Come on, everyone knows Pokemon, and I’m sure you’ll know someone who loves Pokemon too. Pokemon fans are not only reserved for 10-year-olds; they come in all shapes and ages, because the awesome games and anime and manga series have been around us for more than 2 decades now. 

What? Did you not know? YES! It all started as a game for Game Boy in February 1996, a very old console game. 

That’s not all, following the great success of the game, they even made an anime and manga based on Pokemon. They’re still highly received by many up till this date! The anime now has more than 1100 episodes. Furthermore, many movies based on Pokemon have been made for more than 23 years! 

If you’re a Pokemon fan like me, consider this your Santa gift list. I’ve chosen some of my favourite Pokemon Christmas gift ideas that I’d love to receive this coming Christmas, and I bet you’d want them too!

Whether they’re Pokemon gifts for kids or for adults, these best Pokemon toys are going to delight any Pokemon lover!

pokemon gift ideas

Cool Pokemon Gifts For Him And Her

1. Pokemon Face Mask

Pokemon Face Mask, Best Pokemon Gifts.

Since a face mask is so necessary these days when going out, why not show your allegiance to Pokemon by wearing a Pokemon face mask to show your undeniable support to Pokemon while keeping yourself safe from viruses?

These face masks come in two sizes and hundreds of different cool styles.

Its M-shaped nose clip makes the reusable mask adjustable to fit any face shape. It’s made from a polyester material with a 5-layer activated carbon filter.

Now that’s going to be an affordable yet very practical and cool Pokemon gift to give!

2. Pokeball Waffle Iron

Pokeball Waffle Iron, Best Pokemon Gift Ideas.

You know what they say, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” 

Well, for a Pokemon trainer, there’s nothing more epic than eating PokeWaffles for the tastiest and most awesome breakfast. Besides, you have to agree they look amazing.

This Poke Ball Waffle Maker features non-stick cooking plates that duplicate the design on both sides creating 7-inches-long Poke Waffles, satisfying both your sweet tooth and any Pokefans. Ain’t that amazing?!

All you need is to plug it in, pour your batter and close it for 4 or 5 minutes. When you open it, a hot, golden, mouthwatering Pokewaffle will materialize and be ready for the syrup and any other ingredients you want to add to your waffle, 

Don’t forget to keep up your training; you never know when you’re going to have to battle for that last waffle!

3. Pokemon Origami Kit

Pokemon Origami Kit, Best Pokemon Gift Ideas.

Just imagine being able to create your favourite Pokemon with your bare hands while learning a new skill; it’s just a great Pokemon gift for kids and the young at heart. 

Creating origami is not an easy task; it takes time. Fear not, as this book arranges the Pokemons by difficulty, so while in the process of getting better at folding origamis, you’ll find it more and more challenging each time, yet entertaining at the same time.

The book is composed of 48 instruction pages and all the special sheets of origami paper you need for you to start folding 10 PokeArt’s Origamis right away. Can you fold them all?

4. Bulbasaur Planter Pot

Pokemon Planter Pot, pokemon gifts for adults.

No one can resist the cuteness of Bulbasaur, this planter pot is the ideal Pokemon gift for those Poke gardeners friends or family in your life who’d appreciate a great decorative piece like this. 

Special non-toxic ceramic polyresin planter pot comes in 3 sizes to choose from, it’ll all depend on the Poke gardener’s skills and creativity to choose a plant that synchronizes with Bulbasaur. 

5. Pokeball Herb Grinder

Pokeball Herb Grinder, Best pokemon gifts for adults

This cool Pokemon gift stands out because of its multi-functioning tool. It doesn’t matter if that person is a PokeChef or a PokeStoner (pun intended), they will most likely love this Pokemon gift and use it for different purposes. Most importantly, they’ll think about how greatly useful this Pokemon present is every time they use it.

This 4 piece Grinder made of aluminium can make plates tastier.I am not just talking about the munchies; but about how you can use it to grind chillies, herbs and other spices with it. How’s this for a unique Pokemon gift?

