Stumbled on this page looking for suitable gifts for drummers? Read on!

When you think of a drummer as a profession, you might probably think that this job is all fun. It might sound like a dream job to many, but being a drummer has its ups and downs too.

Typically, they are the last to leave and the first to arrive on set. They have to do all the hard work, lifting their cumbersome drumming equipment, and even do most of the physical action on the stage since each of their body parts is working from head to toe. Yet, they are sometimes taken for granted when they’re relegated behind the spotlight. 

On their special day, make them feel even more special with these 21 awesome gifts for drummers that we handpicked. 

We asked pro-drummers what gifts they’d like to receive most and these are their genuine recommendations:

21 Awesome Gifts For Drummers They’ll Love

1. Drummer Stick Holder


It’ll be a drummer’s nightmare if they drop their drumstick in the middle of their performance. Once this happens, there’s no way they can grab quickly to their spare ones to continue their music. 

Help them prevent this nightmare by gifting them this stick holder. It’s a perfect gift for drummers because surprisingly, most of them don’t have any drum stick holders to quickly access their spare drumsticks.

2. Drummer Pillow


What better way to commemorate one’s passion in drumming other than a pillow that represents a drummer’s life’s work?

Get an assortment of pillow covers to represent them for what they truly are and represent – drummers!

3. Drumstick Spoons


The life cycle of a drummer is to eat, sleep and drum. Thus, gifting them a spoon shaped in a drumstick cannot be a better option. 

If they bring lunch to work, they’ll never get hungry with this spoon on their side. 

It’s made of solid beechwood that looks classic and shaped as a drumstick at the handle, making it a cute gift for drummers!

4. LED Drumsticks


Set your music gig on fire with drumsticks that light up! This is a perfect gift for drummers who play at night, as that’s when the effect is at its best.

Made from strong Lexan Plastic – plastic used in military armour – it’s guaranteed to be durable and will last a lifetime even your sticks fall a million times while practicing.

5. Drummers Backpack


In the world of music, Vic Firth is a brand that is familiar to all musicians. For all Vic Firth fans, there’s no better gift for drummers than a Vic Firth backpack. 

This backpack is one of the best backpacks made from drummers. It’s huge and has everything any drummer needs to carry all his/her drumming equipment. The ample space also allows them to carry books, making it a perfect gift for a drummer if he/she is studying while doing gigs at night.

6. Digital Air Drums


Imagine having a drum kit without the hassle of carrying or setting up an actual drumming equipment for practice. How convenient is that? 

This set of Digital Air Drums is a small gadget that will let you play drums virtually without the drum set. This is a perfect solution to the loud sounds from drums that might inconvenience your neighbours when you practice at home. You can now play drums anytime and anywhere at ease without disturbing anyone.

7. Tumbler


Do you know a drummer who’s a coffee or wine lover?

Keep their coffee hot or wine chilled with this quirky tumbler that they can carry on the go.

This will surely put a smile on their faces with its cute and funny design especially made for drummers.

8. Drumstick Wax


One of the troubles of drumming is losing grip on drumsticks, especially at concerts or long music gigs where drummers’ hands can tire out. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution for that – Drumstick Wax. This helps them hold drumsticks much better and prevents them from sliding off during long concerts. Aside from its strong grip, it has a very fragrant scent that all drummers will surely love.

9. Drum Multi-Tool


Like any other equipment, drums is an intricate equipment that has many nuts and bolts to assemble and maintain, especially since drums take a lot of ‘beatings’.

When it comes to assembling, a handy multitool for music equipment is a must have in every drummer’s toolkit.

It’s a very light and handy multi-tool that can also be used for repair and adjustments, much like a Swiss knife.

10. Noise Reduction Earplugs


Pro musicians use this while in concerts. This pair of loop earplugs for noise reduction is stylish and of high quality that not just blocks the sound, but can remove large frequencies that could damage their hearing.

If you know a drummer who has non-stop concert performances, don’t forget to remind him to wear it, or better yet, gift him this pair of earplugs to protect his ears.

