We don’t know about you, but we love guitar players. You don’t have to be a pro guitarist; even if you’re someone who fiddles with a guitar, you would look absolutely whimsical. There’s just something special about plucking some strings and producing a beautiful set of tones. Obviously, not everybody has the musicality nor the talent, but if you do have it, why not pursue it to your fullest potential?

If you’re someone who’s been lucky enough to have a guitar player in your life, then you might want to indulge them and give them something that’d encourage their talent. 

Everybody’s sound varies, and musicians like different things. Sometimes this reason can be a deal breaker, because then you’d have no idea what to give them.

Not to worry though, because we’ve gathered 20 gift ideas for that upcoming superstar guitar player in your lives. All you have to do is find some inspiration with our gift guide for guitar players!

gifts for guitar players

20 Musical Gift Ideas for Guitar Players

1. Sheet Music


For musicians, sheet music is like a guide to whatever they want to play. It’s an important tool to always have, especially if they’re only starting their musical career. Giving sheet music as a present is extremely important.

However, bear in mind that you’d want to choose the music that the guitar player in your life would actually want to play, or else these can get discarded pretty quickly… We wouldn’t want that, would we?

2. Capo


Every guitar player owns a capo…or else how would they reach the higher notes?

If you feel like you want to get something useful and practical as a gift for that guitar player in your life, then capo is your best bet!

3. Pick


Not every guitar player uses a pick when they’re playing, so make sure to check first before buying one too many picks for him/ her.

On the chance that they do use a pick, get your guitar player some customized picks done to give it an extra personal touch.

Picks are small, handy and they come in different colors, so they’re basically perfect as gifts for guitar players!

4. Finger Board Kit


If the guitar player in your life is only starting out playing guitars, why not gift them a finger board kit?

Sometimes the guitar’s fret board gets easily damaged from playing too much, and so it’s best to invest in a good cleaning material!

Plus, this helps in keeping the finger callouses at bay!

5. Strap


Another great gift for guitar players is a guitar strap. Not only are straps handy and essential for every guitar player, they also come in a variety of different designs.

You can get a leather strap or a cotton strap or even with cute designs printed on them. The choice is endless!

6. Strings


Obviously, strings are some of the most useful gifts for guitar players. You can get a set of extra strings at your local music shop or online, and they’re pretty lightweight too!

However, if you’re thinking of buying a set of strings for that guitar player in your life, might we suggest checking with them first.

You have to make sure that you’re going to be buying the right set of strings for their guitars. There’re nylon strings, wires and a whole lot of different sets. Make sure that you’re getting the right thing!

7. Album


If you want to further inspire and motivate that guitar player in your life, why not give them an album that can fully make them believe in their potential?

If you know who their favorite musicians are, get those! Otherwise Jimi Hendrix or John Denver are always classic favorites.

8. Wallpaper


If you’re looking for a gift for a guitar player who’s still a child or a teenager, why not redecorate their rooms with a guitar and music-themed wallpaper?

This is a great way to encourage their creativity by celebrating their passions in life the best way possible. 

As they grow older, music is really going to be intertwined with their paths. It’s a great gift to give your future rockstar guitar player!

9. Speaker


A speaker is a great gift for anybody who likes listening to music. Nowadays, speakers come in different sizes, colors and brands. 

There’s a speaker for every occasion, and we’re quite sure that gifting a speaker as a gift to guitar players will be very much appreciated!

10. Amplifier


If you feel like that guitar player in your life is ready for the next step, why not give them an amplifier?

Yes, amplifiers are a big deal because it just means that they’re ready to take their passion on to the next level. Giving them one is surely going to encourage them to play and practice more!

It can get pretty loud at home if guitar players are putting their amplifiers on full blast, so if you’re living with them, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

11. Acoustic Guitar


For the next coming items, might we suggest buying the perfect guitar for that guitar player in your life?

From the name itself, acoustic guitars are great and perfect for musicians who love playing soft melodies, blues or acoustic songs. Usually, this is the first guitar that every guitar player owns, and this is usually pretty handy.

If you feel like that guitar player in your life is ready for an upgrade, might we suggest giving them an acoustic guitar as a gift to them?

12. Electric Guitar


If that guitar player in your life is into punk, rock and freestyling, then an electric guitar might be the best option for them. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of brands that perfect their electric guitars, and there are different guitars that you can check depending on your price points.

As guitar players can be quite picky with the tunes, this is also a type of gift that’s better to buy together with the recipient. When you take them guitar shopping, they can choose and test the perfect one for them, and they’re going to absolutely love you for life for this gift!

13. Bass Guitar


Now, if you know a guitar player who’s more into jazz, funk and bass, might we suggest getting them a bass guitar? 

Unlike a regular guitar, bass only has 4 strings so you’ll never get confused when you’re buying one as a gift; they look similar but they’re drastically different.

14. Travel-Sized Guitar


If that guitar player in your life is into travelling and if you enjoy doing shows all around the world, then a travel-sized guitar can be perfect for them. 

These types of guitar are a lot smaller than the regular guitar, and they are made from different kinds of wood. Just make sure to test it out before buying them!

15. Ukulele


Ukuleles are great for people who are starting their stringed instrument journey. They’re small, compact and they have a melodious sound that’s hard not to fall in love with.

Ukuleles sound so much softer than an average guitar, and they have a sort of whimsical tune to them. Ukuleles come in different colors, and they’re just a great gift in general!

16. Notebook


It’s a given that each artist, no matter what type of art they make, must always have a notebook or a journal with them.

Notebooks are extra important for guitar players or musicians, because they never really know when an idea would hit their minds, it’s always great to carry with them a small and compact notebook.

17. Pencil Case


Another great gift for guitar players is a pencil case. Nowadays, pencils aren’t the only things that you can put in a pencil case. You can put your capo in it, your extra strings, your picks, your charger, and so much more. Instead of buying them a puffier type of pouch, might we suggest buying them a pencil case instead?

18. iPhone Case


One great way to show off your love or passion for something is through your iPhone (or any phone) cases. There are a lot of designs to choose from, and depending on your likes and dislikes, there’s always going to be a case for you. 

Why don’t you give that guitar player in your life one or two phone cases with guitars or musical-themed design on them? We’re quite sure that these items will put a smile on their faces when they receive this gift!

19. Socks


Of course, what gift list is complete without the ubiquitous pair of socks?

Now, socks are some of the most common yet versatile gifts to give due to the fact that you can snag a pair of socks in every imaginable design or color! Plus, socks are super easy to source and convenient too!

20. Shirt


If you really don’t know what to give that guitar player in your life, why not buy them a simple shirt? We get it, shirts are useful and they’re pretty common to give. Since everybody wears a shirt, and sometimes if it’s just really appropriate to give them something that you know they’ll really use.

Just bear in mind that you should buy them a shirt that they’ll really like and won’t discard sooner or later. A great suggestion too is buying them a shirt that has the logo of their favorite bands…if you know which one, that is.

We get it, gift giving is kind of tricky, especially if the receiver is a superstar in the making. Whatever gift you give them can make or break them, so make sure to give them something that will hone them to reach their fullest potential.

Yes, gift giving is a whole lot of work, but with lists and gift ideas such as these, you really can never go wrong.

Make sure to buy that guitar player in your life a gift that they will never forget.