6. Moleskine Hard Cover Pokémon Notebook 

Moleskine Hard Cover Pokémon Notebook,

With this book, ideas won’t run away any more; make sure to catch ‘em all on the pages of this exceptional quality book. 

Ranging from a book for list-making to journaling for students and writers alike, this durable and great-looking hardcover book will be more than enough to make any Pokefan out there geek out!

7. Starter Pokemon Shot Glass Set

Starter Pokemons Shot Glass Set, Best pokemon gifts for adults

Out of the 4 most loved starter Pokemons of the first generation plus Ash’s Pikachu, I choose Charmander, my favourite Pokemon! My friends can have the rest of the shot glasses. 

Whoever said Pokemon is for kids? Let’s see who can be the Champion of PokeShots!

They each can hold 1.5 oz of liquid and sturdy enough. Each of the shot glasses are handmade, therefore there might be slight differences from one item to the next. That being said, the quality of the product is not compromised. Each Pokemon shot glass, in essence, is unique. 

This is a perfect Pokemon gift set to gift any Pokemon lover, whether as a Christmas gift or their birthday!

8. Eevee and Evolution Makeup Brush Set

Eevee and Evolution Makeup Brush Set, Best Pokemon Gifts for Girls.

Most girls like makeup, and when you fuse it with Pokemon, it becomes even better. Every girl who’s a Poekmon fan would fall for this cute makeup brush set if you gave them this Pokemon gift box.

The Pokemon makeup brushes are made of high quality, soft, synthetic fiber that’s cruelty-free, thus protecting your sensitive skin. The dense and velvety fiber also makes the brushes easier to hold powder and won’t come off.

This Pokemon gift set has 9 pieces, including foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush, eyebrow brush and lip brush. 

Doesn’t this Pokemon gift set make the perfect Pokemon gift for girls?

9. 50 Pokemon Stickers

50 Pokemon Stickers, Best Pokemon Gifts.

Everyone grows up playing with stickers when we’re young, and it’s something that we all love as a kid. For a kid that loves watching Pokemon, being able to fill their artwork with Pokemon stickers is just the coolest Pokemon gift one can give.

This particular Pokemon stickers are sunproof, waterproof and made with 100% Vinyl. You can be sure the quality is guaranteed. 

This pack comes with 50 different and unique stickers, so you will never find boring Pokemon duplicates. 

And if that special one is into nails and Pokemons, then I have what you need – this cute, tiny  Pokemon Nail Stickers is the perfect Pokemon gift for girls.

10. Pokemon Pokedex First Gen 1000 Piece Puzzle 

Pokemon Pokedex First Gen 1000 Piece Puzzle, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

I’ll give you that – not everyone has the patience to complete a 1000 Piece Puzzle. Yet, great challenges bring great rewards, and it can be even more fun than you expect. Working on puzzles and solving them can bring benefits, even more so for young kids as it helps in brain development.

This Puzzle is the almighty first generation of Pokemon. Yes, the whole 151 Pokemons with their evolutions are right in this puzzle. Can you build them all? 

Maybe Professor Oak will reward you for finally completing the Pokedex!

11. Pokeball Speaker

Pokeball Speaker, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

Know a Pokemon fan who also loves singing? This would be some cool Pokemon stuff to give!

Doesn’t matter where your adventure takes you. With this Pokeball Speaker, you’ll be able to put any and all Pokemon songs at maximum volume and sing it at the top of your lungs like a real trainer.

The Bluetooth button is found at the centre of the Pokeball, making it look as if you caught a Loudred inside of it. After all, a loud voice is what he’s known for, just like a speaker’s use.

This speaker can be connected to almost any device with Bluetooth, and features a charging LED indicator and of course includes a charging cable.

12. Pikachu Coin Stealing Piggy Bank


No one can argue with how adorable Pikachu is.