11. Drummer’s Coffee Mug


This is one of the coolest mugs for drummers – the Nutritional Facts Drummer Coffee Mug. It has humorous “nutritional facts” to remind him what he’s made of. 

This gift will surely make drummers smile and boost their moods every time they take their morning coffee, especially when it constantly reminds them of what they’re made of – 1000% of pure talent!

12. Percussion Bongos


This is a fun gift for drummers who want some variety in drumming instruments.

Percussions are great musical instruments that can create cool drum grooves. If he loves drums, why not percussion bongos?

It’s like mini drums that produce unique sounds. The bongos are made of Buffalo skin known to produce classical sounds.

Help them create another branch of drumming style with Meinl Percussion Bongos. It can also be a great addition to their current drum set.

13. Drum Throne Chair


Tama is a Japanese brand that manufactures one of the best drum kits in the world.

Gift drummers with one of the best chairs in the drumming world from the Tama brand and you can be sure they’ll be comfortable all day long drumming. 

The Tama 1st Chair Round Rider Drum Throne is an excellent  drummer chair known for its durability and comfort.

14. Microfiber Towel


Drummers can sweat buckets when playing, especially when you’ve got the spotlight shining on them. This is particularly true if they play fast-paced music. 

A JML Microfiber Bath Towel is the best towel for that. It’s specially made to absorb tons of sweat and is quick-drying so drummers can use it for longer periods of concert performances.

This may be a simple gift for drummers, but is one of the most important things all drummers should have handy while playing.

15. Drumming Glove


Pro drummers play tirelessly during concerts, and this can wear out their hands, or worse, they may lose their grips on their drumsticks through prolonged period of playing. 

Good thing there’s Vic Firth’s drumming gloves. It’s a pair of high quality and comfortable gloves designed for drummers to protect their hands from tendonitis and improve their grips.

16. Drummers Socks


This is one gift for drummers that adds a little humor.

If you feel that drumming gloves are not enough, surprise your drummer friend with this funny ‘Ba Dum Tss’ drummer socks as a gift. 

It has varieties of colors and design to set up a good mood in his/her upcoming drumming sessions. It’s a perfect complement to the drummers glove or you may want to bundle it together with the drummers towel or with the drummers shirt if you’re feeling generous.

17. Drumstick Bag


Any pro drummer will have various types of drum sticks.

It’s important to have a bag to carry all of them for getting around to their gigs and concerts.

This Drumstick Bag is the right bag for this. It’s a stylish leather bag that could carry all types of drumsticks. Made of deluxe leather, it allows for easy organization with its many other pockets for items like phones and wallets.

18. Converse Sneakers


A classic shoe that needs no introduction. A staple shoe in the world of rock music. There’s none other than the iconic Converse Chuck Taylor

Not only is it stylish, Converse makes all sneakers feel so comfortable. It’s no wonder why this shoe is still popular today.

A pair of new Chuck Taylor as a gift will surely make any drummer feel delighted.

19. Drum Mats


Another must have thing for drummers is a Roland V-Drums Mat.

This is useful because it prevents the drum bases (the large circular component in the center) from slipping while protecting your floors from scratches.

20. Cymbal Cleaner Polish


A drum set cannot be complete without cymbals, that’s why it’s so important to take care of them and make them look nice, clean and shiny.

This cymbal cleaner is the perfect cleaning kit for this job. 

Furthermore, it can clean other metallic hardware. Help them make their drum set squeaky clean easily one spray at a time.

21. Funny Drummer Men’s Underwear


Made of 95% cotton, 5% spandex and 100% uniqueness, this funny “Dibs on the Drummer” underwear will surely put a smile to your drummer friend’s face when they receive this gift. 

Apart from it being a hilarious gift, it’s also extremely durable, with a flexible waistband. Its elegant, refined cut gives any drummer the comfort and confidence to drum all day long.

I hope this article has helped you in finding the right gifts for drummers. Just remember that no matter what it is, if it comes from your heart, it’s enough to make them feel special. 

Inspire them not just with material gifts but also with moral support, attention and care by being their number one fan to keep their passion for music burning!