What do we give those teenage boys in our lives? Not just any teenage boys—specifically, 14 year olds. It’s always quite a challenge to give gifts, especially if there’s an age gap between you and the person you’re giving the gift to.

If you’re a dad or a mom wanting to get a birthday or Christmas present for your 14 year old son, it can be a little bit tricky. Yes, you went through the same age as him, but times have changed. 

You might’ve enjoyed playing an Atari back in the day but now, your child loves playing with his Nintendo Switch. It’s always trickier when it comes to today’s technology. 

That’s why this gift guide for 14 year old boys is here to make gift giving easier for you.

If you’re a parent, aunt or an older sibling wanting to give your teenage son, nephew or brother a present and have no idea what to buy, we’ve done all the digging for you.

From buying normal clothes to the latest gadgets out there, we’ve gathered 14 gift ideas that a 14 year old boy would be ecstatic to receive. All you have to do is keep scrolling!

gifts for 14 year old

14 Fun Gift Ideas For 14 Year Old Boys

1. Backpack


As your boy grows older, so will his backpack. Upgrade his backpack with a classic back-to-school gift item on his birthday or during Christmas to prepare him for a new school year.

What better way to show your support for his education than buying them a new backpack as a gift for your 14 year old boy?

2. Harry Potter Book Collection


If you’ve enjoyed reading Harry Potter when you were a tad bit younger, then your 14 year old brother might enjoy it too. 

Honestly, books are some of the most amazing gifts to give. They never go out of style, plus learning and reading is such a fun hobby to encourage.

After they read all the books, you might want to introduce them to all the films (if they haven’t already). It’s such a fun way to bond with your younger siblings. Plus, bonding whilst watching Harry Potter? Well, that sounds like quite the dream to me!

3. Skateboard


If that teenage boy in your life has been showing signs of boredom at home, why not give them something that will make them want to get out there and be active? 

A skateboard is a perfect gift for 14 year old boys because they can just use it every single day to have a fun day out with friends or to commute to and fro places. further,  skateboarding can give them the distractions that they need so that they won’t be in front of their phones 24/7.

Plus, if you know how to ride a skateboard, this can be a great opportunity to spend some time with them and to teach them bits of tricks that you’ve learned growing up!

Need we mention skateboards are for cool kids too?

4. Bicycle


We get it, some teenage boys prefer biking as opposed to skateboarding. This is completely fine and there’s totally nothing wrong with it.

Biking is one of the best hobbies out there, and buying them a bicycle can be a great way for them to enjoy riding out in nature.

Plus, you can even ride with them whenever you can and enjoy some bonding time together. It’s a great way to show your love for them through this gift, and it’s also a great way to show them that you’re capable of making time for them!

5. PlayStation 4


Now we’ve reached the more modern gift ideas!

If that 14 year old in your life is showing an interest in video games, then you might want to buy them a PS4. We get it, you grew up with an Atari…but hey, times have changed and now, what’s in is the PS4.

If you feel like your teenage son has earned it, then by all means, buy them a PS4. It’s definitely an indulgence and every 14 year old boys’ dream come true!

6. Nintendo Switch


Another great modern gift for 14 year old boys to give is a Nintendo Switch.

Nowadays, a whole lot of people are obsessed with this game called Animal Crossing. Teenage boys, in particular, are taking an interest in playing with their Nintendo Switch due to the countless number of games they can play on it.

If you feel like that 14 year old boy in your life has absolutely earned a Nintendo Switch, then it can be a gift worth giving!

7. Headphones


Of course, what technology set isn’t complete without some headphones?

There are a bunch of brands, colors and features that you can choose from when getting a pair of headphones for your 14 year old boy. 

It’ll solely depend on what your teenager will use it for. Will they use it for gaming or for studying or just for chatting with his friends?

The world’s your oyster when it comes to headphones, and so you better check with them with regards to what they’ll use it for because headphones vary. You might want to get them something that they’ll actually use!

8. Virtual Reality Headset


Nowadays, who doesn’t want to get transported into a virtual reality?

Virtual Reality Headsets have been quite the rage in the past 5 years, and its popularity has been increasing as the years progress. 

There’re a bunch of brands to choose from if you’re thinking about getting that 14 year old boy in your life a set of VR headsets.

We’re quite sure that he’ll be absolutely delighted at this present, and you might just be his favorite person in the world if you give him one!

(Even the adults in the household might not be able to resist playing with it!)

9. AirPods


If your 14 year old boy has an iPhone, another great gift for them is a pair of AirPods. Now, AirPods are the quintessential Gen Z tech item, dare we say. Everyone has it, and it’s crazy how ubiquitous they are!

If your teenager still doesn’t have it, might we suggest buying him a pair? If he just wants to talk to his friends, then AirPods would be a better gift option rather than buying them some bulky headphones.

Choose wisely, and give them the surprise of a lifetime!

10. Apple Watch


Another quintessential Gen Z tech item is the Apple Watch.

If that 14 year old boy in your life is quite into the Apple brand and the hype of smart watches, then an Apple Watch might tickle their fancy. 

It’s a great gift, not to mention indulgent, and it’s actually pretty helpful too! Just imagine the look on their faces once they open this gift in front of you.

11. Hoodie


It’s always tricky to find the perfect hoodie for a 14 year old because as we all know, different children are, well…different. They all have varying likes and dislikes, varying interests, and varying hobbies. 

So, on your hunt to find the perfect hoodie for that 14 year old boy in your life, make sure to keep in mind what they actually like.

It’s always easy to buy something that we like, but we have to keep in mind that we’re buying this for a completely different person who has a completely different personality. Hence, make sure to ask them what their favorite color is or who their favorite band is or other questions of the likes.

We’re sure that if you get this right, your boy will be absolutely smitten by this!

12. T-Shirt


Another simple yet sentimental gift to give that teenager in your life is a t-shirt. Yes, it’s a given that t-shirts are some of the simplest gift categories out there, but with the right print, you might just hit the jackpot!

As we all know, you can pretty much put anything on the front (and back) of a t-shirt, and if you really know what goes around your 14 year old boy’s head, then this might be a really great gift to give! 

Plus, t-shirts are entirely customizable so if you pick the right design, this might be their favourite t-shirt yet. However, if you feel like you’re not the most artistic person out there, you might just want to buy a t-shirt from a favourite brand of theirs.

13. Sneakers


Since we’re talking about the more useful gifts for 14 year old boys, why not buy them a pair of sneakers that they’ve been eyeing for quite some time now?

If you’re a parent, there must be a pair of sneakers that your child has been begging you for. Did something come to mind? Yes, that’s probably it!

Make sure to buy the right design in the right size. Bear in mind that 14 year old boys are in that period when they get random growth spurts so be careful with choosing the correct size, because you wouldn’t want to get too small a size. Better yet, choose a store that allows for a free refund.

14. Socks


Why not give that 14 year old boy in your life a pair of socks to match those new sneakers? Socks are a great and fun gift, and they have it in literally every design! 

Plus, socks are very customizable. You can even have their faces printed on them just for the fun of it.

Sock designs are endless, and there’s a pair of socks for every occasion!

Gift giving is naturally quite stressful, but with lists like these, it can be quite manageable. Give that 14 year old boy in your life the surprise of a lifetime by giving them some of the things on this list.

We guarantee, they’ll love you forever and ever and ever. You just might become their favorite person in the whole world!

Hopefully with these gifts for 14 year old boys, we’ve taken some burden off your shoulders when it comes to selecting the right presents to surprise them. We hope that you get to choose the right gift for that teenager in your life!