, don’t be. There are actual colouring books FOR adults.

Adult coloring books are the latest trend admired by most writers. It’s not only kids who have fun with these books; adults also find a distraction from stressors by scribbling in the coloring book.

It’s been shown that coloring decreases anxiety, promotes focus, and facilitates adults to achieve mindfulness. Also, it helps to declutter your writer’s mind. 

Try it! Who knows, your writer may just find this a really therapeutic activity!

18. Post-It Sticky Notes

sticky notes, gift for writer

Many writers have reported that they really like colorful post-its, which turn out to be really useful in tagging useful material they need to access often. 

Many writers also commonly use the post-its in copious amounts especially when it comes to organizing information around. Post-its hence serve as a great gift for writers, helping them organize in a better way.

These post-its come in several sizes, including square, and rectangular.

19. Jumbo Paper Clips

paper clips, gift for writers

Speaking of stationary, just like post-its, paper clips also serve as an excellent gift. 

As you can imagine, writing a book or a novel involves dealing with papers and more papers (unless you’re going digital).

Paper clips are a delight for a writer who loves to stay organized and keep all papers in place.

You won’t be compromising its function of holding thick stacks of papers with thesejumbo ones!

20. Book-Lover Pillow

pillow cover, gift for writers

Writing can be a tough job, so writers always need a good sleep after working late hours writing. 

Hence, gifting a soft and comfy pillow on which your writer can relax on can be a reliable and much-appreciated gift which reminds them not to forget to take well-deserved rests.

What’s more, you can get a customized quote printed on it for an added gesture that shows them that you pay attention to their hobby!

21. The Writer’s Toolbox

the writers toolbox, great gift for writer

One of the most common unanimous roadblock for writers is the frustration of “writer’s block”. 

This gift option is a perfect remedy for this barrier. Gifting this toolbox to writers can immensely help them come out of this blockade healthily. 

The Writer’s Toolbox comprises of 60 exercises, prompts, games and more that will not only eliminate writer’s block but also boost creativity.

Talk about a fun way of work!

Hopefully, this post has helped you get the right gift for your writer.

While all the aforementioned ideas are great, choose a gift for your writer keeping in mind the preferences of your beloved writer so that each present is personalised, since your goal is to make them happy with a surprise writer gift!