With this piggy bank, every time you press the yellow button, he will come out rejoicing “pika pika!” 

Given how ingenious this piggy bank is you’ll want him to steal all of your money, except you’ll be saving your money in this cool piggy bank! How cool will this be as a Pokemon gift?

13. Snorlax Bean Bag Chair 

GFD- Snorlax Bean Bag.

Even the most experienced trainer gets tired after a day of adventure, and Snorlax routine is to eat and sleep, so just looking at him sleeping all day makes you wanna jump on it and take a nap and snore like a Snorlax. Even if you are not a fan of pokemon you wish to have one of these in your room, who doesn’t?.

This bean bag chair is 1.20 meters tall and and 60 centimeters wide, and the materials are also great, being 100% polyester on the outside, filled with a mix of cotton and polyester fiber for max comfort. 

14. Pokemon Monopoly

Pokemon Monopoly, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

Another Pokemon experience to play with your whole family or friends since it has 6 different Pokemon pieces! it’s easier to learn and much faster to play than the normal Monopoly.

Catch Pokemon, evade Team Rocket and set down your Pokemon buildings as you expand and show them that you’re the best Pokemon trainer out there! Isn’t this the best Pokemon “toy” you can give a Pokemon lover?

15. Charmander Interactive Plush

Charmander Interactive Plush, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

Now, this is one cute Pokemon toy the younger ones will love. This cute and cuddly interactive Charmander is something that any Pokemon-loving kid can’t do without. 

If you press his hands or chest, you’ll see some awesome tail and mouth lighting effects and also cute “Char Char” sounds. 

16. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

This is the epitome of what all Pokemon fans would love to receive for a Pokemon gift – a Nintendo Switch!

Who wouldn’t like the newest Nintendo portable console to play? Much like a Xbox or PlayStation, there are many games within Nintendo Switch, and of course also the newest Pokemon games! 

This will by far be the best Pokemon gaming experience you’ll have (or rather your giftee will have), and one that’ll surely provide you countless hours of entertainment.

The Nintendo Switch is more than just a portable console; you can connect it to most of the TV screens. Plus, it has a table mode where you can put the screen upright and play it with the joysticks separately. Of course, you can also play it like a game console between the palm of your hands like all Nintendos. 

You can even connect up to 8 controllers to play with everyone. 

When buying Nintendo Switch games, you can buy the games online or in the form of physical memory cards. 

Nintendo Switch Pokemon Accessories

17. Poke Ball Plus

Poke Ball Plus, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

A real Poke ball controller is a vital Nintendo Switch accessory for any Pokemon trainer, giving you an authentic throwing and catching experience for a few Nintendo Switch Pokemon games, such as “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!”, “Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee!” and “Pokemon Go”.

18. Split Pad Pro Controllers

Split Pad Pro Controllers, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

When it comes to Nintendo Switch games, the more the merrier. If you want to beat your friends in games, you’ll definitely need more controllers. 

These two officially licensed professional full-size R and L controllers have larger grip, assignable rear triggers, turbo and more features. This is the perfect Pokemon gift for adults and kids alike who own Nintendo Switches. 

19. Pikachu Joy-Con

Pikachu Joy-Con, Best Switch accesories.

Sometimes it can be a little bothersome to use the controllers separately, but with this you can put them together so that it acts like a big controller. 

Its lightweight and ergonomic design allows for comfortable gameplay anywhere. There’s also a double-injected rubber grip for added comfort.

20. Pokemon Nintendo Starter Kit

Pokemon Nintendo Starter Kit, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

This Kit is a must if you want your switch to last for a long time without any scratches, and it brings a lot of useful quality items like:

  1. Durable Nintendo Switch carrying case with Pokemon graphics
  2. Soft, silicone no-slip grips for Joy-Con controllers and thumbsticks are ergonomically designed for comfortable use
  3. Includes USB-C power cable to charge your Switch accessories
  4. Pokemon cleaning cloth

This would make a perfect Pokemon gift set for a Christmas or birthday gift!

21. Antank Charging Dock

Antank Charging Dock, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

When charging your Switch, it’s impossible to put your Switch in an upright mode with normal chargers. It can also be uncomfortable to use if you’re using it to watch something. That’s why this Pokemon charging dock is a great addition. 

Small, compact and portable, there’s a 45-degree elevation angle that brings you a better visual experience while charging, It’s also stable with a non-slip rubber ring at the bottom, and it won’t scratch your console! Another plus is that it prevents any over-current or voltage problems that may harm our switch.

22. Pokeball Game Cards Holder

Pokeball Game Cards Holder, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

Now this is one for the real Pokemon trainers out there.

How about a safe way to carry up to 8 of your cute Pokemon games with this excellent card case? That’ll show them who’s the best Pokemon trainer out there.

23. Pokemon Enhanced Wireless Controller

Pokemon Enhanced Wireless Controller, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

The Pikachu controller skin alone will win any Pokemon fan out there. But if we’re talking serious gameplay, if ever you want to upgrade your controllers, consider this.

These controllers are great quality and can be used for as long as 30 hours of gameplay. It can be easily recharged with the cable and features motion controls and mappable advanced gaming buttons.

24. Nintendo Switch Skin & Screen Protector Set

Nintendo Switch Skin & Screen Protector Set, Best Nintendo Pokemon Accesories.

For any Pokemon lovers, this would be a nice, inexpensive Pokemon Christmas gift to give as it allows your giftees to customise their Nintendo Switch..

These are some precision-cut stickers made for the Switch and its accessories that will protect them from scratches. 

The Pokemon skin set covers the back of the console, front of the Joy-Con and the front and sides of the dock as pictured. With this Pokemon gift set, it even comes with a screen protector.

Pokemon Games For Nintendo Switch

If you know someone that has a Nintendo Switch, I’m sure they’ll love to have more games, since playing the same games can get repetitive after awhile.

If that person likes Pokemon, here’s a list of the best Pokemon games gift you can get him/ her to upgrade his Pokemon game sets!

25. Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!

Pokémon Let’s Go, Eevee, Best Pokemon Games Gift.

This HD Pokemon RPG where you can explore the world in cooperative mode is a blast. The setting begins with the Kanto region where the first Pokemon series started. 

Can you become the best Pokemon trainer of this region?

26. Pokémon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Pokemon Shield, Best Pokemon Games Gift.

The newest Pokemon of the original series, Sword and Shield are a blast with interesting new challenges and a great 3D quality. 

Start your new adventure in the Kalar region as an open world where you can control the camera and explore the vast wild areas there are in your quest to find all the Pokemon.

27. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX 

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Best Pokemon Games Gift.

I love the Mystery Dungeon series, and this is a remake of the first mystery dungeon game. 

Instead of controlling a human, you control Pokemon. In this game, they can talk, make friends and fight with your favourite Pokemon while you save the world from natural disasters.

Depending on your real personality that’s determined by a quiz at the start of the game, you can start with any of the 16 initial Pokemon, and you’ll encounter more than 386 different Pokemons within the game. 

28. New Pokémon Snap

New Pokémon Snap, Best Pokemon Games Gifts.

This is a new Pokemon Game released in April 2021, exclusive for Switch.

Unlike earlier games where you train your Pokemons to fight and be the best trainer, in this game, you have to work with Professor Mirror in different Pokemon islands to take pictures of them in beautiful environments while investigating a mysterious phenomenon.

Looking for a Pokemon gift bag to give a Pokemon fan out there? Whether it’s a Pokemon gift for adults or kids, this gift list features some cool Pokemon stuff that I bet even all Pokemon nerds didn’t know about. 

Surprise your loved ones with some of these unique Pokemon gifts and make their day. As a Pokemon lover myself, I can guarantee these are some of the best Pokemon toys that’ll delight them when they receive it for their birthday or Christmas present!